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  1. Hi, looking for T-Ring and 1,25 Adapter. Thanks Kristopher
  2. I was given this Unicon Refractor Telescope a couple of years back now, and want to start using it. I have the bracket but it's missing a finderscope. A finder similar as the one pictured would be great but anything that would fit will be fine. Cheers Kristopher. (Not My Pictures)
  3. Nice image. Good crater detail.
  4. It's one of my favorite lunar sights. A full moon, low on the horizon!
  5. kris h

    Great new look

    Hello & welcome back to SGL.
  6. kris h

    Hello all

    Hello & welcome to SGL.
  7. Hi Marc welcome to SGL.
  8. kris h


    Hello & welcome to SGL.
  9. Hello & welcome to sgl.
  10. kris h


    Hello & welcome to SGL.
  11. Nice shots Stefan , I was looking at Jupiter the other night but could only see 3 of its moons , you got the Hyades & Pleiades in the 2nd pic.
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