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It's bigger than I thought it would be.


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I spent the last year and a half observing with a 6" reflector on an equatorial mount, and really enjoying learning the sky. I had a brief dabble with imaging, but decided that I was definitely born to observe, so I have traded up to a manual 12" flextube dob! :)

I am nine days into my wait for a clear sky and getting restless.

I will do a proper first light report in the observing section soon. Thursday night is looking promising.


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AWESOME!!!! :):hello2::):headbang:

I'm so glad you have upgraded at last, I know it took a while for you to work out which telescope and what aperture suited your circumstances the most. There is going to be a huge jump in what you are able to see...

Enjoy, and I look forward to your first light report, if you choose to share it with us. ;)

As an aside, I did wonder why it has been so cloudy here.........:D

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Thank you for all the comments.

Sam, looking good in the Shire for a first light tonight.

Jwallis, glad you are enjoying yours too.

Moonshane, I certainly will, though perhaps once the moon is gone.

Carol, thank you. This is the biggest I could get through the back door, and even then if only goes through if I tilt the base about ten degrees.

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I used to have one of those, you will really enjoy it :)

It's been very clear here for the last few hours, but just about to get cloudy by the look of it, and in the cloud is some snow I think. We've got off light so far, but a good layer of snow on the ground really mucks up the sky :)

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