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  1. Afternoon all , Ebay asked my to write a review on the above lens ( they do that from time to time whatever you buy ) This is my first Orthoscopic lens , hence the short review . But I did try it very early this morning on Jupiter and compared it against my 5mm ED BST ( also a great little lens )
  2. Hello! I recently bought a Vivitar 76700 on a whim because it was on a sale. I've been able to get it to work alright, but was having trouble viewing the moon because of its brightness, so I ordered a moon filter. In doing research I found that 1.25" is the most common and it seemed that's what would fit mine. It arrived today and in trying to test it, the moon filter is too big to be compatible with any of the eyepieces/tubes. I have googled endlessly and 1. cannot seem to find any smaller moon filters or 2. find any explanation for why it doesn't fit the eyepieces that came with the scope, or really any extra information on the telescope. I know that most of the reviews say this model is not great, but I'm not using it for anything serious. Like I said, bought it really cheap on a whim. I'd like to be able to use this moon filter and not have to return it or get a new one. I read a review that said this telescope model is compatible with 1.25" eyepieces but I don't see how that could be the case because the 1.25" moon filter seems too big for any part of the viewing apparatus. Does anyone know anything more about this particular telescope? Or if there is some kind of adaptor I could use to make this work for me? Thank you!
  3. Ive seen something on Ebay called a new 4mm/10mm/23mm Aspheric eyepiece. It says its one eyepiece so Im confused by how this is ? Manufacturer is SVBONY. The telescope I have is 150 x 75, so can anyone explain if this would be a good buy or not ? Thanks in advance for any guidance .....Never heard of these before.
  4. Revelation 2 inch eyepiece - 30mm Revelation 2 inch eyepiece - 42mm Both eyepieces come with original boxes and end caps Both are in excellent condition £42 each or both for £75 Lancashire area Includes free UK postage (signed for) Cash payment or Paypal (fees paid).
  5. I am not using this TMB Planetary II 2.5 mm 58 deg field eyepiece, so have decided to sell it. Condition: used. Price: £27 including 2nd class postage. SOLD For details please refer to the photographs.
  6. Due to an upgrade it's time to put my Hyperion 8mm eyepiece up for sale. It's in great condition and comes with both end caps, leather pouch and original box. The box is slightly damaged as you can see in the photo, but the eyepiece was kept in a case. Comes with both 14 and 28mm tuning rings, meaning you can also use this eyepiece as 6, 5 or 4.3mm eyepiece. I'm asking £60. Ideally cash and collection from Derby/ Notts area, happy to meet up locally, but could post for an extra £5 and paypal friends and family. Thanks for looking. Please note this item is listed elsewhere.
  7. Hi all, I have celestron astromaster 130eq scope ..it is very difficult to view through 20mm eyepiece..is there any other for broader view for both terestrial and astronomical viewing?with good eyerelief as I wear glasses..32mm is good ..please reply
  8. Celestron Luminos 82° 15mm Baader Hyperion 21mm. Celestron Luminos 82° 15mm eyepiece in mint condition -boxed - £50 -SOLD Baader Hyperion 1.25" 21mm eyepiece, never used, (I now have a nagler 22, while waiting for a clear sky) mint and boxed -£50 -SOLD Collection, or add £5 for postage per item. (also on ABS)
  9. Hi,I'm looking for experts advice about eyepieces. For constellations and general obseration looking for 40mm eyepiece ,just not decided which one is better for 250mm Newton and 180mm Cassegrain. Have aimed on Meade 40mm SW and TeleVue Panoptic 41mm. Finally or at the beginning must ask for advice if those 40-41mm 68 ° eyepieces gives more wide view than 30mm ES 82°? Appreciate experts advice.
