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  1. Thanks Merlin66' For your come back, the power tank was showing power but i will put it back on charge just in case it is low.And check the power adaptor over for any breaks.Mark
  2. Hi' When my NEQ 6 Mount is on the move the little red light goes on and off.What i like to know is this normal.Mark
  3. Hi Dave' It might be where i am living in the UK.i'm living in South Wales at 20.37 the Pole star is nearly on 4 on my i phone.Mark
  4. Thanks Dave' I have Redshift 8 on my laptop.I will check the app on my phone to the Redshift 8 software.Mark
  5. Thanks Fabio' On my phone the Pole star is between figures 3 and 4.Mark.
  6. Hi The phone app i have on my phone is Astro-Physics Polar AlignAP 2.6.Mark
  7. I for got to write in what is the meaning of HA and LST please.Mark
  8. Hi' Can anyone help me out with Polar Align please.At the moment the Pole star on my Polar Align on my app on my phone is showing it is by figure 2.But on PolarFinder on myAstroImages it show's the Pole star much lower down the clock.So which one do i follow Thanks.Mark
  9. Hi' Been looking around where to place where i live in the UK, but can't find where to go on the forum.Thanks everyone for your help the web pages will come in handy.Mark
  10. Hi' I'm looking for advice with the Northern Lights.Do any one know through out the year when is the best time to go and see the Northern Lights in Norway Thanks.Mark
  11. Taff


    That's a very nice capture with you.Mark
  12. Thanks Skipper Billy' for your information, that is a good idea.Mark
  13. Thanks two you both for your time and help on the bolt for my mount.Mark
  14. Hi Peter' Thanks for your Heads up i will give the area a clean with WD40 and the horizontal pivot.Mark
  15. Hi' After following instructions from members' how to get the back bolt free and managed to get the bolt out.I bought the bolts off ebay which have been weak bolts.Can anyone name a place where i can go to buy new ones' Thanks.Mark
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