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  1. After many years away from astro, due to having cancer and getting frustrated at not achieving anything half decent....my partner and I went to Kelling star party this last week. I started out trying my newt and Atik again, getting nowhere and annoyed with myself. I almost threw the camera in the bin. I couldn't get colour from it, or nebulosity with it...I was tearing my hair out trying to figure it out. I spoke to a guy from Atik, who were at Kelling, and he was also scratching his head as to what could be wrong. We passed by the Altair stall, and after many ummings and ahhings, I decided to get a tri-band filter, as we found that might help. After a few more trips around the vendors stalls, I went back and asked about a used scope they had for sale. It was one they said they had used for display and for themselves I believe. Its a 72 EDF, at a VERY attractive price. I couldn't say no, and I thought try something different, see what happens. I got a dew band for it, as dew was a killer this year, I took it back to our pitch, then realised I would need the flattener as well...so off we went back to Altair who were packing up. They dug out the boxes to find me a flattener, They were all so fantastic and helpful, even with us going back several times lol. I set it up straight away, and we had some lovely clear skies that night. I did my usual PA, but didn't bother aligning. I was really in a CBA mindset lol. I sent the scope off to the bubble, focused and set the Atik off for a 30 sec test shot and WOW. My jaw dropped. FINALLY! I had something. I could see nebula, and stars....and colour! I was silently squeeling to myself lol. I then went to the Crescent nebula, and started a run of 3 minute subs, I managed 40 subs before I got too tired. I didn't manage to do any darks, bias or flats. But I was happy finally getting something, anything! Anyway, if you've read this far, thanks lol. I am just so happy now to have an image to show, it's not award winning by any means, but not too bad for saying I've been out for years and forgot how to do it. Here is my little version of the crescent nebula, my partner ran it through Starnet++ and it makes a world of difference. It's noisy as hell...way overdone but I don't care lol. I can't wait to see what else I can do with this little scope now. I also need to email Mr Atik man and thank him for letting me chew his ears off lol.
  2. Tich and I are still up for going, given no restrictions are put on us. I've heard an announcement is being put out today? Fingers crossed for all of us.
  3. Just popping by to see if Kelling is still going ahead, and it appears so Has anyone spoken to Kelling about it? Are they happy for us to be there, as we are a group booking? We have just been away for a few days and the campsite we stayed at said they weren't taking any group bookings at all. Just thought it might be a thing no sites taking on groups. But if all is well, see you all there, clear skies
  4. Ah such a shame, I have never made it to one SGL yet. Only just made my first ever star party at Kelling this year. But safety must come first. Now Tich and I have a 2kg chocolate fudge cake to get through lol. We have some flooding ourselves here near Leics, and with rain forecast for the weekend, it might be the tipping point to send the rivers over the banks. Stay safe everyone.
  5. Hello peeps, very long time no see lol. Due to many issues (getting cancer and major surgery) I haven't used any of my kit for ages. It was feeling lonely lol so I booked to go to Kelling, I ended up going with Tich. It was quite a wash out, so Tich and I have decided to come to SGL. We both managed to get the time off work, and we have booked pitch 7 Kingfisher, there will be cake, so feel free to pop by for a cuppa and some cake. I don't know anyone, so it will be good to meet some of you there. Oh just been reminded I met Dave Eagle (I was stalking his quark waiting for gaps in the clouds haha) Many thanks to him for letting me look.
  6. Ohh just seen this thread. Here's my coloured almost full moon from xmas eve, I have posted in the forum but will add here too
  7. Just saw these on your site, the pic for the Campo Del Cielo rocks, the top right one.....do you have that exact one in store still? I ask because it looks like it has a heart on it. I'd love to have that rock
  8. Yes, I put the info in the top post. I took LOTS of subs, picked only the best ones the took them into PIPP to create an AVI file as the 1000D doesn't do video, then into Registax for stacking and some wavelet adjustment then into PS for final processing.
  9. Upgrade! upgrade! lol...in all seriousness....UPGRADE!! haha. I will persevere more, i'm not done with it yet Thanks boxtko and no, unfortunately I don't have the privilege of living aboard the ISS lol
  10. You might prefer this lesser processed version I did before
  11. Not yet, not much chance here in the UK with our lovely grey skies lol. If it's not clouds, it's moon drowning everything out, if not that then lack of time. Anyway I much prefer my CCD to DSLR, I only got it for the moon/large targets, and it seems it's not for me. I will try more before I decide to sell the camera
  12. I was taking subs at min 5 minutes guided...stacked 1hr 40mins worth of usable subs and still no nebula showing. Highest ISO is 1600 on this DSLR, I assume I need higher?
