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  1. I know.. same old easy targets.. But perfect test for my new gear. I've always been more of an itinerant stargazer, trying to do astrophotography with my star adventurer and camera lenses from dark places, but since the lockdown I've been wondering on how to better use these rare and amazing clear nights. In particular for this shot I used an iOptron CEM40 mount, with a small 50mm autoguider scope, and a slighly larger (1mm!) Redcat as primary scope. I also used an Optolong L-Enhance light pollution/narrowband filter, and I wasn't expecting to give such amazing results so close to London Center (Ealing!) The CEM40 and the L-Enhance are brand new, the Redcat almost a year old, but barely managed to do anything with it, the camera is an ASI094MC Pro. I also bought an Esprit 100ED and some narrowband filters for my mono camera (ASI183MM), to be tested after I get more confident with smaller scopes (blog post, FYI: https://blog.gulinux.net/en/blog/2020-06-01-backyard-deep-sky-north-america-and-pelican)
  2. Ditto. Plus, I'm a bit wary of these full frame sensors. Great on paper, sure, but a lot more difficult to deal with (need for a bigger flat field, more sensitive to misalignments, etc)
  3. @Gina since you're already "Linux and Raspberry Pi friendly" you might want to try out my app some day. Word of warning, it's still a bit immature, but it's starting to take a decent shape
  4. It depends on what you use it for. Stellarium is a planetarium, aims at being realistic. KStars is less fancy, but more readable, better suited at being a star chart. Also INDI integration (and Ekos) are massive bonus points. (speaking for myself of course, not for Gina )
  5. Yeah, sorry about the clouds.. my bad, got this new toy just today! I mean the mount Hope it can hold this massive payload (In fairness I also got an Esprit 100 maching that mount, but I didn't feel like trying two new items at the same time...)
  6. Hi @Dantooine and welcome And as everyone else said, thank you very much for all your precious work! Aaaand, yes, me too just spent a massive amount on new mount, apo, narrowband filters (well, we can't look for dark places, so might as well get started in NB) etc etc. I feel a little less guilty knowing I'm not alone
  7. AstroPhoto Plus.. mainly because I wrote it I often use KStars/Ekos too for the missing features, usually I use the two of them in tandem
  8. Yes, of course, I merely meant the illumination issue
  9. I'll try that, thanks. I often wondered exactly how to find the direction for the tilt, this is indeed a useful suggestion. I still have to learn how to properly do flats (I've read the "cling film" procedure before, I think I've tried it once, but I wasn't really satisfied by it, but I don't remember why. Have to give it another go)
  10. Yes, I already followed that one (the second process, subtracting the blurred image). The image I posted is after I already reduced the uneven illumination, it was a lot worse before
  11. Following with interest, as I have the very same problem. I still have to try flats, but I did buy a tilt adjuster, which definitely helped with the newton rings, but the camera is now partially out of focus. It's quite visible in this picture, the centre is quite sharp, while the borders are visibly out of focus, and the illumination is quite uneven.
  12. Nice little Star Adventurer trick I'm testing this evening: Instead of using sandbags to stabilize my tripod, I bought a few of these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07RTRHVRB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Regular pegs might be alright as well, I thought these should offer a better grip, particularly if the cord is well tensioned.
  13. Great review, happy that you joined the club! And I really hope you're getting better skies than here in the UK, it's been ages since I could last use mine
  14. Quick question. I'm currently undecided between trying a dual camera setup (with a second camera + lens on the other side of the dovetail, in place or in addition to the counterweight), or to just get a second SA (which would also imply using a second tripod though). Surely the second might prove to be more stable, but the first setup is tempting, particularly because it would greatly reduce the need for a counterweight. Did anyone try the first setup? Would you recommend it?
  15. I typically use an Intel Compute Stick (or equivalent), with USB3. I used a Raspberry Pi in the past, but they are way too underpowered, download time extremely long with a full frame ASI camera. As for the software, I'll just leave this here... https://astrophotoplus.gulinux.net/ (working on autoguiding support at the moment)
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