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  1. Thanks, I used a ZWO ASI294MC Pro with an Optolong L-eXtreme filter. It could do with way more data if I'm honest but getting any imaging in with the way the weather is at the minute is a bonus.
  2. Thanks, that's exactly what I did. I may try shooting the flats again and see what result I get
  3. Managed to grab 3.5 hours on the pacman nebula on Wednesday with the 130. Flats haven't corrected properly so this is something I'm going to have to look into. I shot the lights using a home made dew shield which I removed to take the flats. Would this make a difference? I'm assuming not?
  4. Nicely done on a pretty dim target. I don't think I've had 28 hours of clear skies in the North east in the past 6 months
  5. Wow, you really have these dusty images nailed.... great work
  6. Thanks, hopefully get to add some more data to it at some point
  7. Perpetual cloud for what seems like months is starting to get me down, but a surprise gap in the cloud on sunday (despite clear outside predicting 100% cloud cover) allowed me to grab a couple of hours of imaging time so I decided to shoot something big and bright. Managed to grab 43 x 3 minute subs using my Redcat and 294MC Pro. Reasonably happy for just over 2 hours from my bortle 8 garden. Normal service of 100% cloud cover has since resumed!
  8. Stuf1978


    The power of F2, nicely done
  9. I've got that exact same combo and yes, camera the 21 and 16.5mm spacers and then the FF. You'll need an M42/48 adaptor for the spacers to the field flattener but you'll get one with the camera
  10. I have a 294MC Pro and for what it's worth I took my darks off the scope with the camera cap on plus a layer of foil. I just matched the temp, gain and offset of my lights and I've never had an issue calibrating out the amp glow
  11. Brilliant thanks, looks like it's easily sorted
  12. This is what I'd also like to eliminate if possible. So I'd be interested to see what others have to say about this.
  13. The cloud cover in the north east just isn't letting up at the minute but I did manage to grab an hour to test out some changes to the spacing and focuser mod. After my initial efforts in my last post I'm much happier with the star shapes after adding another 1mm spacer and adding the third thumb screw to the focuser. There is some very slight elongation in one of the corners which moves to the opposite corner on rotating the camera 180 degrees but it's minimal. Here's a single 15 second exposure of Deneb which shows much better star shapes than my first efforts with the 130PDS. Just need the weather to play ball and then I might actually be able to use this scope for a proper session Stu
  14. Quick question. Can you use an old image (from a previous session) to plate solve with ASIair in order to get the same fov?
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