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  1. Hi' I am looking for some advice.I don't know if this is a daft question that when i look through the polar scope the cross lines are not crossing in the middle of view they are off centre.At night time if i place the Polar star in the small circle by turning the 3 small screws' would that solve for me Thanks.Mark
  2. Thanks for your help with the app.Mark
  3. Thanks everyone for your help lots of information on the page.Mark
  4. Hi with the synscan hand set i only know the basics.Do anyone know where i can go on the net to read what the other topics are for on the hand set please Thanks.Mark
  5. Hi' What type of app do you use on your mobile phone to line the Pole star to your mount Thanks.Mark
  6. Thanks Jambouk' For your help i will check on the LED light to see if it is to bright,With the three very small allen screws to hold the Polar scope in place with three small grab screws which i have on youtube.Mark
  7. Hi Jambouk' For your help what i was thinking is to place the small refractor piggyback on my reflector then try a weight to balance the scope.Mark
  8. Hi' When i am looking through the Polar scope with the power and when the small light is on i can't see any thing through the Polar scope only a lot of specks.But when i turn the power off and then look through the Polar scope then i can see the Pole star in view but find it hard to see the small circle to place the Pole star.If i unscrew the Eyepiece to see if it is dirty inside the eyepiece, would i have to reline the small circle back to the Pole star by using software Thanks for reading.Mark
  9. Thanks Carole' When the scope is fitted to the mount i could try one weight.Then fit a filter wheel and the camera to the scope and see if the mount balance.Mark
  10. Hi' With my EQ6 mount i would like to use a short tube refractor fitted to the mount.But i can't get the scope to balance on the mount with the weights' i have got.Can anyone help me on which weight i need so i can get the short scope to balance while on the mount Thanks.Mark
  11. It will be nice to get back out when we are having these clear nights.
  12. OK will do that is very kind of you to give me the bolt.Mark
  13. Yes' please it look like the one i had when i first had the mount.How much do you want for the bolt?
  14. Hi Thanks for the page i will give it a read.It does say about NEQ6 mount.Mark
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