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  1. Thanks for the comments, on inspection the scope has took the brunt by the looks. Focuser has snapped off, tube is dented, finder is knackered and primary mirror has shifted. Mount is soaked and few loose fittings hopefully it will start up when its fully dried off. No garden ornaments were harmed lol..
  2. Not what I wanted to wake up to this morning! 🫣 Hopefully be able to salvage some of this
  3. Bit of a cold one here last night, managed to freeze the dew shield down lol! Im guessing the tube colder than the shield! ruined 2 hrs of subs, the guiding was spot on though!
  4. Hi all, after going back to the drawing board and reprocessing, reducing the number of calibration frames used seemed to give better results. Hopefully I have not overdone it with the data I have 121 Lights 40" iso 800 Just over an hour of useable 20 x Dk's 20 x Ft's 20 x Bias with EOD 50d & WO 72. It's hard to exit the processing 'tweak loop' I keep falling back into! Thanks to Taman, Olly & Astrobackyard for the tips 😉
  5. Thanks for the reply (Tony) I went back and reviewed all the files and found a couple of rogue flats with different iso/exposures, also started from scratch, built a new directory and run the OSC script to process and I think we may have cracked it, some annoying dust bunnies have survived though I have uploaded the resulting TIFF & it looks a lot better I think there is some galaxy in there, thank you so much (Just need to learn how to process now ) (Olly) I will give it a try without the darks and see how that turns out, so much advice out there and some contradictory I guess every setup is different. I decided on 80 darks and in the end had a run of 160 lights of which 121 were usable this ratio does however seem excessive to me. Maybe next time I'll just using a few darks at the start of the session and a few from the end when the sensor is up to temp? Or would you advise against the darks altogether? Regards Alex M31 1st Stretch.tif M31 again.jpf
  6. Im using Siril for the 1st time and when I use my calibration frames the resulting final image is unusable (stacked without darks/lights/flats the data is there) I am getting an error in the Siril console (Bayer pattern in header different from settings) Using Canon 50d, Capturing with APT and Siril for the processing. 80 X Darks 40" iso 800 50 x Bias 1/8000 iso 1600 28 x Flats 1/250 iso 800 121 x Lights 40" iso 800 I think I got it all right and hoping its just an issue with my processingB_M31_1430_ISO1600___22C.CR2 Thanks in advance for any advice... B_M31_1430_ISO1600___22C.CR2 L_M31_1518_ISO800_40s__12C.CR2 D_M31_1512_ISO800_40s__22C.CR2 F_M31_1466_ISO800_1-250s__26C.CR2 B_M31_1423_ISO1600___22C.CR2
  7. Nice capture, and really nice processing very natural looking clouds well done!
  8. Beautifully processed image, love the cloud detail. That's a lot of data for under 2 hrs!
  9. So I've been out of imaging for quite a few years and the gear/software has changed considerably. I got the old rig out of storage and put it back together with a few upgrades, since I did it has obviously been cloudy :o/ Anyway here's my effort, just over an hour of 40sec subs, from the 50d & WO Meg72 stacked and just a quick stretch in Siril no bias, darks of flats although I did do them but they destroy the image in pre-processing for some reason not sure what I'm doing/done wrong yet
  10. I am looking for a power supply for an Canon EOS 50d from a Primaluce Labs Eagle 3 but my supplier says they are discontinued I am fairly competent with a bit of basic wiring, but not anything involving too much of the black magic The eagle has a couple of spare 12v 3 amp & I have an old AC cannon adapter (7.8v 2amps) which I could scavenge from. any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance
  11. Quick update Still no break in the weather (sorry) but have managed to refine the setup, so I can remove the scope etc from the mount with fewer cables to unplug (much less waddling) also cleaned up the cables after the cable police gave me a ticket ;o) 2hr clear sky window forecast for Friday, fingers crossed....
  12. It was a pick up and waddle out last night but will have to refine a partial strip down in future. Cloud and wind again stopped play last night, did manage my flats, bias and darks though!
  13. So, been out the imaging side of the hobby for a few years, but wifey bought me an eagle for my birthday and as we have finally moved to a bortal 2-3 area should give it another go. Not had a clear night since! A lot has changed in a few years regarding kit and software so Ive put this rig together and hopefully got everything to make friends, so fingers crossed I'm planning a go at M31 tonight might get a couple of hours!
  14. That is a stunning image, reminds me of the HST deep field.
  15. Vic&Al


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