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  1. Ok thanks all I reckon this could be an amateur fail in mounting the tripod on less than ideal ground and it’s slipped after alignment. I have seen this before but the above shift is the worst it’s been. I will update the base and give it another crack
  2. Hi all, So just to confirm we think my polar alignment was off and that has caused the image to shift between frames? If guiding will it correct the above issue? Thanks
  3. Hi all. Please see attached out of DSS. You can clearly see the walk I got here last night. Surely if it was bad polar alignment would I not see start trailing worse than I have here? This was 80s subs, 2.10 hours total. Thanks
  4. Hi all thanks for the responses apologies I was a bit vague. I am not guiding (so not dithering learnt something there) just tripod, redcat, dslr on my ipolar skyguider pro. Not out put through DSS yet will do that tomorrow and upload here so you can see. thanks
  5. Hi all. Still learning this hobby and I have another question for the community please. When taking my images I find more often than not that my images between subs are moving in one direction. For example if I start with M31 in the bottom right of frame after 90 minutes of subs it’s moved a good inch to the left of frame. I assume this is not dithering as I think dithering is random and only shifts a few pixels? So my issue must be balance, but when balancing I’m sure it’s balanced (ever so slightly heavier on one side). If anyone can assist I would be grateful. thanks
  6. Thanks all this is good to know I will dial down the exposure!
  7. Also checking this again it appears this only happens in Light Room?
  8. Hi all, I was pushing the exposure time on my tracker the other day with my modded canon 750d (300s) and when I zoomed in on the milky way the stars had this red stuff at the centre of the brighter stars. Even when I put the picture to black and white they are still there. Is this an error in the mod or am I doing something wrong? The lens is a 14mm Samyang. Thanks
  9. I have all my gear on order from FLO and in the process of converting the shed as well! Yours is looking good
  10. Thanks for feedback I will drop the exposure time to see if I can correct for the trailing. Bahtinov is not possible as I have the annoying petal hood thing on the Samyang. Also will play with WB and temp in LR! Thanks all!
  11. Thanks it cost £75 I think so I assume I only paid for the filter to be removed. I was not fussed about autofocus either. Just on the image then any feedback you can give on whether I have perfect focus that will be appreciated. I think it looks ok, but I know some peoples eye is better than mine. Also is this colour expected upon IR removal. The North American nebula again looks as expected I think. Thanks
  12. Hi all, I recently had my camera Astro modded IR filter removed and I immediately noticed that when attaching my Samyang 14mm the infinity focus was way off. I’m lucky to have two Canons so on the non modded camera the infinity mark works a treat (I am aware some Samyang lenses have poor quality control but mine works fine on non mod). I kind of want to understand if this is expected behaviour after modification? Would the in focus mark be completely different? I used live view in order to make Jupiter as small as possible and captured the attached. I think this was a 4 or 5 minute single exposure. I guess what I want to ask the community is is this in proper focus and also is the purple glow expected cab this be corrected with white balance any advise would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Thank you I will be sure to get that focus a little better. Thats it then guiding and more exposure time is the way forward Heading over to FLO now for some extra gear!!!
  14. I have the sky guider pro and redcat and have had the same issue! Was out the other night got perfect polar aligned then every time I position my camera to something to shoot it takes ages to locate. Once faffing for thirty minutes and moving it so much I dont dare check my alignment as I bet its completely lost! I think the issue with me is the £60 tripod just doesn't cut it! I got it for lightweight but clearly there is a trade off. Lighter is less sturdy. I wonder if you have the same issue. I agree with Victor ramp up the ISO with a few second exposures to find your target and a maybe try a sturdier tripod. Also I have heard mounting a laser pen on the side can help with direction although I have not tried that yet and be sure to turn it off if planes in the area. I just posted abut some feedback on an imaging session and I could not for the life of me get Andromeda in the centre of the frame I gave up in the end and the resulting image clipped off the smaller galaxies! Thanks
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