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  1. I was half expecting it to be wrong again, but when the telescope started heading in the right direction there was a big smile upon my face. Now to get it as precise as possible
  2. I recently purchased my first equatorial mount , and finally after 3 days of setting it up and getting it wrong, I have now successfully got my first alignment under my belt. Sweat and tears, frustration, all played their own part over this period but now I am one happy person. Now I know what I am doing, it will be so much more enjoyable.
  3. Having been an owner of a 300 DOB, the views were really good. Now I would like a scope that would give me a very good view of the moon, and planets, but in the same sentence, I would also like to start taking some photos of the moon in detail, and the brighter dso,s. After reading so many write ups on the pros and cons of refractors, I am tempted to buy a 150 pds , or the 200 version. As for mounts, I was looking at the heq5 to begin with. Would this set up be ok weight wise on the mount to begin with, and what views would I get for visual, after a 300 DOB????
  4. Cheers damnut. Will do. I won't be buying the first I see for sure. A good look round and a ponder first
  5. Cheers Nightfisher, I will have a look, thank you.
  6. Cheers Cam. I will have a good look around before purchasing. Cannot wait though.
  7. Im looking at around the 1500 mark for a scope and mount. Maybe upto 2000 . Heard a lot about the bresser 125/1200.
  8. Evening everyone. I would like to buy a refractor for the main purpose of viewing the planets, and also taking some photos of them, but this is where I am getting a little frustrated as I would also like the scope to be able to manage the brighter deep sky objects for photography also. Any help and suggestions would be much appreciated.
  9. Cheers John. I will have a go tonight if clear and let you know the outcome.
  10. Last night i attempted to take some pics with my camera attatched to my scope via a 2inch adaptor. The scope is a 300 skyliner flextube and the camera is dslr. All i managed to get was out of focus pictures. No Barlow was used. Would i need an extention tube to resolve the issue? Thanks in advance, Jon
  11. First attempt without a telescope, followed on by another the following evening i believe. The second one i had around 32 pics which i then put into dss.
  12. Bed i can understand. A settee as well, thats luxury camping:)
  13. I think i will double ,double double check,,... I cannot (well i can), imagine the grief when you start to set up and as you are getting organised you realise that you have left some gear at home. A dent in the wallet to buy new, which money could go on better things. Will there any companys selling items at the site,ie, scopes, binos, eyepieces etc? I only ask so i know to bring a card or 2:)
  14. When we get a nice dry day. That is sound advice. I would hate to arrive with only half of what i would need .
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