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  1. ***SOLD*** Baader Dovetail Clamp

    Now sold. Thanks John.
  2. ***SOLD*** Baader Dovetail Clamp

    Hi John. Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, it is still available. Al
  3. Baader dovetail clamp for a vixen style-dovetail. Has two countersunk screw holes spaced 35mm centre-to-centre and a central 1/4" photo tripod thread. Some minor marks where it was tightened against the mount but not visible when mounted. Otherwise in very good condition. £24 including 2nd class signed for delivery to a UK address. Thanks for looking. Al
  4. Withdrawn. Moderators please move to sold. Thank you.
  5. Pocket Borg

    From the album Current Equipment

  6. Current Equipment

  7. TSA-120F & FC-76DC

    From the album Current Equipment

  8. Price dropped to £300 including delivery in the U.K.
  9. ***SOLD*** Takahashi 5mm LE

    Payment received so is now sold. Thanks Alan.
  10. ***SOLD*** Takahashi 5mm LE

    Thanks. Received and replied. Sale pending.
  11. Up for sale is my Berlebach Castor mount on a Berlebach Report 102 tripod. Also comes with a nice quality extension column and a second dovetail clamp (Baader). I am sure I am going to regret parting with this as it such a nice, lightweight mount and has been great to use with my FC-76D. However I bought a larger version of this setup to carry a larger refractor and I can't justify having both - although I have tried 😀 In good condition. There are a few marks on the Castor's dovetail clamp from the dovetail. These are hidden when the dovetail is seated. Also I drilled the holes myself in the tray to hold 6 1.25" eyepieces. This is a really neat job from the top, but a little rougher underneath where the hole saw splintered the ply a bit on its way out. Not noticeable unless you turn it upside down (which I don't 😁). Having somewhere to hold the eyepieces is a definite plus. Finally, the brackets for the tray were fitted at the factory by Berlebach but the tray was too high for my liking so I moved the brackets further down the legs. This left some small holes that I filled and sealed. You may just be able to pick this out in the photo. Quite an expensive setup to buy new. £320 £300 including UK delivery. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking. Al
  12. I withdrew this after selling the 3.6mm last month but have had a change of heart so the 5mm is up for sale again. In good condition, comes with end caps and original box. £105 including UK delivery. Payment by bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking. Al
  13. New Kit Curse

    No, it doesn't come to focus at the edge, or near the edge. On axis it is very sharp though, but I have an undriven mount so I soon notice the loss of focus. I swapped in a 17.3 Delos which was perfect across the entire FOV. Different designs I know, but I wasn't expecting the level of curvature that the Plossl displayed.
  14. New Kit Curse

    I was just marvelling at the fact that I received new kit today and the sky is clear! Should have known better. Bought a new Televue 25mm Plossl and it is horrible . In my F7.5 scope at 23x the moon turns into an egg as it moves off axis. Never had a problem with a Televue eyepiece before, but I suppose there is a first time for everything. I did notice that someone has put a cross on the label on the box, I wonder if that's because it has been identified as faulty before. Back in its box ready to be returned. Annoying.
  15. