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  1. That is a stunning image, reminds me of the HST deep field.
  2. Fantastic build! looking forward to see progress with the automation ?
  3. Great job I love this object. I have had a couple of attempts myself and I too struggled with the bright area around the, ahem "tip" but you have caught some great detail in there well done!
  4. Was lucky enough to get tickets to this amazing concert what a fantastic day & night, surreal backdrop!
  5. Thanks everybody and sorry my mistake of course it is Lake Tekapo this jet lag is no fun at all!
  6. Big thanks to all the team who gave us the tour of the wonderful Mount John observatory absolutely amazing place and a 'must do' if you go to New Zealand We spent two and a half hours under the most amazing skies a night we will never forget. Also managed this 60 sec shot with a cheeky peek of me and Vic lit up using our supplied torches! The black in the bottom left is Lake Takapo and the hills to the East.. We only had one day and night here and it was raining and cloudy all day but just before the tour started the skies cleared, unforgettable.
  7. Hi all, first go at imaging in the southern hemispheres amazing sky's 60 X 10 sec with canon 50d & 10-22mm @ 10mm I like it down here!!!
  8. Thanks, the Light frames are 40 x 5 min and about 15 min each RGB Thats interesting I have used plenty of star masks but not a separate star layer I will look into it, cheers Thanks Gina!
  9. Re, re, re process of this still not happy with the stars after my attempts at bloom removal but I guess its going to take more practice... Looks like I will have to wait till next year to have another go and try get some proper colour into this image Thanks for the comments and to Steve for the tips Regards
  10. I had a bash at removing the Spikes manually (need more practice with that!) Anyway last night managed to get some colour between the clouds and catch a few more light subs before the clouds rolled in I must learn to be patient and re focus between filters! so here it is so far 40 X 5 min Lights 5 x 5 min R,G & B Thanks for looking....
  11. Thanks for the comments! I agree the blooming is a distraction, the 'Remove Bloom Tool' is just what I need but unfortunately Maxim DL is not in my collection at present but it does seen to be a handy piece of software. I will go back over the data and use your advice and see if I can improve on the image as you did so so effortlessly Its nice to know I am capturing the data and its my processing that needs developing Regards
  12. Hi all, This is my latest effort 33 X 5 min subs at the Trio in Leo. Conditions were not so good some cloud cover creeping into a few of the subs which had to be ditched. Anybody have any tips on reducing halo's & star blooms? I have tried to manually remove the star blooms but with no luck Thanks for looking Leo Trio.tif
  13. Looking good Gina I agree that Ha data really brings it to life. Well done
  14. When you combine your images into an RBG that faint data will really stand out, if you manage to get similar results from the SII you should end up with a really nice colour image. Looks like you have captured some nice data there and I look forward to seeing more, well done!
  15. Hi all first attempt at the pinwheel between the clouds I managed 15 x 5 min L but just 3 x 5 min RGB due to weather. aligned and stacked in Nebulosity and touched up in PS hope to add more colour if the clouds ever go away. I need to work on the flats, I've cobbled together a light box and it seems to work OK but somethings still not quite right. anyway here's the JPEG and it is a crop, hope you like it...
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