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  1. PI does it easily with the StarAlignment process applied to you master frames. If that doesn’t work then DynamicAlignment will do the trick but with more input from you to help it identify corresponding stars in the two images. Personally I prefer to use AstroPixelProcessor - it makes combining subs from different sessions and/or different setups a breeze. It’s also amazing for mosaics. It’s like DSS on steroids! Adrian
  2. I have previously owned a 5 position ZWO-EFW and now own an 8 position ZWO-EFW and they seem pretty light tight to me. Having said that I have always followed advice given by others on this forum and removed the camera, fitted the end cap/cover and even covered the end in tinfoil and placed it sensor down on a (ceramic) floor - in the dark! - when taking darks. I only shoot darks once (maybe twice) a year so no great hardship but understand your setup may make that option difficult. Adrian
  3. Great image Ciarán and I love the colours you've achieved. I've been wondering about Topaz DeNoise for some time. I know it must be me doing something wrong but I find denoising in PI very variable. I currently use a version of Nik Dfine2 in PS (from when it was free to download) and find the end result much more controllable and much more pleasing on the eye. To my eyes definitely an improvement on last year's version. Thanks for sharing. Adrian
  4. Congratulations on getting 35 hours on one target - that is some serious commitment! The result is almost 3D with a real sense of depth in the spiral arms which I like a lot. For me it is a little too colourful but that is just me preferring the slightly more pastel look. Thanks for sharing. Adrian
  5. Hi Carole, It's not easy to answer your question, however, let's say I set up a camera with a lens and set the focus position on the lens to a little before the 'L' and adjust the spacing so that the image is in focus. If I then move the focus ring on the lens to the mid point of the 'L' I have to move the sensor away from the lens, i.e. increase the spacing, to achieve focus. This would seem to imply you need to decrease the spacing a little, probably by something as little as 0.2 mm or maybe less. Just for your information these are the focus positions for my setup of Baader filters. The numbers represent the focus position of the ZWO-EAF: If I were to set the focus at the Median position the end result for narrowband would be disappointing. The filters might be supposedly parafocal but I'm not sure the lens treats all wavelengths equally! I hope this helps. Adrian
  6. This link appears to work for all three versions (OS, Win, Linux). The Win version works as a module from within PI. Follow the PI instructions for how to install a new module into the Process list. HTH Adrian
  7. Indeed it is an aeroplane - at about 500 feet - never mind the belly nav lights, in daylight you can see the faces at the windows! Moving from CCD to CMOS has been a benefit for me inasmuch that I no longer try to get 300+ second exposure subs. Settling for 180s/120s has reduced my discard rate a lot. At night a certain carrier's planes can be landing at roughly 5/6 minute intervals. I don't just pray for a clear night I also pray for a westerly wind! We are indeed unique - and maybe that's how it should be. Some were getting excited about Betelgeuse going supernova a few months back with little apparent thought for any life form that event might extinguish either in it's own solar system or a close neighbour. I just hope we earn the right to travel to another star system long before we gain the ability and with what I learnt when I did my physics degree it is perhaps no bad thing that we are destined to stay right here. Right - that's enough deep thinking for today - I'm off to paint a wall. Adrian
  8. It is frustrating but the satellites wouldn't be there had they not been approved by the US Federal Communications Commission who clearly know what is best for the whole world! Whilst we're on the topic of frustrating I set up to take a few (20) OIII subs of Sh2-129 last night - this was the first 180s sub I collected. Doh! I'm not aware of any software that can fix that one other than the Trash folder! Fortunately the other 19 only had the odd satellite trail to contend with - and a sizeable LP gradient. If it wasn't a challenge it wouldn't be worth doing CS Adrian
  9. Haha - I did exactly the same with my Z4 - except it was all of £8.50! - worked though.
  10. "Yes" and "Yes" in my experience. Ran Linux Ubuntu perfectly as far as I could tell and certainly well enough to allow me to make an informed decision about whether to have a dedicated Linux machine. Adrian
  11. Hi Gary, Apologies for the lack of response - SGL did not notify me of a response on this thread. I have PM'd you. Adrian
  12. Hi. Unzip the contents of the StarNet++ zip file and copy all the files to the bin subdirectory within the PixInsight subdirectory (C:/Programme Files/PixInsight/bin on my Windows laptop). Open PixInsight and goto the Process menu and select Install Modules... Browse to the bin subdirectory and click on Search and select StarNet from the list. Click on Install In my case the StarNet process appeared in <Etc>. HTH Adrian P.S. I gave up trying to use it on my MacBook - too much hassle using the command line option and the install option is not available.
  13. Both very nice but I'm an early morning person - but not when it comes to getting up
  14. This is an interesting comment and does not seem to be in line with this page which list 12 colour cameras that have been discontinued and four mono cameras and the 1600 is not amongst them - at least not yet! I guess everything gets on this page eventually.
  15. Selling my Atik414ex-osc. Little used in the past three years; in excellent working condition. £525 exc. shipping (to be agreed but would estimate <£15). Payment by Bank Transfer only. Thanks for looking. Adrian
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