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  1. Thanks Peter' For your help will the web page. Mark
  2. Thanks johninderby' For your help with the websites you sent me i will be having a look. Mark
  3. Hi johninderby' I live in Port Talbot South Wales. I can't find a astronomy store near where i am or in Wales to ask for any help. Mark
  4. Hi' Do anyone know the web site to Skywatcher so i can buy a new ring brace for my reflector. I have been looking around astronomy stores' but no one don't sell them. I would like to get hold of Skywatcher to see if i can buy one straight from them. Thanks for reading. Mark
  5. Hi' A gust of wind blew my 12'' Reflector over when i was indoors. Which caused a crack in the spider mount where the mirror is held. What i like to know do anyone know where i can send the spider mount to be mended. Or any tips how i can repair it myself, Thanks for reading. Mark
  6. Hi' Looking for some advice to collimate a reflector with a cheshire eyepiece. After a fall over with my reflector i checked the collimate which was out on the main mirror so i sorted it out with a cheshire eyepiece. What i like to know if the big mirror is in focus dose it mean that the small mirror is in focus. Or do i need to use a black cap with a small hole to look through to check on the small mirror to see if it is in focus Thanks for reading. Mark
  7. Not had a chance to try out the scope after it's fall over due to the weather. Thanks to everyone for helping me along with your advice to help me. Mark
  8. Hi' Thanks for your help and reply. I will take a look Thanks. Mark
  9. Hi Ed' Yes my scope is a reflector. I am going to look for a welder in my area to try and get the thin crack repaired and try and have a go on the dent on the tube. I have placed two photos' of the mirror at the end of the scope. The 1'st photo of the mirror is before the damage, 2'nd photo is showing a patch on the outside of the mirror but looking down the tube the mirror looks fine inside. Mark
  10. Hi' Thanks for your help, i will have a look around my area for a alloy wheel welders who can repair the crack for me Thanks. Mark
  11. Hi' After a gust of wind blew my scope over and caused these damages on the tube and the mirror area. Do any one know where i can send my scope to to be repaired, Thanks for reading. Mark
  12. Thanks' Everyone for your advice to help me. After when i have finished i stack the images' with DSS. Then i finish off on Photoshop. I have heard about Iris and Siril but never tried them both. Mark
  13. My modified is a Canon 300D, and the unmodified Canon cameras' is a 500D, and a 70D. Mark
  14. Thanks two you both for your reply.My cameras' are APS. Mark
  15. Hi' One night i would like to capture the Markarian's Galaxies though the scope. I have a unmodified Canon DSLR Camera, and a Modified Canon DSLR Camera. What i like to know which is the best camera to capture the Galaxies Thanks. Mark
  16. Hi Stu' Nice capture of the Pinwheel Galaxy. Looks like you have caught another Galaxy towards the upper left. Mark
  17. Hi Peter' Thanks for coming back and with the colour of my tube. Mark
  18. Hi Thanks Derek' For your time and for the information which you wrote down to help me Thanks. Mark
  19. Hi Peter' The colour of my tube. Is a Skywatcher Explorer 300PDS. Mark
  20. Thanks to everyone for your help. There are so many shades of paint, what i was thinking is to take a photo of my tube colour with a phone and to find a Model Shop which sell paint. Mark
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