  10. Just purchased a Skywatcher ED80 refractor and apart from the supplied 2" 28mm LES eyepiece I have the Ultrawide 6mm Skywatcher 1.25" and the Skywatcher Super Plossl 40mm. I am looking at purchasing a 2x or 2.5x Barlow and was after any recommendations? Also have I read somewhere that I have to have a certain 'type' for the supplied 2" star diagonal? Would I better be off purchasing one that can fit both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces or for optical quality sticking with just a 1.25" (does it affect optical quality even?) Celestron Luminos for example My other question is can this scope take (visually acceptable) a 2.5mm eyepiece and take it to the max possible magnification if I required max even. Last question is Sky-Watcher SWA 70° Eyepieces on offer at FLO at the moment, anybody have any thoughts or feed back as I was thinking about an Hyperion to add to the eyepiece collection. (thinking about 13mm-17mm) Sorry, a load of questions but I live in West Wales and have no local suppliers within 100 miles, I'm happen to be going past FLO at the end of the week and I've a credit card .....gulp!
  11. Hi everyone, I just bought my first telescope, a Celestron NexStar C8, and have been having a wonderful time learning to use it. I bought it used, and it came with enough accessories to get me going. However, I have recently been searching for nebula filters, and have learned a lot about both filters and eyepieces from reading through the forums. My question is this: My scope came with a set of eyepieces (the Celestron eyepiece case, 1.5") and a couple others that are 1.5" as well. As I began researching eyepieces, I see that it is common to have 2" sizes as well. Would my scope accommodate a 2" eyepiece? If so, are there any benefits to me using a larger eyepiece? The 1.5" filters and eyepieces are a little less pricey, but if I can increase my scope's performance through using 2" eyepieces I will strongly consider doing so. Thanks for any and all info!
  12. Hi all, I'm selling my 24mm maxvision, 68 degree eyepiece because I just bought a Myriad 20mm, and no longer need it. Comes with caps, but I don't have the box anymore. £50 including postage in the UK.
  13. I've upgraded to a set of BST starguider eyepieces so I have the following HR Eyepieces for sale. All in excellent condition, £20 each plus postage 25mm, 9mm, 5mm
  14. I have an Orion UBlock, a Lumicron Olll, and a Baader Neodymium filter, all 1.25.” The Baader screws on nicely to all my Televue Plossyl and Delite EPs. However, while, both the Orion and the Lumicron fit well to my 32 and 15mm Plossyl, neither screws on tightly to my 25mm Plossyl or my 18.2 or 7mm Delite). All fit nicely to my 2X TeleVu Barlow. From several discussions on Cloudy Nights, it is apparent that that the issue of filter-fit mismatch is common. My main telescope is a Sky Watcher Pro ED100 AP refractor which accommodates my 1.25” EPS via a 1.25 / 2” adapter. My goal, then, is to make all my EP’s compatible with these filter types as well as to make the changing of filters more efficient. I could sell off my Olll and UBlock filters and buy the comparable Baader filters and assuming they fit all my EP, live with the inefficiency of changing filters in the dark. Or, I could acquire a 2” barrel extension to my 1.25/2” adapter and purchase 2” filters that would screw into the bottom of the extension barrel. I could then easily switch back and forth between my 1.25” EPs. In fact, extension barrels are cheap, so that I could even buy three of them, one each 2” filter. Does this solution make sense? Are there more reasonable solutions?
  15. Hi, After a lot of research I purchased my first advanced telescope a 12inch Orion SkyQuest Open Truss Dobsonian. Being into astronomy for years now this is the first gaint telescope I am using. Today was first light and I was rather confused as to what I was seeing. Comparing my tiny 4inch view of Jupiter with the view from this 12inch; it was nearly similar! So the question is which eyepieces should I use to get better detail? I have a 28mm, 32mm, 15mm, 6mm etc. and a Baader zooming hyperion. I viewed Jupiter from both the telescopes using a 32mm wide angle eyepiece. This is probably a really rookie question so go soft on me Which eyepieces and of which make should I attach to fully utilize the capability of this telescope? I tried the Baader and the 15mm and the 32mm for seeing Jupiter tonight. Any help would be highly HIGHLY appreciated. Clear Skies, Div
  16. History of eyepieces

    Following a talk last night on the use of colour filters in observational astronomy by Alan Heath at my local society, I looked for something on the history of eyepieces. I found this comprehensive document which does a pretty good job [and a detailed one] of working through the different groups of eyepieces there have been in the last hundred years or so. It's quite long, and there are lots of equations and the like, but these can be skipped over. I simply found this on the internet, I cannot take any credit for it. http://www.brayebrookobservatory.org/BrayObsWebSite/BOOKS/EVOLUTIONofEYEPIECES.pdf James
  17. Looking for a Tolles eyepiece, ideally in the range of 9-10mm. Drop me a message if you have one you are happy to sell. James
  18. I Just bought a celestron astromaster 130EQ and I am still getting used to star hopping plus the red dot star pointer is a bit annoying. Will it be beneficial to invest in a 40mm eyepiece to make star hopping easier ? Will the larger field of view provided by the 40mm eyepiece be worthwhile ?
