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  1. Just came across this thread, thank-you... I'm a bit fed up endlessly fiddling with my Hyperstar in the freezing cold desperately trying to get "pinpoint star images" as promised. I didn't realise the RASA8 could take an ASI2600, the central obstruction is wider than I thought. I also hadn't twigged that the additional weight of the RASA over the 8 Edge HD was relatively small, so my CEM40 will carry it fine. Apart from the expenditure, I'll probably have to wait months too, but I'm sorely tempted.
  2. Hi - did you sort yourself out with this? I have the Edge 8HD, Hyperstar v4, and ASI294MC Pro too. I have spent ages trying to get the collimation right, including making sure the corrector plate is centred, and endless looking at defocused stars. But despite very carefully getting the "doughnuts" as right as I can, I always have coma in all 4 corners facing in to the centre, implying collimation not right or spacing not right. I'm starting to worry that the spacing is the problem although that seems weird - I assumed that having specified the right camera, I would just stick the camera with
  3. I have a CEM40, purchased fairly recently so still learning. I take in and out in a similar way to Paul, so in theory don't need to reset zero position. But any playing around while switched off does mean you need to do this. The Search Zero Position function does allow the mount to find the zero position itself, so you don't need to do it by eye. I use this and it appears to work fine. Just make sure the mount is totally level first obviously.
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