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  1. Adreneline

    First APP Mosaic - I'm impressed!

    I think the thing that was most satisfying was I didn't actually plan this mosaic - it just evolved over time. I think I might re-visit some of my earlier multi-session, 'nearly on target' efforts to see if APP can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear! Adrian
  2. Adreneline

    Diagonal streaks - camera problem or something else?

    I had exactly this problem a few months back. This the thread and the helpful replies explaining the cause of the problem: Adrian
  3. Adreneline

    First APP Mosaic - I'm impressed!

    Thank you Sara. I am sure that once I get to grips with APP the results may be even better but I am impressed that I can get a result like this relatively easily compared with PI. I like PI a lot for noise reduction and histogram stretching, and I find very careful use of HDRM useful in some (but not all) images. The PI batch processing script is derided by many but I find it generally works well. I compared the integration results of PI with APP using Image Analysis and it seemed to me (with my limited understanding of the figures) that PI was better but it was very marginal and not something I could detect visually at all. APP seems like another great tool to have in the box of processing software - along with PI and PS! Thanks again. Adrian
  4. Adreneline

    The Great Barred Spiral Galaxy - NGC 1365

    Very nice result Mike. Love the colours. Adrian
  5. Adreneline

    First APP Mosaic - I'm impressed!

    Thank you.I don't see anything wrong with corners missing personally - as my wife says "you've seen one star, you've seen 'em all" and went on to suggest I fill in the corners by doing a bit of cut 'n pasting. APP is very accessible for mosaics compared with PI; I've struggled so much with PI trying to obtain even backgrounds and invisible seams - it puts you off attempting a mosaic in the first place! I've now integrated the 10 hours of OIII and done a little bit of cropping - still got some missing corners though I've done a final bit of colour manipulation in PS.
  6. Adreneline

    Losmandy GM8 and ASCOM/EQMOD - is it possible?

    Thank you Peter. Just to help with my understanding - and explanation to my non-techie friend - I'd had a look at the this and wondered what the fifth bullet point means ( Ethernet 10/100 with full IP function permits operation from anywhere using a browser, ASCOM, or APP over the web or serial port ). Apologies if I'm being a bit dim. Adrian
  7. I've been imaging the Heart & Soul over the past few/several weeks as and when there have been breaks in the eternal clouds. I am not fortunate to have a permanent setup so every session requires getting everything outside, setup, aligned and on target with all the variability that entails. I am also not as diligent as I should be about ensuring I am smack on target each time; I've lost too many hours of clear sky to plate solving so rely on comparing past images with tonights snapshot. This is 34x10mins of Ha on the Heart and 29x10mins of Ha on the Soul - so over 10 hours - (I have an equivalent amount of OIII and slightly less SII as well) - all taken with Samyang 135mm + Atik 428ex on an NEQ6 Pro. Having spent what seems like 10 hours trying to stitch this lot together in PI with only a modicum of success I decided to invest in an APP Renters Licence. Voila! Just 45 minutes following @swag72 concise but excellent tutorial in the August Sky at Night Magazine produced this! I took the APP integrated image into PI and applied MLT noise reduction and a multi-incremental stretch in HT. As an image it certainly won't win any prizes but I am seriously impressed with how easy it was to achieve this end result in APP compared with PI. I am sure it is possible to achieve an equivalent result in PI but I may not live long enough. Adrian
  8. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have experience of using Losmandy GM8 mount with ASCOM/EQMOD? I am asking on behalf of a friend who owns said mount but is having no joy using the hand controller for GoTo, and seems to be 'uncomfortable' with the whole PC thing! - "I don't do the web - can't see any point". I have suggested he might try using a PC based system instead (I use ASCOM/EQMOD and CdC with my own NEQ6) but I have no idea really as to whether this is possible with the GM8. I fear I may be trying to move an immovable object but any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks. Adrian
  9. Adreneline

    SW Evostar 80ED or WO Z61 + CCD\CMOS

    +1 for the SW-ED80DS-Pro - very pleased with mine for RGB and HaRGB using 1.25" filters. I also have the WO-ZS71 and I've had very pleasing results, especially on NB using 2" filters.
  10. Adreneline

    California nebula.

    Hi Stu. Is this from a dslr? Sorry - I am sure I should remember what equipment you use but my brain cells aren't what they used to be. If it is dslr rgb data then I had a very similar experience. It wasn't until I got a load of Ha data to add to the rgb that I started to get something I felt happy with. Adrian
  11. Adreneline

    IC405 + IC410 - NB+OSC

    Not sure I really know what I'm doing here. This is 90mins of osc (15 x 300s) taken with an Atik414osc + Samyang 85mm combined with 60mins of Ha (12 x 300s) and 30mins OIII (6 x 300s) taken with an Atik428ex + Samyang 135mm. All pre-processed in PI, HOO image produced in PixelMath, the osc stretched using ArcSinhStretch to maximise star colour, and then StarAligned to produce two registered images which I have combined in PS using a Layer Mask. Any advice on the best way to combine osc and nb gratefully received; I'm finding it hard to get sufficient star colour without destroying the nb nebulosity. Thank you for looking. Adrian P.S. IC417 is in the FoV of the osc but not the nb image; a target for another night and a possible mosaic!
  12. Adreneline

    M42 1st go with QHY8L

    This is a great start Stu. Hope you don't mind me saying but I can't help but be drawn to those two blue eyes looking at me! If you crop the image to lose the Running Man I think it is a whole lot better. It's 1000% better than my first image of Orion. Onward and upward! Adrian
  13. Adreneline

    Melotte 15 the Heart of the Heart

    Excellent image Dave - really like the colour combination. Adrian
  14. Adreneline

    PixInsight - HT shows Blue spike

    Hi. Don't know if this will help but after DBE (or ABE) I usually perofrm a BackgroundNeutralization and then a ColourCalibration (or use PhotometricColour Calibration); I follow the procedure shown in the LightVortex Tutorial - there is one specifically covering M31. HTH Adrian
  15. Adreneline

    "T shirt" flats

    Hi Richard, The app is called 'Light Pad'. I bought it some time ago to look at negatives and 35mm slides. I like it because the whole screen is 'white' - no borders or other annoying features - and I don't get any banding which I used to get when I used a Huion light pad. I see it is no longer available in the App Store but there is an app named LightBox Extra which seems very similar. HTH Adrian

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