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  1. Shell or no shell its a super rendition...great job
  2. Thought it might be worth posting the full frame... I quite like it with its extending shell, although it looks a little lost in the frame Thank you Dave
  3. Not a massive fan of artificial spikes....but the detail and image scale is wonderful
  4. another beautiful image Goran...super colour to it
  5. A great shot with lovely colour and scale to it
  6. super image scale with lovely detail
  7. Thats a super rendition.....love that deep area full of faint fluff,
  8. super scale....fabulous star colour...nice!
  9. Thank you....The O3 was quite strong...you can just see it extending past the outer Halpha
  10. Thank you... it was a pig to get a smooth transition from the super bright core to faint outer shell ...Processed it in Photoshop cs3
  11. Its been a while since I've posted... so I thought it was about time. M27 The Dumbbell Nebula showing its outer shell. Imaged with the William Optics 132 and an FLI ML-8300 in Ha, O3 and RGB and cropped in nice and close. Exposure times were 6hours of Ha, 6hours of O3 and 1 hour each In RGB total of 15hours. Thanks for looking
  12. those sony cameras are super sensitive, big pixels....I wonder how good the new one will be ....Surprising only a few frames...it shows less noise with three short stacked frames than one long one.....still difficult to process
  13. Sorry....yes 10000iso ....my Spanglish kicking in again.
  14. Snapped this on my recent visit to Spain. Exposure time was 3x13s on my Sony A7s iso was 10000 darks and flats applied , 20mm Canon prime lens at f4. I didn't have a tripod with me so I had to balance the camera on a cardboard box. Thanks for looking
  15. Beautiful set of images Goran....great star colour
  16. Love the colour rendition, detail is lovely. Shame about the reflections hopefully you'll get to the bottom of the issue..
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