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  1. Hi Neil' Thanks for your time and help and for the web page. Mark
  2. Hi' Just been looking on the software.Is it the one which is £3.09.Thanks
  3. Hi' Can anyone help me out for a Polar Alignment Software which i can use on my phone. I use to use Myastroimaging for Polar alignment but it is now off line Thanks.Mark
  4. Hi Knobby' I am not sure if the webcam is older one.Thanks for the information with Sharpcap.Mark
  5. ok Thanks CraigT82 for your help.Mark
  6. Hi CraigT82' Is it the same with the webcam you got to do Dark and Bias Frames after you have finished with the light Frames.Mark
  7. With a GPCam is it only used with a guiding scope, or can you use the webcam through your scope to the laptop with GPCam software Thanks.Mark
  8. Hi CraigT82' Thanks for your help and information.Great images in your page.Mark
  9. Hi'So i need to get software for the webcam to guide?
  10. Hi' I have been looking for information on my Altar Astro GP Cam on the net but with no luck.What i like to know what the ST4 lead is used for and where does it go because the lead is quite short.Thanks for reading.Mark
  11. Hi' With a clear sky tonight where i am.What i like to know would a Full Moon spoil to capture Jupiter and Saturn with a reflector and a webcam due to the Moon's brightness Thanks for reading.Mark
  12. Thanks Tenor Viol' For your help and information.Mark
  13. Hi' My camera is not full frame i will be using a tripod The Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 and the Sigma 50-500mm F4.0. I will use the mirror lock up.
  14. Hi To capture a image of the Comet which is the best settings' with my camera.I have a Canon 70D and the lens' is a Sigma 70-200mm and a Sigma 50-500mm lens'.What i like to know which will be the best setting for my camera Bulb or Manual.And is it wise to use mirror lock up with the camera Thanks for looking.Mark
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