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Bode's Galaxy - M81


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I found the dymanic range in this image difficult to cope with, yet this image show detail from the outer fringe to the central core.

One query, I take it the diffraction spikes are added in processing? (I never got mine to run perfectly in line with the frame)


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A really lovely image, well done :)

You can even see the Galactic Cirrus just to the right of the core, very faint tendrils of gas and dust that are high above the disk of our galaxy and are being illuminated from below by the stars of the Milky Way. I remember reading about it in an issue of AN from last year, May I think it was.

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Oh boy, how good is that?? With the spider modified the VC200L can at last show what it can do.

Great processing, avoiding the green-all-over that afflicts lots of versions, including mine! Wonderful transition in colour from core to arms and the Ha adds real glitter.

Was that at native focal length?


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Great image, that Atik 314L is a real photon magnet isn't it :-)

It would be interesting to see what your local skies are like on a 30-sec wide field shot, and a bit about the processing techniques that you used. It gives us a good perspective on the work you did to get this picture.

Clear skies,


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