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Found 83 results

  1. A full set of Celestron Luminos Eyepieces complete with end caps. These 82 degree eyepieces are 2” and 1.25” depending on focal length. We have since bought some 100 degree eyepieces so these are not getting used any more. Be aware that the 31mm is a BIG eyepiece at just under 3lbs in weight – it was great in the big Dob. I have the original boxes for all eyepieces except the 7mm and 10mm. All prices include delivery. If anyone wants to buy all 6 along with the Maplin ‘Peli-style’ case shown in the photo please message me. Prices as follows: ALL SOLD NOW 31mm - £135 23mm - £115 19mm - £95 **SOLD 15mm - £65 ** 10mm - £65 **SOLD 7mm - £65 ** I’m happy to send other pictures of individual eyepieces if folks want. These are also up for sale on UK ABS
  2. Hi All, Thanks for seeing me! Just joined the lounge and looking for some advice. I am a few-weeks-old newbie, recently bought a Skywatcher Heritage 130P f/5 Dob (bought for my 8 year old but having too much fun with it myself!) and looking to upgrade the eyepieces that came with it (the generic Super 10mm and Super 25mm). I also bought a Celestron 2x Barlow and Celestron Omni 4mm Plossl within a few days of buying the scope. I live in Sydney, Australia, in an area with quite bad light pollution and little visible sky (about 45 deg in the East/South East) - trees and houses block most of the sky from my balcony. However, I've been fortunate enough to have Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, and the moon visible from my balcony late at night/early morning for the last few weeks and have made the most of it! So much so, that I'm wanting to improve things as best I can with eyepieces, while also planning for the future when I have a bigger scope and better view (and even just taking my 130P out into the middle of nowhere on occasion). I wear glasses and have astigmatism but tend to take my glasses off whenever I look through an eyepiece. Short eye relief doesn't seem to bother me, yet. Using the 10mm with my Barlow, or just the 4mm (or even just the 10mm) I can see the bands and GRS on Jupiter, I can almost make out the Cassini division on Saturn and the moon is obviously full of detail (Mars has no surface features visible - desperately waiting for the opposition in July!). I've probably been blessed with good seeing over a few nights of the last few weeks. Anyway, I have about $500 AUD (Australian Dollars) that I could potentially spend on upgrading my eyepieces and wanted some advice (I know I could put this money towards a better scope, but I just want to get the most from my 130P right now, while keeping an eye on the future). From the limited research I've been able to do, I had come to the conclusion I should buy a high-end eyepiece for planetary viewing (maybe a 7mm Televue DeLite), a blue 80A filter and maybe even replace my current Celestron 2x Barlow with a TV 2x Barlow or maybe even one of their Powermates (or their 3x Barlow). I can't seem to find many second-hand resources here in Oz, so am looking to buy new, unless something better is presented to me. Given all the info above (happy to provide further details if required), what would you recommend?
  3. Hi stargazers! I don't have a DSLR, but I have expensive mirrorless camera so I need wide lens on top of the eyepiece. I need at least 65 degree fov. I did research but I still didn't find anything good. Luminous Thank you in advance!
  4. Afternoon all , Ebay asked my to write a review on the above lens ( they do that from time to time whatever you buy ) This is my first Orthoscopic lens , hence the short review . But I did try it very early this morning on Jupiter and compared it against my 5mm ED BST ( also a great little lens )
  5. Hello! I recently bought a Vivitar 76700 on a whim because it was on a sale. I've been able to get it to work alright, but was having trouble viewing the moon because of its brightness, so I ordered a moon filter. In doing research I found that 1.25" is the most common and it seemed that's what would fit mine. It arrived today and in trying to test it, the moon filter is too big to be compatible with any of the eyepieces/tubes. I have googled endlessly and 1. cannot seem to find any smaller moon filters or 2. find any explanation for why it doesn't fit the eyepieces that came with the scope, or really any extra information on the telescope. I know that most of the reviews say this model is not great, but I'm not using it for anything serious. Like I said, bought it really cheap on a whim. I'd like to be able to use this moon filter and not have to return it or get a new one. I read a review that said this telescope model is compatible with 1.25" eyepieces but I don't see how that could be the case because the 1.25" moon filter seems too big for any part of the viewing apparatus. Does anyone know anything more about this particular telescope? Or if there is some kind of adaptor I could use to make this work for me? Thank you!
  6. Ive seen something on Ebay called a new 4mm/10mm/23mm Aspheric eyepiece. It says its one eyepiece so Im confused by how this is ? Manufacturer is SVBONY. The telescope I have is 150 x 75, so can anyone explain if this would be a good buy or not ? Thanks in advance for any guidance .....Never heard of these before.
  7. Revelation 2 inch eyepiece - 30mm Revelation 2 inch eyepiece - 42mm Both eyepieces come with original boxes and end caps Both are in excellent condition £42 each or both for £75 Lancashire area Includes free UK postage (signed for) Cash payment or Paypal (fees paid).
