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  1. super shot Tom...colours are bright and stars are pin....wonderful work
  2. That's a beauty Richard...love the star colour
  3. I agree, you certainly have small stars and they bring such a wonderful amount of colour to the whole field..... I always enjoy your images Olly
  4. Thats interesting could it then be coming from the gradient removal method or sharpening perhaps? EI know effect from a highpass filter can also do something similar to stars.
  5. Thanks Roy.....I can get lost is some of these fields Thank you....I think its because its very easy to make a Pelican in RGB look almost monotone and that there is such a difference in the brightest signal areas when seen in HST colour. There are some very subtle pinks in the RGB but difficult to bring out convincingly.
  6. A lovely rendition Olly, I am seeing dark haloing around your stars. Looks like it could be an artefact when recombining your stars with the background?
  7. the trusty Samyang 135 wins a gain....great job lovely process
  8. unusual to see this as a main featured image...great to see.
  9. The Pelican Nebula imaged from my back garden in the Mid Wales. I've just re-fitted my 12in F3.8 Newtonian ready for a new seasons imaging this is the first shot taken. I still prefer it in the HST the pallet over RGB. Exposure time was 1hr in each RGB, 6x600s with the H35 CCD. Processed with Pixinsight and Photoshop. Comments welcome Thanks for looking Peter
  10. That's superb Olly, star colour to die for, stupendous FOV filled with colour.....just wonderful!.....I have an 11in RASA I'm setting up....really looking forward to feeling some of that pain
  11. A result I'd say Olly...round stars are round stars!!
  12. great work....love your star colour
  13. a stunning rendition...simply beautiful
  14. lovely shot....don't see it too often
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