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  1. because it's better than starnet++ or is it usability/speed ? stu
  2. Nice seeing last night, so had a fresh go at M33 - seeing was good enough to bin less - link to original thread/pic from a few weeks ago below. Iris - first time I've been relatively happy with results - before I've just always ended up blowing things out and not really capturing the blue. Asi533, C925+F6.3. Iris 14 x 10 min subs M33 45 x 3 min subs, plus 8 ten 10 minute subs. comments welcome as always. Here is the original attempt at M33: And here is my new one - LOTS more detail. THIS is the sort of image I thought was totally out of my reach a year ago. It's great to have made the progress to be able to knock these out in a night now
  3. Printed a few of my favourite photos so far using my-picture.co.uk (a million other companies are available). they do a glossy and matt finish on aluminium which works really nice. Also a print behind perspex, which is much like the glossy on aluminium. anyhoo - here's the two I've done so far. elephant in glossy on ali, and triangulum in matt. really impressed with hoe they came out and the clarity of the prints. No prizes for guessing what the family members will be getting for christmas...
  4. A second entry from me - bubble in NB. 115 mins oiii 115 mins sii 75 mins ha Shot with asi1600, C9.25 and f6.3 reducer on an EQ6R-PRO from my garden in Ipswich. I tried editing in various ways, but in the end settled on starnet and affinity photo. I wanted to get that 'gap in the clouds' view, and really pull out the Oiii - which was the hardest to get as this was mostly shot during periods when the moon was around. I love the fact that the bubble itself really does seem like it is 'lensing' the cloud behind it. At the end of the day, it's seeing limited at this sort of focal length, so it is binned a bit.
  5. just finished watching the first series of For All Mankind. you should get on the blower - flog that data to them for series 3 ! wow. stu
  6. so are you using that with the filter drawer ? or screwed into the adapter ? i can't say I noticed any issues when I screwed it into the adapter. maybe just lucky. or blind.
  7. Also not sure why I'm getting diffraction spikes.. With an sct? But I like them here.
  8. Last time I tried to shoot this when I'd just started 9 months ago, all I got was stars. A bit of an improvement
  9. yeh m33 is too close in, but it was all i had. hadn't realised quite how mad m33 looked. Once I'd edited I thought 'that cannot be right' - looked up wikipedia.. and huh.. it pretty much looks exactly like that.
  10. Yeh considering there was still around 1/2 a moon, and the seeing wasn't great looking at my FWHMs - which were in the 4-5s they came out better than I expected. As I had to use only IR filter, I thought I'd get wiped out by light pollution.
  11. coincidentally shot this for the very first time last night !! You've definitely got more detail than I got, which is to be expected vs my 100 minutes ! (I binned mine down to 25% as seeing limited)
  12. Shot last night. asi533, c925+f6.3f 600sec subs. 20 for m101, 10 for m33.
  13. there is a comparison on the site: https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/asiair/asiair-pro-what-changes-and-improvement-have-been-made.html the big ones are usb3.0, power management and video so unless you need those, stick with the 1. assuming it still gets upgrades ? I suppose that's the other thing
  14. I see astrobackyard just posted a video about the plus, and I reckon he's going to be impressed with it. And Cuiv of 'that lazy geek' on youtube was raving about last week, which was nice to see. It kinda feels good when you feel you've been telling folk about how good something is, but it's sort of ignored by the more experienced as somehow 'just for beginners'.. then they try it and are kinda shocked by how good it is. For example Nina was making a big thing of it's plugin support and new AP process. I tried it, and it look AGES. plate solving was abysmal. But if all you know is nina, and you had an even worse AP process before, it can seem great if you don't try something else like Cuiv did. As always - one size does not fit all, etc. But I think the positive press the Plus is recieving from these channels and reviews is going to drive a lot more folk down the asiair route - which is good for us 'mature users'* - bigger base, more features, better support. I'd urge those that have not tried it, or experience it yet, to have a go if you get a chance at a star party, etc. stu *4 months now! a relative geriatric.
  15. Reprocessed. I still did it all in affinity. Tried startools, but preferred what I got out of infinity. Basically trying to pull that oiii out in the front and show the oiii swirls while still keeping the Ha. I reckon it's turned out ok ?
  16. your wish is my command.. though I'm not sure I've done justice to the blend here to be honest - bit of a quick hack in affinity. I stuck in some RGB stars too. But probably need to try this again maybe in startools.
  17. Well.. ok 2 x 1 minute Ha, oiii. And 1x5 second oiii for the core. this morning, I noticed Orion had appeared to the right of the trees that border my garden. I had time to shoot off these single 1 minute subs before the light whited out my guide camera. So - first M42 of the season ? stu
  18. yeh I've thought of getting one of those. At present I've shot with my asi533 and the zwo canon adapter. you can screw the 2" into that - it's a pity tricky, but it does screw into the inside of the adapter. that worked fine for me.
  19. you could always stick one on the front of the lens - that's what I do with I'm using a DSLR (2" l-extreme on the front)
  20. 105mm. the celestron 42 on back of reducer (50), plus the 3 tubes that come with the asi1600 that add up to 55.
  21. very nice. though as with all these DSOs, you do wonder about naming. I can't imagine the namer had ever seen a cat !
  22. 115 mins oiii 115 mins sii 75 mins ha C925 and 6.3f, asi1600.
  23. thanks - yes I would have done same - but it was done remotely from my bed at 3am when I'd finished shooting some DSOs - so I didn't fancy getting up. But next time for sure.
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