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  1. Interesting...I've just purchased the Evo & Flattener, so food for thought there Well done BTW
  2. Hi everyone, *NOW FOUND* (thanks Jeff) I'm on the lookout for the above Narrowband filter....Sold my Baader set not long ago and wished I kept the Ha filter Anyway, If anyone has one for sale please give me a pm, Thanks, Mark (ps, sorry forgot to add, any make will do)
  3. If you don't mind, could you pop a message on here for the time frame Mark
  4. A nice little Evoguide 50 & Flattener from the Widescreen Centre....Ordered yesterday and just came now
  5. Not on the same scale as yours, but I have been waiting for a Falcon eyes camera bracket from Camera House since the beginning of January....was told they are shipped direct from the suppliers in the Netherlands (doe's not say this on their site)! anyway, still waiting for the thing to be delivered and apparently it's been "sitting in Birmingham" since the 4th of Feb
  6. That's a very good set of images...thanks for sharing Mark
  7. Thanks for your reply, Yeah, was reading the reviews on CN and they mentioned the screws and changed them to plastic ones, Was just a bit unsure on the reducer side of things, Thanks again. Mark
  8. Just a quick question Guys, Does this lens come with a reducer? Thanks, Mark
  9. Sorry for late reply (talking to guy who's just bought it) Yeah, thats the adapter on top of Flattener....the OTA weight is 1.45kg...not sure about FF weight? Mark
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