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  1. For Sale Howie Glatter's Laser Collimators bundle 2 - inch all the below are individually price but I'm willing to let go as a bundle for £350 Howie Glatter Single-Beam 2-inch Laser £220 Howie Glatter tuBlug 2 - inch £180 Howie Glatter Laser Attachments Square Grid Holographic £50 these are the best Laser Collimators around buyer to cover paypal fees and postage
  2. my obsy is called Motorshed as im also into rock music ha ha
  3. I used a modified old brake disc it was perfect for the job
  4. finally got round to installing the floor, Obsy is all finished
  5. only at 7 x 20min Ha subs for each panel so far, this is going to be a long project but I'm extremely happy with the framing This is just a quick stretch and stitch
  6. so installed power and alarm today, just the floor left to finish and a few little tweaks and it will be done
  7. 360 view from obsy and 2 with the roof to let it dry out after yesterdays rain
  8. with special help from my 10 year old son we weathered the rain and got the obsy up, well happy just need to dry out and sort inside out
  9. progress was halted by freak storms but concrete base got finished today, looking good
  10. well, i have purchased the obsy of Ryan and will continue the story, after the initial problem of "my mate with as van" turning up to collect the shed with a half full van! i decided to hire a van to transport the obsy into storage, so far i have angle grinned the door open due to the lock being broken this is now replaced, i plan to treat the wood and clad and felt the roof before it comes to rest in its new home, ive uploaded 2 photos of where the obsy will live and the pier work on the concrete base starts tomorrow cheers Gaz
  11. great image as always mate
  12. The IR filter and anti-dust/hot mirror ar a single item so i had to get both taken out, means my sensor needs cleaning almost all the time but i have learned ways around it i asked a camera technician to do it for me, it cost £20 so i went with that rather than fiddling with it
  13. M45, Pleiades by Gareth Harding, on Flickr M45, Pleiades - [High Res - https://flic.kr/p/pwzw4D] I plan on doing another panel on the top of this image to give better composition, but this is where im at so far Scope: Orion Optics VX6 with 1/10 PV upgraded optics Guide Scope: Skywatcher ST80 Guide Cam: QHY 5 Mono Mount: Skywatcher HQE5 Camera: Nikon D5100 Modded Additional: Astronomik CLS CCD Filter, Baader Mark-III MPCC Coma Corrector Exposure: 47x300s Subs ISO:1600, Darks, Bias & Flats Technical: 750mm f/5 Software: DSS, Pixinsight, BackyardNikon, PHD2
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