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  1. What’s the best way to capture this? Time lapse, video, short exposers, tracked or untracked? Thanks
  2. Redcat asi294 mc pro. I am thinking of trying this uv ir filter trick but obviously don’t want to spend money on something that may not work. I think I will just have to bite the bullet and try it...
  3. There were two reason why I was considering it... Firstly using the l extreme filter I have awful halos around the brighter bigger stars and I have been googling ways to fix in post. One user over on CN says they use a UV IR cut to expose a few minute long subs so they have a luminance picture of essentially just the stars then using pixel math in PI and a few other tweaks merge them together. Secondly for broadband targets as mentioned to provide more contrast, but was unsure if that was worth it being in bortle 4. Thanks
  4. Hi David when you say normal uv ir can you provide any links to some recommendations? thanks
  5. Hi all, Hopefully a real quick one here. Am I going to see any improvements in my image quality if I shoot with a UV IR cut filter such as the Optolong L Pro from a bortle 4/5 or should I not bother? As light pollution is not too bad wondering what others think? This is on a OSC and for broadband targets. Thanks
  6. Hi there, I have the same scope, camera and filter and guess what same issue! Glad you mentioned the filter draw though as my l extreme is in the body of the Redcat. I was abut to push the button on a EFW and EAF to get the filter to sit as close to the sensor as possible. This will obviously be pointless now. As the guys have stated and what I have read its the OIII part of the filter that causes this and its a right nightmare! I believe there are a couple of options. Firstly get the l enhance I don't think that has the same issue as the band isn't as narrow, but I am not sure what a side by
  7. Hi all, This my first sale, so hopefully I don't break any rules here. I am doing a clear out of some astro gear that I have laying around and needs a good home to go to. These are perfect if just starting out in the hobby. I have a Ioptron Skyguider Pro with Ipolar for sale and also a Canon 750D modded camera that was completed by Cheap Astrophotography. I am sure I don't need to explain what this means here, but essentially it will pick up more HA emissions as opposed to non modded. I bought the Ioptron new from FLO 23/04/2020 and I have only used it for one Milky Way core season its es
  8. Agreed Adam was clear and precise looking forward to watching it back and the parts I missed. Thanks Adam and SGL for putting it together!
  9. Clear here heading out for some Milky Way core and NGC7000 running in the garden
  10. Hi Lee Thanks no all feedback is good gives me areas to concentrate on. I wanted to try it all in PI instead instead of cheating I’m and taking it back into PS to fix. I recall a feature in PI that shows the colour balance think it was image statistics and then a way to correct it I will go back and have a look at that. Haha I am bad with that saturation slider this was a toned down version lol I will learn one day! The earlier image was right at the start after background neutralisation noted the history tab though don’t remember seeing that and that will be handy! thanks
  11. Looking at it as jpg and at this scale its a little blue and possibly some horizontal banding?
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