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  1. This might be handy- http://meteorite.unm.edu/meteorites/meteorite-museum/how-id-meteorite/ Mark
  2. 15th and last for the day Bensour LL6 chondrite, found in Morocco, very small part stone with fusion crust in small round display case, weight 0.95g, £7
  3. 14th Another Chelyabinsk LL5 stone Chondrite, part stone showing 2/3rds fusion crust, weighing 1.18g Price £6
  4. 13th The Mostly recognized Chelyabinsk LL5 stone Chondrite, fell in Russia 2013, this is a small complete stone with lovely fusion crust, weighing 6.3g (a nice sized specimen) Price £14 *PENDING* TO Adam
  5. 12th Jiddat Al Harasis 055 L4-6 Stoney Chondrite thin slice, in small display case, (see https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=12119 Price £8
  6. 11th NWA 11607 Carbonaceous Chondrite CK3-6, small piece taken from a larger specimen in small round display case, (see https://msg-meteorites.co.uk/tradesale/meteorites-for-sale/nwa-11607-ck-3-6/ price £10
  7. 10th..... Sariciek (Bingol) Achondrite- Howarite(Vesta) small slice with fusion crust in a small round display case, (see https://msg-meteorites.co.uk/tradesale/meteorites-for-sale/Saricicek-bingol/ This one is £17
  8. 9th NWA 11265, Carbonaceous Chondrite CV3, very thin slice showing lovely chondrules,in display box (see https://msg-meteorites.co.uk/tradesale/meteorites-for-sale/nwa-11265-cv3/ weight 3.3g This one is £25
  9. 8th NWA 10644 Lunar Breccia small thin slice in display box (see https://msg-meteorites.co.uk/tradesale/meteorites-for-sale/lunar-and-martian-specimens/nwa-10644-lunar-feldspathic-breccia/ This was cut from a larger specimen which are quite expensive, This one £30
  10. 7th......Next lot......some hard to get hold of thin slices Martian Meteorite NWA 11220 basaltic breccia (Black Beauty) thin section in display box (see https://msg-meteorites.co.uk/tradesale/meteorites-for-sale/lunar-and-martian-specimens/nwa-11220-martian-basaltic-breccia-black-beauty/ This specimen is the number (46) on MSG's website This one is £55
  11. 6th NWA L5 (2001) Breccia chondrite, sliced and polished end cut, showing nice chondrules and flecks, weight 44g £15
  12. 5th NWA L5 (2011)Brecciate chondrite sliced and polished, showing nice flecks and chondrules, weighing 38.4g £15
  13. 4th NWA L5 (2011) Brecciate chondrite,sliced and polished both sides showing nice chondrules, weighing 42.3g £15
  14. 3rd NWA L4-6 Stone chondrite showing weathered crust and some nice chondrules, weight 91g £18
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