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  1. Hi Olly. Very nice tidy setup. Can I ask where you sourced the angled plate onto which the EAF is mounted? Is it 'home-brew' or a stock item? Adrian
  2. Looked outside at 23.20 and was greeted by this! So I jumped in the car and drove 500m to catch the whole thing - fading fast. Adrian
  3. Well if they don't I certainly won't be buying one!
  4. I use a 16" 2019 MacBook Pro and no, I've not had had it calibrated - I see no reason to do so! As for magenta I tend to remove it as a matter of course in NB images and look to see if removing it improves (to my eyes) a BB image, but this is all highly subjective. Adrian
  5. This is such a challenging object to image and you've done a great job bringing out the surrounding dust whilst maintain the Iris as the star of the show; great star colours too. I went through exactly the same trials with my recent attempt, endlessly tinkering and playing with Curves and masks to try to get a result I could live with. As you have asked my personal preference is the second image but I think the black point needs to be pulled back a little. On my screen the first image has a slight magenta cast. I hope you don't mind but I removed the magenta and 'lifted' the first image, and darkened the second a tad This is all so subjective and at the end of the day it is what looks right to you that matters. HT is of interest.
  6. Couldn't resist another hour but this time from the back garden: MVI_1416.MP4 In all my 71 years I've never seen anything like this - amazing. Also one taken with the iPhone: NightCap.MOV Not quite the quality obtained from the Canon. Adrian
  7. Taken over a period of 1 hour just before midnight ... MVI_1294.MP4 .. with a Canon G5 MkII.
  8. Lincolnshire Wolds: MVI_1294.MP4 Canon G5 MkII
  9. I like this one a lot! Very nice. Great star colours and I love the subtle colours in M51 too. Adrian
  10. Stars are tricky things - especially RGB ones 😂 - they are my nemesis, which is why I have a liking for starless NB! I went a bit mad sharpening and de-stretching so they are not very pretty - my ineptitude. Your memory is better than mine I am afraid - a few too many grey cells have gone west since then Adrian
  11. Definitely prefer the M51 colours in the new version. Very different star density between the two images though; I think I prefer the older image stars. I couldn't resist playing at putting the old stars with the new M51: Very rough and ready but gives an idea Hope you don't mind. Adrian
  12. Thanks @wimvb and @PhotoGav . I had found formulae but was not confident in their use. All noted for future reference. 🙏
  13. My knowledge does not go as far as calculating distance from redshift. How do you do the calculation ( accepting the uncertainty)? LEDA 1650398 -- Galaxy Other object types: G (2016RAA,LEDA), Opt (LAMOST,SDSS) ICRS coord. (ep=J2000) : 142.67269037 +21.45612886 (Optical) [ ] C 2020ApJS..249....3A FK4 coord. (ep=B1950 eq=1950) : 09 27 51.56168 +21 40 35.1496 [ ] Gal coord. (ep=J2000) : 208.62660025 +44.19877366 [ ] Radial velocity / Redshift / cz : V(km/s) 20955 [~] / z(spectroscopic) 0.072523 [~] / cz 21741.85 [~]; (Opt) E 2018MNRAS.474.1873W
  14. Great image and very interesting plate solve - so much to look at. I was drawn to PGC1650398 because it looks like two interacting galaxies, so I took a closer look in Simbad which appears to confirm just that: I couldn't seem to find how far away this is though - needs an expert! You could spend hours investigating this lot! Thanks for sharing.
  15. The only time I have seen something similar is when I have been creating large mosaics in APP, and even then it was only on the very large Cepheus mosaics (32 and 40 panes with a RedCat+ASI1600), and only toward the NCP where curvature starts to become more of an issue. They don't detract from the image when viewed in a browser but it would be good to know exactly what has caused them - I would guess a stacking/registration problem but that is a pure guess - I don't really know - and why would you get such a thing on a single pane image?
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