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ADC- essential for planetary?

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Just back from another superb seeing evening with the planets and did a few comparisons of with and without the ADC. This is the last time i’ll do such a thing as there is really no point in looking a

I couldn’t resist a little mod. 😁 The Altair doesn’t have a bubble level so thought I would add one so bought a rifle scope bubble level with a 40mm bore which fits the ADC perfectly. Just for Alt

I was clouded out, as usual. However I now have this awesome light-sabre-contraption ready for next time. I just need to find a step ladder to be able to look down into it!

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Some interesting comments on seeing; I notice with mine (ZWO on 180 Mak) that where the poor seeing is of the sparkly, scintillating variety (you know what I mean) it appears to make no difference, but the slow swimming pool type that often appears if the sight line is over a hot road or roof or whatever, the ADC does appear to improve the view significantly.


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Finally got chance to properly try mine out tonight, I specifically made sure I gave it a workout. 

I used it while mars was at around 20 degrees rising over the next 30 minutes although I didn't need to alter the ADC settings. 

Anyway suffice to say that it certainly cleared up the view even in an F12 Mak and I concur with other peoples reports.

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