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  1. The only ref I heard was a comment of Chris Linott saying that the software used was only used for individual stars only and never on wide field (or something similar)
  2. Does anybody know what software they are using for the orion stacked image
  3. Yes I have when my garage caught fire a few years back. The insurance company (MoreThan) would cover the costs of the damage however they would only give you the funds via pre-paid cards that could be used where they say so. For me I was not able to replace any of my Astro kit because I could only spend the £12000 at Homebase and Argos. For a pre-payment card where I could spend where I like was only given on items that where registered on the insurance policy and was over a £1000 Always read the small print.
  4. Get a cheap QHY5 and a SW9x50 Finder to create a FinderGuider. You can get the bits from Modern Astronomy. Probably is the cheapest option and works great with PHD/ASCOM I have had NO issues with mine
  5. It works as you are using very power power devices on the max recommend usb cable length. All within spec.
  6. One other thing I have noticed is that some USB hubs the usb sockets are very flimsy and the slightest touch can disconnect the plug from the hub. I would not recommend this type http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-High-Speed-2-0-Mini-USB-10-Port-HUB-with-Power-Adapter-Black-UK-/111317525419?pt=UK_Computing_USB_Cables&hash=item19eb0aa3ab I brought 2 about 18 months back and they are useless. You need to look for a hub where the usb plug firmly attached to the socket when plugged in. For my new custom power pack I am building in the usb by using some other types of USB hubs which has tight fittings. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-High-Speed-USB-2-0-4-Port-HUB-Splitter-Cable-Adapter-for-Laptop-PC-Notebook-/261668933267?pt=UK_Computing_USB_Cables&hash=item3cecaf0e93 These are the one used in the YesYes SPC900 Mod http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/109153-spc900-lxmod-yesyes-style/#entry1080810 All I need to do is add my own 5v supply from one of the LM2596 convertors to get it powered.
  7. True, but if necessary I can just use a red torch to see the dials, or backlit the meter with a red led. Anyway, I am slowly working through my list of things and it is surprising how things add up.
  8. Thanks NEM, With regards to the LED, do you means something like this.... ---- LED ----Resistor ----- Negative Terminal (Or should the Resistor come before the LED 12v ------ SWITCH ---| ---- Load ---- Negative Terminal
  9. Thanks Tinker, but I am not an electrronic person so these circuit diagrams are quite above my understanding.
  10. Hello, I am reworking my custom power pack as I had a few issues with it and would like to ask some questions and hopefully an Electrical Boffin can reply. 1) I am using a LM2596 Buck StepDown (off ebay) to step down from 12v to 7.5 to power my Canon 1100D. I want to add a fuse to the powered item (Canon 1100D). Where would the fuse go to provide the best protection? example 1: 12V Battery ------ 2A fuse ------ LM2596 ------ 5V Canon 1100D or example 2: 12V Battery ------ LM2596 ------ 2A fuse ------ 5V Canon 1100D or example 3: 12V Battery------ 2A fuse ------LM2596 ------ 2A fuse ------ 5V Canon 1100D 2) I want to add an Analogue Ammeter to my setup. Previously I been told to add the ammeter between the Battery Negative Terminal and the Negative power return, however I have see a few youtube video where they are saying it goes between the Battery Positive Terminal and the Positive power lead into the circuit. Which is the correct way. I will be adding an Ammeter onto the mount to monitor the amps (as I have been recommended) and I also want to put on to show the entire amps my custom power box is using in total. 3) If I have the following simple circuit how can I get an LED to come on when there is power to indicate that the circuit is live. example 12V Battery -----SWITCH ----- LM2596 ----- LED ----- Powered On Item Previoulsy when I have tried to put an LED into a circuit there is not enough volts/amps to power the item, how do I get round this? Thanks
  11. To get better long exposures you will need tracking, what mount do you have.
  12. Try PHD2, a lot more going on there at the moment and a much superior package. http://adgsoftware.com/phd2/snapshots.html On my rig (QHY5 FinderGuider) I pulse and it does take a while sometime to calibrate. I just keep adjusting my Calibration steps (Currently at 2850) to compensate. Never used ST4.
