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  1. Lol, fingers crossed you get something out of it
  2. I also had a shot at M31 last night but haven't had a chance to look at the data yet. I can tell you that every time I've tried it in the past I've given up as I find it a really difficult target to process and my images just look terrible
  3. Thanks, yeah it's marginal at best. I'm on the outskirts of Sunderland South so I'm generally shooting away from most of the light pollution from the city centre which I suspect helps slightly.
  4. Oops missed the Optolong L eNhance filter Additionally I'm taking the Bortle 8 from Clear Outside although I have a suspicion my sky is slightly better than that
  5. Thank you, I'm still a relative newbie and still find processing a struggle. Info is hard to come by for Siril but for this image I only performed photometric colour calibration and banding reduction in Siril. The rest (curves and levels etc) was done in Photoshop Edit: Nice link Will give it a watch later
  6. Eastern Veil 37 x 7 minute subs with darks, bias and flats from my Bortle 8 garden Sywatcher Evostar ED72 Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro Canon 450D self mod Skywatcher 50mm Guidescope ZWO ASI 120mm guide camera Optolong LeNhance Image capture in APT, guiding with PHD2, dithered, EQMOD Stacked in DSS, processed with Siril and Photoshop Critique welcome
  7. Banding Reduction in Siril works a treat! These were stacked in dss then photometric colour calibration and banding reduction in Siril before moving back to Photoshop for usual processing
  8. Thanks, that sounds promising. So is all the stacking done in Siril? I have Siril but never used it for stacking.
  9. Right, so I got everything working through EQMOD with guiding and dithering in PHD2. The dithering has definitely helped with the noise situation but I'm still getting some banding in my images. I can minimise it somewhat with careful processing but it is still annoying. Here's last night's effort
  10. Thanks, yes they did. Managed to get it all up and running last night eventually and even acquired a little bit of data to have a play with (haven't processed it yet). There was few little teething problems with the mount slewing miles away from the intended area during initial alignment and my camera losing connection with APT a couple of times. Hopefully the routine will become quick and easy with a little practice
  11. OK first problem I've connected to the mount and can control it in EQMOD. Now trying to set up stellarium, however I don't have the telescope controlled by ASCOM option when I'm trying to add it via the plug-ins menu. These are the only options I have: EDIT: Fresh install of stellarium sorted this out
  12. Thanks for all the info everyone. Going to download all the software today and try giving it a shot tonight as it looks like there is a small window of clear sky forecast.
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