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  1. 131 Hours , I don't think I've managed a combined 131 hours on every target I've imaged over the last year. It has definitely paid off though, great image
  2. That's a great result considering the conditions. I'll be moving to an L-extreme when I eventually get my OSC camera later in the year (from dslr and L-enhance) so it's good to see what it can do FWIW I'm convinced that M42 isn't the best of targets for these dual band filters as they seem to kill a lot of the detail, especially the more reflective parts of it.
  3. Thank you. Just choose your targets wisely with an unmodded camera and I'm sure you'll succeed
  4. Thanks Thank you. I did process it a couple of times as I wasn't happy with the first version but the basic process was the same. Stacked in DSS with darks, flats and bias frames. The stack was imported directly into Siril where I carried out photometric colour calibration, banding reduction and then autostetched it. It was then moved into photoshop where I ran gradient exterminator and ran the remove light pollution action from the AP action set. It was then just tweaks to levels, selective colour enhancements and noise reduction. I also performed a second process on the stack but o
  5. Thanks all, I was pleasantly surprised at what I got out of it for the short integration time
  6. Looks great, currently saving (slowly) for the 2600 myself
  7. The weather has been absolutely shocking here in the NE since christmas. So when I had a clear window of about 2 hours last week I took the opportunity to try and grab an hour on M42, in the end I ended up with 18 x 2.5 minutes subs. So here it is: Stock Canon 80D and SW 72ED on HEQ5 Pro No filters were used and the image was taken from my Bortle 8 garden.
  8. lol, yeah I keep checking the stock almost daily. I don't quite have the funds yet so it'll have to wait a bit
  9. Thanks, good to hear from someone who has gone 450D to 2600 I also don't want to have to upgrade again so that was my thinking too along with retaining the APS-C sensor size.
  10. Must admit the price is tempting and a used camera is definitely something to consider (including mono). That's the beauty of OSC, it's not drastically different to what I'm doing now and some of the images I've seen with the ZWO ASI 2600MC Pro and other OSC cameras with the same sensor are definitely comparable to mono images
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