  13. Hello, I am surprised no one has posted this yet. How to prove exoplants exist. http://spectrum.ieee.org/geek-life/hands-on/diy-exoplanet-detector The article is mostly about building a barn door and one one tiny reference to how to verify the exoplanet by using Microsoft Excel to make differential-photometry calculations. Would love to see that spread sheet to see the calculations behind it all.
  14. My last real imaging day was in Sept 2013. I had just brought a brand new full modified Canon 1100D and used it but been in box since then due to clouds or having clear nights when I can not image due to commitents/sleep
  15. One thinks of the mass unidentified sightings like... Phoenix Lights in Mar 1997 Washington DC Flap in July 1952 Battle of Los Angeles in Freb 1942 Foo Fighters during WWII Also some credence to flying objects seen in history before the advent of powered flight like Ezekiel 1:16 in the bible or 14th April 1561 when the citizens of Nuremberg saw a battle in the sky
  16. If you look at my avatar you can see what is on top of my ST80 is what I want (I don't use the ST80 at the moment on my rig). On the one end of the dovetail is a SW Illuminated Finder scope, then centrally mounted is the Canon 1100D with lens, then on the other end of the dovetail is a SW QHY5 FinderGuider. This dovetail needs to be about 18inches. I do have a compound mitre saw in my garage, but I don't think it would work (well can't actually think at the mo) as I would need to cut along length of 18inches to get the angle. My wooden dovetail is only made out of simple pine painted black. It works well when imaging but would like to swap out to a harder material as the EQ6 dovetail bolts as slowly crushing the wood when they are screwed up tight plus there is the disadvantage of the wood warping over time.
  17. Hi, I am looking at mounting my Canon 1100D directly to a small piece of dovetail, however the sw dovetail does not sit flush with the top of the EQ6 Puck, it is a few mm's short so my quick release camera mount can not fit proplerly. I am currently using a piece of planned wood in the shape of a dovetail to mount my camera to but this is not ideal as I would prefer a proper dovetail. Does anyone know if there are any thicker dovetails on the market. If not does anyone know where I could get one machined up out of a billet etc. Thanks
  18. Existence of Aliens will be as hard to prove and Ghosts on Earth are. Do they exist? We are relying of the electro-magnetic spectrum to to listen for Aliens at SETI and they are paranormal hunters on earth using the electro-magnetic spectrum to try and capture EVP's etc. Some people think Aliens are impossible, some people think Ghosts are impossible. One day we will find out if either are possible.
  19. My last AP session was September 2013. I has been very difficult to get clear nights in the right timeframe with me in a good mood to want to stand around outside
  20. Thanks Mike. I have not got round to planting the pipe yet, got so many things happening and time is slipping by, also not been a rush as the weather has been really awful for the last xx months. The last time I got out and did some imaging was in September 2013. Damn clouds and shoddy seeing
  21. The Skoda Fabia solid brake disc (1J0615601P) has a 65mm id so should fix the EQ6, even if it might mean a little work with a rotary sander to open the id up a little. http://www.brakebook.com/bb/mintex/en_GB/MDC980_82/datasheet.xhtml http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GOLF-97-05-A3-TT-OCTAVIA-FABIA-TOLEDO-LEON-BORA-R-SOLID-BRAKE-DISC-x2-/190773400858?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2c6afb151a So I have my pipe sorted, now I have the mounting plates. I don't want to use M12 so I have found a place that sells M20 threaded rods/couplers/nuts and will use this to embed in the concrete and to the brake discs. I have a piece of standard size plastic electrical conduit pipe that I will place inside the plastic pier pipe to run my Cat6e network cable through as I have a Cat6e cable already running out to my old wooden pier so I might as well use it and beside Remote Desktop will run faster on LAN than WiFi. I still have to complete my Portable Power Box project (see another thread) and then I should be happy, well hopefully happy is these clouds can disperse in time for next winter....
  22. Looking for a pier plate to mount the EQ6 to. I have seen people use Brake Discs of cars and it is mention the that the odd Skoda Fabia or Vauxhall Carlton disc might fit. So today if I have time I hope to visit a scrap yard to to find what fits an id of 65mm and is at least 200mm od.
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