  13. Thanks, thing is, on my screen the noise isn't that bad as it is on here...it's odd how the noise is more when hosted elsewhere and re-posted. Facebook is worse for that! I will try different settings next time
  14. Yup it's noisy.....processing did bring out the dots a lot lol....but also please consider this camera is old...and was CHEAP so i'm pretty happy with it so far This is my first try on the moon, i've never used a DSLR before lol.....honestly. I tried it on M45 a few weeks ago, but I couldn't manage to get any nebula from it so I assume this DSLR is almost done in. I only bought it for large targets as my Atik CCD is too small. The subs were all ISO400. Do you suggest a slower shutter speed next time I try? I was hoping for another shot next full moon so I can be more prepared. An anime moon you say....hmmm - yes I managed to create a very odd looking moon...some vivid colourings haha. Thanks for the replies
  15. Had fun getting this image, standing just outside the front door with the 200p Dob and Canon 1000D in just my jumper dress and leggings, no shoes or socks haha! It was that mild here. 25 frames, PIPP to create AVI file, Registax, then into Photoshop for final processing SkyWatcher 200p Dob Canon 1000D, Exp1/4000 ISO400
  16. I wish my light pollution looked as pretty as yours Great shot BTW. I have recently bought myself a Canon DSLR, I was hoping to perhaps get M31 in one shot through my scope, but nope. I've been looking on this site for FOV, seems I need a different scope and/or cameras
  17. I finally managed to buy myself an Atik 314L+ OSC, although I had issues with no colour, I managed to figure out what was wrong and try an image. I think I only got about 10, 30 second subs for this....being as it was the first time I tried a decent CCD, no guiding as of then....I was happy enough. I now have guiding kit, but no chance of using it yet (darn weather and lack of time) so hopefully I will improve on this.
  18. Ah another one in the same boat lol, my friend is convinced I have a MONO version labelled as colour I also tried M13....I will post my version if you post yours My crappy version of M13...no colour (grrr) only 4 usable subs out of 30...(I must have caught the wire as I left it doing it's thing, FGS problems never end!) So yeah....newbie alert haha! I WILL get there though...eventually.
  19. I've sent my files to a friend, even he says there's no colour on my subs, so what is going on? The CCD is definitely a colour version.....so why no colour?
  20. I finally managed to buy myself an Atik314L+ OSC, got some subs and went to process them using Dawn. I've had errors loading FIT files (they won't load off my external HDD??) Put them on my PC HDD and they loaded. Trying to sort out a workflow, it would help so much if Atik gave us a sample workflow...all I know is how to use a few of the individual actions, not how to put them together to create a final image After many attempts to get *something* decent without creating an error somewhere, I then went to use the debayer action. Another error, bayer offset not known I understood if I used Artemis to capture my subs, Dawn would know the bayer settings? Watching Atik's tutorial on bayer action, I noticed they show the bayer matrix on the screen when zoomed in, I don't get any matrix on any of my subs/aligned or combined images? All look smooth? I must have done something wrong when capturing in Artemis....so oh knowledgeable peeps of SGL.....can you guide this newbie through basic processing please? There really needs to be an instruction manual somewhere included, I googled my issues and didn't get much in the way of any answers. I took subs using sequencer, 40 sec x30, 2x2 binning as I got a much better image that way than any other setting. I also can't get any colour to show at all if I select colour in artemis on any sub. What have I done wrong please? I tried M27 to check for colour....nothing still? Anyway after so much messing around. losing lots of stars/no colour/massive headache/throwing the PC out the window, I finally settled with this. It's nothing to shout about, I would have liked some colour, it looks a tad blurred (tracking errors I believe, no guiding yet) Lots of missing data/stars in this I know but heyho, I had to do something with my efforts haha. Blimey they always seem to lose quality...another issue argh it's never ending!
  21. Still better then my attempts Tich....well done!
  22. Thanks Astrogeek! And Tich, your Horsehead is a lovely shot! I've not managed that one yet, but there's always next year
  23. Celeste


    Stunning! Love the colour one
  24. This is how I want mine to look like one day! Lovely
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