  19. Hello all! I am a total noob and I have an eyepiece and a Barlow lens question: I have the Gskyer AZ70700 Refractor Telescope that I bought from amazon for my father and we have been using it for a week. It came with the 10 and 25mm eyepieces and a 3x Barlow lens. My father's old "BRESSER TRAVEL 20-60X60 SPOTTING SCOPE" that our cat destroyed had a zooming option that my father loved so after some research, I've also ordered the "Celestron 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece (1.25")" from amazon and I hope it will work well with the telescope when it arrives in a week. I also assumed it would be a better quality eyepiece than the eyepieces that came with the telescope. Now my question is: Do you think a 5mm eyepiece would work well with my telescope? If so, what is the best 5mm eyepiece that I can buy below $30. Another question I have is that the 3x Barlow Lens that I have is making the view blurry and not clear like when I don't use the Barlow lens. Do you think a 2x Barlow lens would be better for our telescope? If so, what is the best 2x Barlow lens that I can buy below $30. I saw 2 Barlow lenses that were made by SVBONY and Solomark that are around $16 but I don't know if they are the right ones for our telescope and I wouldn't know which one to buy. I assume maybe I won't need to buy the 5mm eyepiece for better viewing if the 2x Barlow lense will work with my 10mm eyepiece or with the Celestron 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece. What do you guys think? I would really appreciate any answers.
  20. Hey everyone, I have yet another query.... So, attached are 2 pics I snapped with my phone last night. The first was taken through a zoom ep at about 12mm. The second was through a 25mm plossl. I see a noticeable color difference, so my question is which one is true? or better yet, which eyepiece yields the truest color? I have also seen it mentioned that sct's take away some contrast, but do ep's also have an effect on this?
  21. Looking for this elusive eyepiece to complete a boxed set, this is the 5 element eyepiece. PM me if you have one for sale or know where I can purchase one, as they are a discontinued line. Many Thanks
  22. Hey Everybody! I would like to know, what eyepieces do you use. Im planning on to buying new ones. But i dont want anything cheap.(Not really expensive either) (Max +-160 dollars). I would like to have some eyepieces with big field of view for nebulas, galaxies etc. , and then some eyepieces which are great for observing planets with lot of details. Some good eye relief would be great too. My telescope is Dobson 203/1200. Thanks for your suggestions!!!