  8. It's been a week since Christmas. How about some reports on new eyepieces received as gifts (or bought for yourself)? To get things started, I received a 17mm ES-92 and have had a couple of chances to use it in both a coma corrected dob and a flat field short tube refractor. It's easy to use with eyeglasses, has a very wide field of view that can be seen all at once without straining, is as sharp at the edge as a Delos (which is to say as sharp as at the center), has no discernable field curvature, and seems to have nearly constant angular magnification across the field. The weight and size do have to be managed, but it is well worth the effort. I haven't tried it without coma correction or flat field correction or with a barlow yet, so no reports on those aspects yet. I measured the AFOV to be 92 or 93 degrees as claimed using reverse projection with a flashlight shining into the field lens. Usable eye relief was measured to be 17mm using the same technique, so just a millimeter less than my measured 18mm for the 10mm Delos. Overall, I'm so stoked, I hope to get the 12mm and other focal lengths as they become available.
  9. I am not using this TMB Planetary II 2.5 mm 58 deg field eyepiece, so have decided to sell it. Condition: used. Price: £27 including 2nd class postage. SOLD For details please refer to the photographs.
  10. Due to an upgrade it's time to put my Hyperion 8mm eyepiece up for sale. It's in great condition and comes with both end caps, leather pouch and original box. The box is slightly damaged as you can see in the photo, but the eyepiece was kept in a case. Comes with both 14 and 28mm tuning rings, meaning you can also use this eyepiece as 6, 5 or 4.3mm eyepiece. I'm asking £60. Ideally cash and collection from Derby/ Notts area, happy to meet up locally, but could post for an extra £5 and paypal friends and family. Thanks for looking. Please note this item is listed elsewhere.
  11. Hi all, I have celestron astromaster 130eq scope ..it is very difficult to view through 20mm eyepiece..is there any other for broader view for both terestrial and astronomical viewing?with good eyerelief as I wear glasses..32mm is good ..please reply
  12. Celestron Luminos 82° 15mm Baader Hyperion 21mm. Celestron Luminos 82° 15mm eyepiece in mint condition -boxed - £50 -SOLD Baader Hyperion 1.25" 21mm eyepiece, never used, (I now have a nagler 22, while waiting for a clear sky) mint and boxed -£50 -SOLD Collection, or add £5 for postage per item. (also on ABS)
  13. Hi,I'm looking for experts advice about eyepieces. For constellations and general obseration looking for 40mm eyepiece ,just not decided which one is better for 250mm Newton and 180mm Cassegrain. Have aimed on Meade 40mm SW and TeleVue Panoptic 41mm. Finally or at the beginning must ask for advice if those 40-41mm 68 ° eyepieces gives more wide view than 30mm ES 82°? Appreciate experts advice.
  14. I am the happy owner of an ES 82 degree 18 mm eyepiece that I use together with a Baader MPCC coma corrector on my SW 200 mm f/5 Newtonian. Until now I have been using the CC directly attached to the filter thread of the eyepiece, which I know is not correct. I now wish to buy the corresponding spacers so to be able to use the optical system correctly, but this is seemingly more difficult than I first supposed. According to the CC specifications, the distance between the flat surface and the focal plane (camera or eyepiece) should be 55 mm. I have verified this when using the CC photographically and that worked fine. If one removes the T-2 adapter and uses the M48 thread instead, as I do for use with the eyepiece, this distance becomes 57.5 mm. Thanks to this table in a post in Cloudy Nights I was able to figure out that I need a spacing of 32.5 mm between the coma corrector and the eyepiece. The post includes some references to spacers, but aside from the Baader ones (28 and 14 mm, see here) I am having trouble to find suitable spacers in European retailers that would add up to 32.5 mm. This is why I would like to ask you for help. Has anyone solved this problem before? If so, how? Where can I buy spacers suitable for adding 4.5 mm optical path to a system with 2", M48 threads? Thanks in advance and clear skies!
  15. Just purchased a Skywatcher ED80 refractor and apart from the supplied 2" 28mm LES eyepiece I have the Ultrawide 6mm Skywatcher 1.25" and the Skywatcher Super Plossl 40mm. I am looking at purchasing a 2x or 2.5x Barlow and was after any recommendations? Also have I read somewhere that I have to have a certain 'type' for the supplied 2" star diagonal? Would I better be off purchasing one that can fit both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces or for optical quality sticking with just a 1.25" (does it affect optical quality even?) Celestron Luminos for example My other question is can this scope take (visually acceptable) a 2.5mm eyepiece and take it to the max possible magnification if I required max even. Last question is Sky-Watcher SWA 70° Eyepieces on offer at FLO at the moment, anybody have any thoughts or feed back as I was thinking about an Hyperion to add to the eyepiece collection. (thinking about 13mm-17mm) Sorry, a load of questions but I live in West Wales and have no local suppliers within 100 miles, I'm happen to be going past FLO at the end of the week and I've a credit card .....gulp!
