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  1. For visual use the best upgrade you can make without question is a motor focuser for around £50. Also is the secondary mirror of the 150 pl big enough for a 2" focuser?
  2. The back garden of where your staying, or a five minute drive in any direction. Enjoy the dark skies, just make sure you take plenty of waterproof clothes.
  3. Getting webcams to work on a Mac can be a right pain, try here www.ioxperts.com. Hope this helps. http://www.ioxperts....ts/webcamx.html Also I believe PHD for mac does not pick up any usb webcams from a mac.
  4. I use the same setup as you, there was a short twin RJ11 included in the box for just that job. Its the same as the ADSL to router cable .
  5. Great work Nick, big thanks from a windows hater.
  6. Try IOXperts, they make USB web cam drivers for OS X. This has allowed cams that are not compatible with maccam and other mac software to work for me.
  7. Skysafari gets my vote as the best ipad app, no question.
  8. The isight camera does not work with any Mac astro software as it is not Dcam compliant, so would assume that would count for windows software also.
  9. Hi sam, take the three silver screws out then use a wrench to remove the black fitting they are in. The fitting will come out, normally tight then screw in polar scope. Took me a while to work out.
  10. Thanks John, would have a go If I thought I was responsable. Will phone Flo in the morning and ask their advise. Just doing a search to see if anyone else has experienced this.
  11. Tony thanks will leave alone and contact them in the morning.
  12. I am paraniod about keeping it away from dust and dirt, and read that you should only clean when needed so stayed away from doing it. I do not know how the outside could stay almost spot less and the inside looks like my car widescreen after a long drive.
  13. Yes it was noticable the last few times out thats why I finally decided to clean it.
  14. Could someone please tell me if it is possible to split open the Ed lens of the Skywatcher pro range. I tried to clean it only to find the problem was under the glass, removed the dew shield and lens came out in it so was able to look from both sides. It also appears there is a blemish in the glass. It is less than a year old and am not happy about the blemish, thinking of contacting the supplier but do not want to return if the issue was caused by me some how. So can anyone tell me how the outside of the lens was clean but the inside is spotty is the best way I can describe it. Thanks
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