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SGL 2022 Challenge 9 - Ceph and Cass


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Cave nebula imaged night of 2nd October in RGB-HSO.

SW 200pds; ZWO ASI 1600MM-cool; filters: Astrodon Tru-balance RGB; Astrodon 5nm Ha, Optolong 7.5nm Oiii and Sii (30 x 60s R; 10 x 60s G; 5 x 60s B; 10 x 180s  each Ha, Sii & Oiii). Calibrated, aligned and stacked in ASTAP; processed in APP; final touches in GIMP.


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I shot a few images in this area in August, too soon for this challenge. Here's another though, which is based around the reflection nebula VdB 152 and the dark nebula Barnard 175 in Cepheus. I gather the Ha filaments across the lower left are a supernova remnant (SNR 110.3+11.3), and there's also the planetary nebula Dengel-Hartl 5 just above this.

It's a two panel mosaic - I wanted the width in order to capture the  long trail of dust (and I don't rotate my camera).

RASA 11 v2, CEM120, ASI2400MC Pro, 236 x 30s (1h 58m) with clear filter, 270 x 60s (4h 30m) with IDAS NBZ dual narrowband filter. Both Ha and OIII blended. Captured with NINA and PHD2 on 28 Sep and 5 Oct, processed in Pixinsight.




B175 2022 stretch crop.jpg

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Here is another one from me and my take on Barnard 150 The Seahorse. I imaged this on the 29th September from dusk till dawn! I managed just over 8 hours of Ha and LRGB combined, however I have not been able to add the Ha data in without making a mess of things, so this is just 7 hours of LRGB.  I used the William Optics Redcat, ZWO 1600 mm pro and Baader filters. I framed this to include Fireworks Galaxy, The wispy edge of the Flying Bat Nebula and squeezed in NGC6939 open cluster.



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here's the Bubble nebula (NGC 7635) imaged last night with my 8" f/4 newtonian, ASI183mm camera on an AP900 mount near Paris (Bortle 7 sky) and with a gibbous moon.

70*300sec H-alpha for the nebula

30*60sec RGB for stars and color

Here's the result with a rather good level of detail (right click for full resolution):



Clear skies,



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Here's my elephant to add to the mix. Shot last night in a single night. 9 hours of 10 min subs, with asi2600 and redcat using L-ultimate filter.

forecast yet again proved wrong, and I got clean subs all night. stacked in APP, processed in affinity photo with some starnet2++ and noiseXteminator to help.

<edit - updated to replace with colour stars just imaged)


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A try at the ghost of cassiopeia. Not sure I did this justice to be honest. Quite a few of my subs were not great. Even the ones I decided to integrate.  6 hours of 10 min subs with asi533 and L-extreme.

processed in APP and affinity photo. I tried my best to control those stars with limited success I think it's fair to say. But no one had yet posted a hubble type palette, so I figured I'd post.


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My Cass wide field image - fully integrated and processed with PI.




ASI2600MC Pro


AsiAir Plus

Data acquisition:

Date: 7 & 8/10


46 x 600sec

50 x Darks, Bias and Flats





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Captured over two nights on 7th and 8th October from my back garden in SE London.

Captured in Atik software Artemis, stacked in Astroart and processed in Photoshop (using Registar to register the images).

Atik 460EX and SWED72
on HEQ5
Ha 30 x 600 (5 hours)
Oiii 15 x 300 binned x2  (1 1/4 hours)
Sii 15 x 300 binned x 2 (1 1/4 hours)
Total imaging time 7 1/2 hours



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As I just realised I actually took an image which met the challenge I thought I would share -

This is the Elephants Trunk Nebula

SW 150PDS - Baader Coma Corrector - Canon 500D  unmodified - Mounted on a HEQ5 Pro  - About 1 hr 20min of 30sec exposures & 45min of darks.

Processed with Deep Sky Stacker & Startools


IC1396 - Elephant trunk nebula ST2 17-09-22 .jpg

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This is the area around Sharpless 2-140 in Cepheus. It was shot in broadband, mostly before the moon came up on Monday (17th Oct). The aim was to pull out the variety of emission, reflection, dust and dark areas in the area, and I needed a 2 panel mosaic to get everything in I wanted to. Starless processing leaves me with some quite large halos around the larger stars, but I've left these alone. 

RASA 11v2 on CEM120, ZWO ASI2400MC Pro, 2 panel mosaic of 103 x 30s and 115 x 30s (total integration 1 hr 38 min). Captured using NINA with PHD2 guiding, and processed in Pixinsight.

Sh2-140 221017 DI1 stretch.jpg

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Bubble Nebula in SHO. This is about 6 hours of data over 3 nights!

22 x 300s Ha
24 x 300s OIII
25 x 300s SII
6 x Darks
40 x Flats
ASI294MM Pro at -15C
ASI120MM Guide Camera
Orion ED80 Imaging Scope
Orion ST80 Guide Scope
Orion Sirius Mount
ZWO 5 Position EFW
QHY Polemaster
Astronomik 1.25 12nm Ha, SII and OIII Filters


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NGC 7023 The Iris Nebula.

Taken over 3 nights, 17th & 18th October + 13th November with a total of 5h30m integration (hope to add more) using ASI294MC Pro with Evostar 100ED DS Pro & 0.85 FF/RF on HEQ5 mount.

