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  1. It was indeed... Horizon: Seeing Stars another excellent programme from the Horizon team imo
  2. Hi m_j I have observed Jupiter, Saturn and Venus in the day. I used my old Celestron 6se and as the Moon was up I aligned with it and slewed to the planets that were also available, although the Go To did not locate them precisely I just wondered about with a low power eyepiece until I picked them up.
  3. Thats my plan but I can't find a list! This may help you...Messier Maps also bear in mind you need to start it as soon as your Western skies are beginning to get dark. I am sure if you check Wikipedia you will find more info on Messier. Good Luck
  4. Hi Trey, You should get those that are due to set first and just work back towards the eastern skies. I guess from your latitude its possible to observe them all which is a problem for me as at 54 deg North means I have to travel further South if I wanted to see those that lie out of my reach.
  5. Hi Bob, I know one member of the forum who has a set of these....Mike Brightmore. I would drop him a pm if you have any questions regarding them if you get no response to your post. This member... tententerry is a very knowledgeable guy when it comes to binoculars, this is his website....BinocularSky - Home HTH
  6. Used the 6se myself as my first telescope, agree it worth getting over the 5se, it will deliver some excellent sights and is still portable enough to take out and about, has a small footprint is easy to store out of the way and is not too heavy. A worthy contender for a Go To Telescope.
  7. Looks like you had a decent night to test it out. Hope you get some great sights using it.
  8. An 8" dob will show a great many objects due to its relatively large aperture, if you take the scope to some dark skies the views will be spectacular. I started with a telescope that had a 6" mirror and was suitably impressed with what I was able to see using it. I would get the scope and see how it performs before deciding exactly what additional equipment to purchase for it. Enjoy the views
  9. Hi Vince, I will let you have a look in the next few nights, weather permitting. Will be in touch.
  10. have no name for mine, should maybe call it Clint then
  11. Well I hope you do see it soon, at SGL7 would be nice.
  12. Wow Shane, Olympus Mons cloud cover! Nice, great report mate.
  13. Hi magic, I see from your location you are in the middle of a light polluted big city! Must be a drag, well done in getting your video of the action on the Suns closest neighbour posted up here. Hope you have many more to come.
  14. no need for that Paul, guess your just a lucky guy remember us when you win the lottery
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