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  1. It's very possible not getting it quite right yet ...
  2. Thanks Michael .... just ran it through BPP with bias as darks and have to say I can't tell any different to the one with matching darks.
  3. It was dithered too .... set to medium in SGP. Not sure how many pixels that is but will reprocess as you say as an experiment. Thanks
  4. It was modified by Astronomizer - http://www.astronomiser.co.uk/. Fantastic service, he quotes up to a few weeks for the mod but it was sent back modified within days. I don't know enough about DSLR calibration at the moment, perhaps others can chime in? The image above had darks, bias and flats applied. I might re-process without at somepoint and see how that looks. Here is a much less processed version of same image that does not have noise reduction which shows how noisy the image is. Again this is only 8 mins, I'd hope much longer integration will do much better.
  5. I recently had my 6d modified. The weather has not been very co-operative but I managed this test image last week - 8 one min exposures through an Esprit 100 @ 1600 in Bortle 5. I was quite impressed for just 8 mins of exposure and looking forward to trying more integration time. Really bought it for travel but it may get used more than I thought. Biggest issue is calibration, you can't easily calibrate like you can with a set point cooled camera. Please ignore the dust spot.
  6. Every sympathy for your lost images, I've lost many personal images over the years and learned the lessons. These days you can make multiple backups of final images ... upload each final image to Facebook as you go - just share with yourself, or email yourself a copy with a cloud email (or get multiple free emails accounts for backups), instant and free backup for final images spread across your computer, astrobin, facebook (or many other social options), or multiple email accounts ... even get a print. Just ideas for spreading the risk.
  7. I lost all my images too. However it only took an hour to add them back. If I'm going to spend thousands on equipment and hundreds of hours to create these images then I'm going to keep multiple copies and not commit storage to one website. The site is also built and run by one developer, I suspect it only just pays it's way. Unfortunate stuff happens and the site has done so much for the astrophotography community, I think it needs all the support it can get right now.
  8. Getting a bit fed up of this weather. Had scope out all night as looked promising. Managed a full 8 mins of subs all night
  9. Postman brought a nice shiny EQ6R today. Usual brilliant service from FLO - and delivered within 24 hours. Nice surprise to find a USB port on it and can control EQMOD via standard USB cable. Anyone know of any issues with this compared to the standard EQDIR cable?
  10. Passed a point where stacking more is now producing far less detail ... high cloud or fog ... not sure. Switching to M87 away from moon.
  11. Slowly does it ... shame Orion will pass out of view shortly
  12. Still clear here, I'm faffing with a insanely silly deep dive into Orion dust .... not a good idea with moon so bright but giving it a go despite.
  13. Hi Adrian - can I ask what ipad app you use? Sounds very handy. Thanks
  14. Stunning image Adam and really beautifully processed.
  15. Cloudy and windy here, however bbc long range forecast seems to suggest next week may be better with a return of more of settled cold weather. One can only hope, weather has been useless for astro so far this year.
  16. Will things improve as the solar cycle progresses?
  17. Been intermittently clear for brief period but showers keep rolling in and wind is strong. Might set up if properly clears for prolonged period later but otherwise not risking the sudden showers. Wonder when we’ll finally get some decent weather?
  18. My mount is always outside, covered with 2 big rubble sacks to waterproof and then a cheap scope cover. I keep a couple of dew heater strips wrapped around the mount all the time to provide some heat to prevent moisture buildup.
  19. Giving up, clear, fog, clear, fog, fog, clear, fog, fog, fog. Really still so great guiding when clear but so far less then an hour of usable data since 8pm so calling quits.
  20. After a bad start with everything possible going wrong now finally imaging Monkey Head. Just been to other side of town and it's in thick fog so not sure how long it will last!
  21. Wow ... amazing image, that must have taken a bit of doing!
  22. Never mid the clouds .... thwarted already. Ordered a the RASA 8 Starizona filter draw from 365 Astronomy and they have sent the wrong item! It doesn't have M42 threads at both ends, one end has much larger M48 thread. So can't do anything at all with the new scope as can't attach a camera! They are sending a replacement immediately though so all not lost and good service from them so far other than the mixup. Have had it for days too and didnt think to check.
  23. That's ok, it's too much to expect so not getting hopes up.
  24. What's going on? RASA 8 ordered from FLO arrived within 24 hours and possible clear sky tonight??
  25. Was all set up and running ... managed 3 subs of IC443 before the usual blanket of clouds rolled in covering what has been a cloudless sky all day.
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