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  1. Thanks for the replys everyone, they should help lots. On deep sky stacker my images often come out overexposed black and white with lots of noise, does anyone know why?
  2. Hi I've got an 8" dobsonian and I just got a dslr to connect to it. Obviously there's no tracking so what kind of things can I capture. Will I be able to do dso and planets? Thanks
  3. Hi, I just got a canon eos 600d to take pictures with my skywatcher 200p scope. I am using prime focus with it which seems to work fine despite the problems people face with getting it to focus. I plan to get some great shots of the moon, planets and orion nebula but I was wondering if theres a way I can get shots of dimmer objects in the sky. At the moment i am finding this hard as I am limited to a 1.5 second shutter speed in order to prevent star trails, I am putting the ISO up high to get the most light but I was wondering if there were better ways to go about getting the best pictures wit
  4. Thanks for the replies ill look in to other eyepieces and magnification, I have got a slightly better quality 15mm celestron eyepiece, do you think that with barlow would be better than the 10mm?
  5. Hi, I got a skywatcher classic 200p just before xmas and I havnt done much planet viewing due to not having more than a 10mm eyepiece for magnification. I recently got a 2x barlow lens and tried viewing last night with a barlow and 10mm lens and it came out very blurry and I couldn't see any detail and it still seemed quite small. I was viewing on a close night when there was a break in the clouds so may have not been the best conditions. Any tips for how much magnification I need and how to see it better. Thanks.
  6. I've got sky safari its very good for a free app. I've never used a red dot finder so I can't really answer that one I'm afraid.
  7. However at the moment i don't think you'll be seeing much, I'm in the south east and the clouds just won't go away.
  8. I am also a beginner but I got mine just before xmas so I've had the chance to get a few bits. I'd definitely recommend both a barlow lens and a moon filter. The barlow lense doubles the power of eyepieces so its good for viewing planets and the moon filter can make the moon so much easier to observe without it hurting your eyes. Both items are relatively inexpensive.
  9. Thanks very much for your reply and the recommendations on eyepieces, its very useful as I'm new to astonomy. I've uploaded a couple of images.
  10. Hi, I got a skywatcher skyliner 200p dobisonian a few days ago, my first observing session was out in the cold and the telescope dewed up when I bought it back in. I then noticed that the glass on the base of the telescope(not the primary mirror inside) was smudged and had a little ring shaped scratch on it. I tried cleaning with a lense cloth but it is still slightly dcratched and smudged. Does anyone know if this makes a difference to the inside primary mirror?
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