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  1. Good call. Watched program and found it very interesting.
  2. Hi there Hitesh If you are taking these with an iphone they are really good. I'm quite impressed with the sharpness, usually have a little movement blurring visible. If you are using an iphone there is an adaptor available which can fix the iphone to the eyepiece to ensure a steady image. I cannot remember where I saw it but I'm sure you gan google for it. cheers Frank
  3. As has been said by many others before, Sir Patrick was an inspiration to us all. I watched the Sky @ Night as a small boy in the early 1960's and was enthralled by his presentations of the moon landings. His enthusiasm reached out to everyone and will be sadly missed. Thank you Sir Partick and God bless.
  4. On the plus side, the rings are opening a little more, so should be a nicer view.
  5. Fabulous image - thanks for posting
  6. Hope you managed to get something Steve. Up here in Glasgow its wall to wall cloud, mist and spots of rain
  7. Excellent work guys - nice clear layout. Thanks to you all.
  8. Lensman

    Hi from Glasgow

    Hi Compo Welcome to the Forum. Glad you enjoyed your day at "Sun over the Botanics" in Glasgow and found your way to SGL. You'll find lots of information and helpful people here. Cheers Frank
  9. Oops sorry - wrong thread for Compo Sorry I missed you at the Botanics dtr42 but it got a bit hectic. Hope you had a good time. Catch up with you again. Cheers Frank
  10. Hi Compo Welcome to the Forum. Glad you enjoyed your day at "Sun over the Botanics" in Glasgow and found your way to SGL. You'll find lots of information and helpful people here. Cheers Frank
  11. One of my favorite things is to sit outside on a lounger and look at the night sky with my bins. Especially on a nice mild night . The Pleiades is one of my favorite open clusters, and as Mike73 says have a look at M44 ( Beehive) in Cancer, another beautiful open cluster, well seen in binoculars. Frank
  12. I've resorted to the soft bag approach, which I hope will give my scope some protection. The travel case I used is 100 litre capacity and provides a "snug" container for an 8" LX90. I was able to fit the original meade foam base inside the case and used some 10mm ground roll high density foam in layers to cover over the top. Hopefully this will prevent a few knocks going through to the scope. Case is also on wheels , so can be carried or rolled Attached Images
  13. Lensman


    Hi Stella, welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.
  14. Lensman

    hello from hull

    Hi Mick and welcome to the forum. You'll find SGL a great place to learn about astronomy and equipment from lots of friendly people
  15. Hi Matt and welcome to SGL from me too. Binoculars are great for learning your way around the night sky. I often use my 10x50 bins and just sit back and scan the skies, taking it all in - Beautiful.
  16. Hi Shaun and welcome to SGL from me too. I'm sure you'll find your questions answered here.
  17. Lensman

    Hi all.

    Hi Slim - Welcome to SGL. Plenty of time to learn. I've been at this for about 40 years, and still learning. SGL is a great place to ask questions and your sure to get good answers. Enjoy the forum
  18. Hi rjr16uk, welcome to the forum. The Guy's at FLO are very helpful and will give you good advice on choice of equipment. Just give them a call. Cheers
  19. Hi Henry, a warm welcome to the forum from me too..
  20. Hi Marcus, welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here
  21. Hi Ringebu and welcome to SGL. I think the best advice on cleaning a corrector plate is "only if absolutely neccessary" as a little dust or smudges will not affect the optical performance too much. This is a link to the Meade telescope care info which you may find useful if you really need to clean the corrector plate. http://www.meade.com/manuals/lx200/apxe.html Cheers
  22. Shibby, Love the pic of the Starling flock Frank
  23. Hi Ben, A warm welcome to SGL from me too.
  24. Hi there and welcome to SGL. I think you'll find plenty of info here to help re-kindle your interest. Hope you enjoy the forums.
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