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  1. It took me quite a while to find a socket that would fit when I was playing around with one of these mounts. I eventually found a very cheap 3/8" socket set that did fit. The sort where the sockets are labelled Taiwan. Unfortunately I found that the shaft hole was a very loose fit and the nut was done up to a shoulder. I took it apart and regreased and looked around in my junk bits and found a slim shim washer which allowed a certain amount of the movement to be taken out. You can with a bit of inventive bodging take quite a bit of the movement out of the mount. Its never going to be much
  2. Xoc1

    SW PDS150 EQ5+AstroEQ

  3. Link is to a 3d party website that just redirects you to Autodesk where Quickcad has been conveniently forgotten. Opening the exaple CAD file in a text editor, the first line reads 412 7.0 Build 54 October 15, 1999 8 So I guess that is a Version 7 file - The last version of Quickcad was V8
  4. I tried hard with this as I use CAD everyday at work but drew a blank. If indeed the files are Quickcad then one suggestion is to look on ebay for a software disc . Though at the moment I can see only one disc for sale and it is a Windows 98 version!
  5. Looks like price Increases have landed on many Skywatcher Items - I was shocked to see some have increased by over 25% IE 150PDS - I paid £229 in October - Now £309 HEQ5 Pro now £999 Rother are still showing price as £789 Ever wish you had not waited to place an order - You might now!
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