  16. Hi everyone, I just bought my first telescope, a Celestron NexStar C8, and have been having a wonderful time learning to use it. I bought it used, and it came with enough accessories to get me going. However, I have recently been searching for nebula filters, and have learned a lot about both filters and eyepieces from reading through the forums. My question is this: My scope came with a set of eyepieces (the Celestron eyepiece case, 1.5") and a couple others that are 1.5" as well. As I began researching eyepieces, I see that it is common to have 2" sizes as well. Would my scope accommodate a 2" eyepiece? If so, are there any benefits to me using a larger eyepiece? The 1.5" filters and eyepieces are a little less pricey, but if I can increase my scope's performance through using 2" eyepieces I will strongly consider doing so. Thanks for any and all info!
  17. Offered for sale is a Meade 5000 series 60 degree 9mm plossl eyepiece in excellent optical and cosmetic condition with original caps and box (sorry about the poor picture, but you get the idea). This line doesn't get the best reviews, but for a number of years this was my best high power eyepiece and is very good on axis. Personally I think that Meade were pushing it a bit at 60 degrees. If you treat this eyepiece as a normal plossl (with tight eye relief and a twist up eye guard that I have used) it's well built and optically better than the average. I've seen some nice Jovian detail with it, but once a 9mm Vixen SLV and recently Baader Morpheus made their appearance this eyepiece isn't getting much use and it's time to move it on. The price is £30 including postage and packaging within the UK. Payment by PayPal or cash on collection please. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. James
  18. Hi. I am new to astrophotography and want to start using an eyepiece camera with my Celestron eq130. Can anyone recommend a decent camera for a small budget, say £50. Also, do these type of cameras just fit into the telescope, or do they fit into a Barlow lens ??
  19. I've upgraded to a set of BST starguider eyepieces so I have the following HR Eyepieces for sale. All in excellent condition, £20 each plus postage 25mm, 9mm, 5mm
  20. I Just bought a celestron astromaster 130EQ and I am still getting used to star hopping plus the red dot star pointer is a bit annoying. Will it be beneficial to invest in a 40mm eyepiece to make star hopping easier ? Will the larger field of view provided by the 40mm eyepiece be worthwhile ?
  21. Hi all, I'm looking at buying a Skyliner 200p scope second-hand, but it doesn't included a mount or eyepieces. Is it possible to: - Pair this scope with reasonably a priced mount (<£100) or even a tripod used for birdwatching (do you need a specific mount for this scope?) - Get an OK set of eyepieces (<£50) used for seeing planets and some beginner DSO. - Advise me on a telescope mount and eyepieces compatible with the Skyliner 200p for the prices stated above. The reason i'm asking is because my funds are limited ATM, so i'd like to buy a decent telescope with the intention of upgrading its accessories as funds permit and my astronomical knowledge advances. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Hi all I am putting together an oil-bath auto-collimator rig to check over my reflectors. It occurred to me to use an off-axis guider body and its pick-off prism to feed the light source in - no heath robinson pipe assembling. Then I can just use a positive eyepiece where the camera should go to examine the ronchi lines to estimate the optics quality. This raises the question - I would need to put the ronchi screen on the telescope side of the prism - say in a filter mount . Is this too far from the source ? Is the source to ronchi screen distance important ? Cheers Mike
  23. Hey, whenever I clean my eyepieces or filters, theres always a mark left from the cleaning tissue. What am I doing wrong or is this normal? Also, Im using optical grade tissue paper. Is it better to use a microfiber cloth? Thanks for the advice.
  24. I have been reading that my 25mm 8SE Celestron eyepeice may not be very good in a Skywatcher 150P, and the supplied 10mm and 25mm are going to be average at best. I've also been reading that 4mm or 5mm is usable in the 150P, BST or TMB Planetary are names that seem to crop up a lot, but then someone mentioned Celestron X-Cel LX. I have not upgraded my standard 8SE 25mm yet so could certainly consider doing that, but would mostly like to get a nice high magnification eyepiece to go with the 150P which should be arriving at my door any minute now. Would the 5mm X-Cel LX be a good choice? What would be a good matching barlow to use with the 150P (and 8SE, if possible)? The only barlow I own is the one that came with the ST80, so, yeah.. Thank you.
  25. J_M_Franklin

    Adapter Required

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right place for this, but cannot decide which is the better one.. Here is my problem; I have an old Telephoto lens that is an 86mm achromatic and has a variable focal length of 600 to 1300mm. I have had this years and don't really use it anymore, it's no good for astrophotography as it stands but after some experimenting with various eyepieces jerry rigged in the end of the lens I have found it makes a very good and effective refractor telescope...and as I want a larger finder/secondary scope on my LX90 this would seem to be a good use for old equipment. The lens has a 42mmx0.75mm male thread on the end for the attachment of camera adapters. I have had a look for a female threaded adapter that would allow the use of either a single or interchangeable eyepieces on the lens. Does anyone know of any such adapter, or perhaps a couple of adapters that would allow the end game I want... Thanks everyone. Jim

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