  23. I bought these in person about 15 years ago from Scope City in San Francisco and they hardly ever got used - I got into planetary imaging with webcams at about the same time, so these just stayed in their boxes. (they must have changed the box colour in between my visits :-) ) They have been used less than a handful of times just to check on some new scope purchases, but I've now got a set of Opticstar 82's so these are no longer required. Supplied in excellent almost mint condition with endcaps, eyecup and original box. Parks Gold Series 7.5mm through 42mm versions are a 2-1-2 five element configuration sometimes known as a modified Type 2 Erfle. This is virtually the same as the original highly regarded Masuyama eyepiece design. See the review by Wing Eng on Cloudy Nights Eyepiece review section:- https://www.cloudynights.com/articles/cat/user-reviews/eyepieces/eyepiece-sets/parks-gold-series-eyepieces-r264 Parks Gold 25 MM Eyepiece 5 elements, AFOV 52deg, Eye Relief: 16mm Parks Gold 15 MM Eyepiece 5 elements, AFOV : 52deg, Eye Relief: 12mm - SOLD - thanks Tony Parks Gold 10 MM Eyepiece 5 elements, AFOV : 52deg, Eye Relief: 8mm - SOLD - thanks Mike Parks Gold 7.5 MM Eyepiece 5 elements, AFOV : 52deg, Eye Relief: 6mm £55 each which includes P&P 1st Class with tracking Payment via Paypal please Regards Neil
  24. Hello everyone! Newbie here, Just registered after looking around the net, trying to find answers! I've always been interested in stargazing, never got a scope, though, Until now, Me and my 6year old decided to get one, I got an Astromaster 130eq, for free, as it has a broken leg brace, and the eyepiece was toast, (I bought a new eyepiece, and got a leg brace on the way) The eyepiece I got, Was a generic brand, and it's a 40mm one, (I got a 40mm one as the broken one was also 40mm) Today me and my son got our first look at the Moon, which we both loved! Now however, I've been looking at getting some better eyepieces, From what I've seen, I believe a 10mm would be better for looking at the Moon? I've seen them from 4mm up to 40mm, And I'm unsure as to what I'm looking at:S Obviously we'd like to view all sorts of things, But as with a lot of people, being on a budget means I gotta be smart with what I get, so any suggestions would be well received! I think I've read something about certain eyepieces work better for certain scopes, And I don't really know much about the one we have, if it's any good for a starter etc, so any advice there would also be wonderful! Thank you for reading my longer than expected wall of text:D -Chris
  25. Finally I got my hands on one of these eypieces pretty much by accident but a happy one 😊 Build Quality The quality of the eyepiece is top draw as I'm sure you would expect it's very solid and doesn't feel like you would drop it because of the grip round the middle. The lense is huge which you would expect because of the FOV this eyepiece provides. The bottom of the EP has both fitting for 1.25 and 2 diagonal sizes if needed. Session So the session began for me as it always does I setup my Celestron Nexstar 6se then align the scope using my ES 68. My first target had to be the moon I excitedly put the EP in the diagonal and peered through... I could say peered but that wouldn't be right I literally fell into the EP my feet left the ground and I was gliding above the moon. It was simply jaw dropping for me how detailed the moon looked I've never seen such colours and shadows on the terminator the detail of the mountains and craters far exceeded my very high expectations. The ethos gives of a slightly different colour for the moon then my ES 68 does maybe slightly cooler almost which I really liked. I also tried the ethos with my Vixen 2x Barlow on the moon and it was just as good at 13mm. Onto Jupiter which was just above the horizon by this time I eagerly punched in the coordinates then pressed my eyeball against the huge lense... straight away 4 moons were visible and the equatorial belts and for the first time for me the north/south polar regions. At this point the wife joined me and I showed her Jupiter and she quickly commented on the moons and the belts she usually struggles finding. Then she commented on how clear and big the view looked. The detail again was incredible it was like I was observing in 3D. Finally I decided to have a quick look at a few DSOs. Orion Nebula was a treat a day always even with the moon almost directly overhead I could make out the cloud of dust surrounding the closely compacted 4 stars and a trail of dust trailing almost as good as last week with my Pentax Zoom and no moon. I then decided as a final observation to try for an open cluster and of course get my sketch book out to have a memento of the night. I decided on M48 which had a beatiful array of stars over most of the massive FOV. I spent a good hour sketching and still marvelled at the crispness of the FOV all the way to the edge. Conclusion I'm very pleased with how the EP performed in all areas of my observations. But I'm not fussed about specifications the moment I was sold was when I looked at the bottom of the EP and got that feeling of falling in complete immersion whatever you want to call it that was priceless and I will never forget that first time. So no regrets buying the EP and I can't wait for many more falling/immersive moments. Here are some photos and the sketch of M48 enjoy and if you can buy this eyepiece 😊 Clear skies 🌙💫✨🔭🎨 Richard