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  1. One if my images' from a cold night is m33 at prime focus with a canon 500D and a 8'' F5 reflector with a CLS clip filter.35 x 1 mins frames' 35 x 1 mins darks' 35 bias' used deep sky stacker and photshop.Mark
  2. Filter wheel won't focus

    Sorry for the long delay i at to set up.Here are some pictures' of the filter wheel fitted to the scope.The only thing i can't see where the large ring goes in the last picture Thanks.Mark
  3. Do i need more filters'

    Thanks for your help.Mark
  4. Hi' Last night while trying out the filter wheel for the first time with a DSLR camera to the scope i just could not get any focus at all.My scope is a 8'' F5 reflector, do i need to use anything else to get focus.Thanks.Mark
  5. Thanks' for your time and help with the software.Mark
  6. Nice capture with you work, great details and so clear.Mark
  7. Veil Nebula - now in colour :)

    That's a very nice work on the Veil nebula, lots of details and so clear with you.Mark
  8. M31 on a very windy night

    Hi Peter' Nice capture of m31, great details in your work.Mark
  9. Horsehead Nebula B33 - H-alpha DSLR

    Very nice captures' of the B33 area, nice details.Mark.
  10. Nice work Sean' Nice details in your capture.Mark
  11. M52 and NGC7635

    Nice captures' with you Roger.Mark
  12. Do i need more filters'

    Hi John' My scope is a helios 8'' F5 reflector.Mark
  13. Hi' At the moment i have got two CLS filters' one which go inside the DSLR camera and the other one screw to a eyepiece.A light pollution filter; Olll filter, plus coloured filters.What i like to know do i need any other filters' to help me to capture the night sky or for viewing.Thanks for looking.Mark
  14. Meaning of Ha?

    Thanks for your help and information.Yes i just had a look on 3nm Astrodons filters.Mark
  15. Meaning of Ha?

    I am sorry for being a bit thick, Can anyone explain to me what does the letters' Ha stands for while taken captures' Thanks.Mark