Stacked & processed in PI.



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Image updated.
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Heart & Soul Nebula - wide field image


Date: 18/10/2022

Light frames: 48 x 600 sec

Darks, Flats & Bias: 50 each

RedCat 51 on an AM5

ASI2600MC Pro

L-Extreme filter

AsiAir Plus

Registered and Processed on PI - edited the picture on 30/10 after adding a bit of Topaz denoise




Edited by George Sinanis
wanted to add a bit of Topaz denoise to the final image
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Heart nebula SHO-RGB 6 panel mosaic

Astro-Tech AT106EDT

Imaging Cameras



Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT


Chroma Blue 1.25" · Chroma Green 1.25" · Chroma H-alpha 3nm Bandpass 1.25" · Chroma OIII 3nm Bandpass 1.25" · Chroma Red 1.25" · Chroma SII 3nm Bandpass 1.25"


MoonLite CFL 2.5 inch Large Format Refractor Focusers · MoonLite High Resolution Stepper Motor · QHYCCD PoleMaster · TS-Optics TSFlat2 × · ZWO EFW 8 x 1.25″ / 31mm ×


Adobe Photoshop · Aries Productions Astro Pixel Processor (APP) · Fabien Chéreau et al. Stellarium · Main Sequence Software Sequence Generator Pro (SGP) · Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight · Welsh Dragon Computing StellariumScope

Guiding Telescopes Or Lenses

Opticstar AR90

Guiding Cameras


Started on the 11th September and finished on the 18th October

20x300sec for each S, H, O and 10x60sec for each R, G, B per panel



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The Elephant's Trunk Nebula from a city centre using an OSC camera. Lots more info here.

* October 2022
* Bristol, UK (Bortle 8 ) 
* Telescope: Askar 130PHQ Flatfield Astrograph
* Camera: ZWO ASI 2600MC-PRO
* Filter: Optolong L-Ultimate and Askar Colour Magic 6nm
* Mount: Sky-Watcher EQ6-R PRO
* Guide: William Optics 50mm Guidescope with 1.25″ RotoLock; ZWO ASI 120MM Mini
* Control: ASIAIR Plus
* Software: PixInsight, Lightroom
* 330 x 120 seconds (Optolong L-Ultimate) plus 330 x 120 seconds (Askar Colour Magic 6nm)

Total integration time: 22 hours

By Lee Pullen



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The PacMan in Cassiopeia

  • Captured over 2 nights (30th Sep + 8th Oct).
  • Ha (7nm): 16x600s
  • Oiii (3nm): 16x600s
  • Sii (12nm): 16x600s
  • Atik 460ex
  • MN190 on a Mach1GTO
  • Stacking: DSS
  • Processing: HSO palette with Photoshop, Starnet


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Here's another Elephant Trunk.

Data was captured mostly during the challenge start/end dates (precisely 8 Aug 2022 ·  16 Sep 2022 ·  3 Oct 2022), I hope it still qualifies.

Captured in my backyard garden in London (Ealing).

It's also my first picture with my ASI2600MM Pro and Chroma filters.


Telescope SkyWatcher Esprit 100ED Pro
Camera ZWO ASI2600MM Pro
Mount iOptron CEM40
Filters Chroma Narroband Filters (Ha, OIII, SII) 5nm, ZWO EFW
Exposure Time Ha: 60x300s, OIII: 70x300s, SII: 97x300s, 18h 55m total
Software Ekos, PixInsight, WinJUPOS


More info and processing palettes if interested: https://www.astrobin.com/jwti38/


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Struggled with this one, as I spent a week at Kelling in September and a week in the Cotswold's in October and all I managed to get was 1 hour 25 mins lum at kelling and 30 mins RGB in the Cotswolds due to poor weather.,

So this is only 1 hour 55 mins. 

8 x 600 + 1 x 300 lum
4 x 150 binned and 2 each of RGB

ED80 and Atik460EX


Edited by carastro
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The Ghost of Cassiopeia. 11.5 hours of 300 second L-eXtreme subs plus 15 mins of unfiltered rgb subs for the stars. SW 130PDS, HEQ5 Pro, ZWO ASI294MC PRO. Stacked in Siril and processed in Photoshop 👻

Taken on Thursday and Friday night. 

Final Ghost.jpg

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Here I aimed my dual-RASA rig at an area south-east of Sh2-140 in Cepheus, and area which looked quite interesting on Aladin Sky Atlas but nevertheless seems to be very rarely imaged. The image reveals that it contains many interesting features including long red filaments. Could they be bow shocks of a unrecognized supernova remnant or somehow pushed out by the stellar wind from the partly obscured star cluster in SH2-140? Since the spectral widths of the NBZ dual-band filter is rather broad I am not sure which of the blue areas are Oiii or blue reflection nebulosity.

Caught 16-17 October. Two RASA8 with ASI2600MC and IDAS NBZ dual-band filter (Ha+Oiii). Sitting on a Mesu 200 mount at my home obsy. 240 x 4 min, so 16 hours. Processed in PI and PS, including Star XTerminator to bring out the nebulosity before adding back the stars.

Cheers, Göran






20221016-17 Sh2-140 RASA1+2 PS21smallSign.jpg

Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 14.38.50.png

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