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  1. No reducer, but probably need one, yea I have a lot to learn. I will have another play with my data and see if I can improve.
  2. Again still learning with the zwo 533 mc and Astro Pixel Processor,but can see some progress anyway. Iris nebula around 5 hours lights,flats and dark flats......though for some reason i have dust bunnies which tells me i didn't add the flats/dark flats correctly. Forgive all the issues but as i say still getting to grips with the new gear.
  3. If you say the halos rotate when you rotate the flattener, then that's your culprat, have you tried with out the flattener?
  4. First image with OSC and trial version of APP,still deciding on what processing software to get,but like the feel of APP as PI was far to complicated for me. Around 2 hours 180 sec lights only,nothing special but so glad i am getting to grips with the new set up.
  5. Yep have found the way to save it ,i was staring at all the time,just never opened the box right, thanks all.
  6. This doesn't seem to give me that option,that is what is confusing.I have attached another screen shot,maybe it is because i have the trial version.
  7. Hi all,how would i go about saving my image from APP,i have the trial version so just learning to use it and trying to save the image in the screen shot,any help would be greatly appreciated. Paul
  8. But they are saved as files rather than images,if i could see them as images i could delete the bad ones,i could do this with APT.
  9. Hello all just a quick question, I took a couple of hours if lights last night which took me to around 3.00 in the morning, it was clear most of the night but when the session ended it had clouded over. My question is can I check individual light frames to see what ones we're clouded out before I do any processing. Paul
  10. Now thats another story...lol
  11. Finally after a month busting to use my new camera,got an opportunity last night,still getting use to the change from a dslr,and still using GIMP,but am deciding to upgrade that to something better.Not sure if getting flats/dark flats properly,but will work on that. Nothing special but at least got every thing working. 60x240 sec lights 10 dark flats 20 flats
  12. Update,thank you all i have found them......turns out they were saved under m57 which i was trying ti image a few nights ago and i never changed the image file name,so thats where they were.
  13. Sorry just back in,no mate not at all,i appreciate any help i can get,i have been having a nightmare since changing to the 533mc,unfortunately my I.T skills are not good but will try and see if they are somewhere on the computer.
  14. Yes Neil i have,my flats and darks are there which i saved by clicking on the save tab in the sequence section,the folder tab at top right of screen,obviously i am doing something wrong.I am new to NINA so still learning my way.
  15. Thet are saved om my c drive,but when the session is finished i had to manually save then by clicking on a tab in the NINA file i made.
  16. Yea just seen this and have made a new folder.but unfortunately i have lost the images,live and learn.
  17. I will check that out, thank you.
  18. Well last night has been the best night in a long time, finally got my new 533mc and NINA all working, every thing perfect, got my flats, dark flats done and sat to take 90x3 min lights, which looked great, went to bed and set alarm for 3.30 to close obsy and after shutting every thing down..... Forgot to save the images, noooooooo. Being used to the dslr and APT automatically saving I forgot that in NINA you have to save them your self arrrgghh.
  19. Got it sorted, turns out NINA was saving my subs as TIFF files, so finally got my colour images, thanks all.
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