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  1. I've only applied the tape to the rings, not the the lens itself. It is removable and I've found the adhesive remnants can be removed with a 'sticky stuff' suitable cleaner. The tape is also easy to cut if you need something a little narrower. It's also cheap!
  2. Considering the prevailing LP conditions I think that is a remarkable result. Great processing in PS. Sorry but I can't help with the dew heater problem - I rely on 12V being available. Adrian
  3. I've found this stuff is really good for making up gaps in rings. It comes in various thicknesses. I've only used the 2mm thick which compresses nicely to tighten play in rings on my setup.
  4. Haha! I think maybe BlackCat mounts are about to get a boost! Nice arrangement Pierre - thanks for sharing! Adrian
  5. Thank you Jeremy. This whole Cygnus region is so satisfying to image. Sometimes the trouble is knowing where to stop - especially when NGC 7000 and IC 5070 are just off the field of view! Adrian
  6. Thank you Lee. I think I still need to improve my process(es) for reinstating stars but I'm glad you like it. Adrian
  7. 294 followed by 533 - not much in it really. I use a 294 with my Samyang 135mm and am very happy with the results - search on Astrobin to see what imagers are achieving. I also use my 294 with a 6" RC (1370mm) and I am delighted with the results.
  8. Hi Grant. I'm not sure I did the best thing really. I took the image into PixInsight and cropped off the edge effects. I then used a background extraction process to remove gradients - but not totally successfully. I then stretched the image a lttle and cloned it. With the original I removed the stars and then stretched it a lot more to reveal the nebulosity. I also used a colour saturation process to pull out the colour as best I could. The cloned image I stretched using an ArcSinh process to pull out the star colour whilst at the same time suppressing the background as much as poss
  9. Hi Grant. Great start on a tricky target - especially recognising the lack of astro darkness. I've had a go at your image and done the best I can - I'm sure someone with more skill at osc processing could do far better. NAN and the Pelican are clearly visible. I'm struggling to get rid of the light pollution in the bottom right without losing more of the target nebulosity; probably my inept use of PI. I think if you could take some Flats to go with your other calibration frames that might help as well. Adrian
  10. Thank you Steve - and of course helping you plan for future investments Thank you Tristan. One thing about the RedCat is I can be up and imaging in less than 15 minutes so if a clear spell comes along I might give it a go. Even at mid-nautical darkness the northern sky is barely dark here; at least Sadr is pretty high up at the moment so that helps. Adrian
  11. Thank you. It is a very satisfying region to image. One day I might get to add some OIII and SII. Adrian
  12. With short nights and no astro darkness Ha is the only option. This is a five panel mosaic taken over multiple nights (some nights I only added six frames to one panel) taken with the RedCat + ASI1600MM-Pro at -20 degrees. All exposures were 180s, all unguided on a CEM25EC. Pre-processed in APP, processed in PI with ABE, HistogramTransformation, Starnet, more HT, LinearHistogramEqualisation, HDRMultiscaleTransform on the original and ABE and HT only on a clone copy with stars. Original and clone recombined in PixelMath. I have intentionally kept the stars under control to empha
  13. @nephilim I use an L2 with my Samyang 135mm + ASI294MC setup and I’ve used an L3 with my Samyang and ASI1600MM NB setup. Both have been very beneficial imho. I now use the L3 with my RedCat + ASI1600. HTH
  14. Very pleasing - lots of nebulosity, lots of structure and nice shaped stars. The 533 has done wonders even at -10 degrees. Personally I'm not a fan of magenta in images but that is me being me, as they say. As you have PI if you Invert the image and apply SCNR Green then re-invert you can see what removing the magenta looks like but I fully appreciate this is a personal thing and you may be a fan of magenta. Imaging any part of Cygnus is so rewarding - as is Cepheus come to that. Adrian
  15. Hope you don't mind but I ran your original through LinearHistogramEqualization in PixInsight to try to increase the contrast and then I ran it through Topaz DeNoise AI with a minimal amount of denoise (2) and sharpening (3). Adrian
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