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  1. The only ref I heard was a comment of Chris Linott saying that the software used was only used for individual stars only and never on wide field (or something similar)
  2. Does anybody know what software they are using for the orion stacked image
  3. Yes I have when my garage caught fire a few years back. The insurance company (MoreThan) would cover the costs of the damage however they would only give you the funds via pre-paid cards that could be used where they say so. For me I was not able to replace any of my Astro kit because I could only spend the £12000 at Homebase and Argos. For a pre-payment card where I could spend where I like was only given on items that where registered on the insurance policy and was over a £1000 Always read the small print.
  4. Get a cheap QHY5 and a SW9x50 Finder to create a FinderGuider. You can get the bits from Modern Astronomy. Probably is the cheapest option and works great with PHD/ASCOM I have had NO issues with mine
  5. It works as you are using very power power devices on the max recommend usb cable length. All within spec.
  6. One other thing I have noticed is that some USB hubs the usb sockets are very flimsy and the slightest touch can disconnect the plug from the hub. I would not recommend this type http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-High-Speed-2-0-Mini-USB-10-Port-HUB-with-Power-Adapter-Black-UK-/111317525419?pt=UK_Computing_USB_Cables&hash=item19eb0aa3ab I brought 2 about 18 months back and they are useless. You need to look for a hub where the usb plug firmly attached to the socket when plugged in. For my new custom power pack I am building in the usb by using some other types of USB hubs which has tight fittin
  7. True, but if necessary I can just use a red torch to see the dials, or backlit the meter with a red led. Anyway, I am slowly working through my list of things and it is surprising how things add up.
  8. Thanks NEM, With regards to the LED, do you means something like this.... ---- LED ----Resistor ----- Negative Terminal (Or should the Resistor come before the LED 12v ------ SWITCH ---| ---- Load ---- Negative Terminal
  9. Thanks Tinker, but I am not an electrronic person so these circuit diagrams are quite above my understanding.
  10. Hello, I am reworking my custom power pack as I had a few issues with it and would like to ask some questions and hopefully an Electrical Boffin can reply. 1) I am using a LM2596 Buck StepDown (off ebay) to step down from 12v to 7.5 to power my Canon 1100D. I want to add a fuse to the powered item (Canon 1100D). Where would the fuse go to provide the best protection? example 1: 12V Battery ------ 2A fuse ------ LM2596 ------ 5V Canon 1100D or example 2: 12V Battery ------ LM2596 ------ 2A fuse ------ 5V Canon 1100D or example 3: 12V Battery------ 2A fuse ------LM2596 ------ 2
  11. To get better long exposures you will need tracking, what mount do you have.
  12. Try PHD2, a lot more going on there at the moment and a much superior package. http://adgsoftware.com/phd2/snapshots.html On my rig (QHY5 FinderGuider) I pulse and it does take a while sometime to calibrate. I just keep adjusting my Calibration steps (Currently at 2850) to compensate. Never used ST4.
  13. Hello, I am surprised no one has posted this yet. How to prove exoplants exist. http://spectrum.ieee.org/geek-life/hands-on/diy-exoplanet-detector The article is mostly about building a barn door and one one tiny reference to how to verify the exoplanet by using Microsoft Excel to make differential-photometry calculations. Would love to see that spread sheet to see the calculations behind it all.
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