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  1. Hi everyone *FOUND* So, having now sold 'most' of my AP gear and now just visual I'm looking for one of the above...I know it's probs a long shot, but if anyone out there has either of these they would like to sell on please give me a PM Thanks, Mark
  2. Beautiful...looks like it was taken from the Lunar module Mark
  3. Magnus, that was a fantastic report, I had all your sightings in my head while reading it Mark
  4. Nice set up ........But I must admit, I'm more interested in the Pizza
  5. Excellent, I love these wide images, well done Mark
  6. Totally agree...an image can look different to many people, Too much red too much blue, bloated stars/non bloated stars, too busy/no busyness at all I enjoy every image posted on here, thats what Astronomy is all about, regardless of the quality
  7. Hi, sorry just seen this now...I ordered it through Bresser UK and they sorted it out via their German side
  8. lovely shot...reminds me of Cawfields Quarry on Hadrians wall, Northumberland Mark
  9. There's a Flatfield 12mm on ABS, https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=177716
  10. Yay...After a couple of weeks wait I've got my replacement worm screw for my GP mount...now just have to get the bent one out
  11. I had to the same thing with our dog when she had a infected ear
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