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DSO without tracking will be limited, typically these will need minutes rather than seconds to get good images.

However if you use high ISO and stack lots of very short images you will get something for the very brightest targets like the Orion Nebula. (Look up DeepSkyStacker the free software to do this)

Bright planets will be rather more successful with untracked mount, but dont expect to get extensive detail.


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23 minutes ago, Pincs said:

Hi I've got an 8" dobsonian and I just got a dslr to connect to it. Obviously there's no tracking so what kind of things can I capture. Will I be able to do dso and planets?

It is hard but not impossible. I have an 8" Dob and I have managed M42 with a similar setup to yours. You will be limited to 0.625s before star trailing so you will need 1000s of images just to capture a few minutes of data.


See my recent post on M42 here:

I was planning to try some of the brighter clusters as well but we had crap weather recently. You will get some images to keep you happy but do not expect the same quality the AP get here.

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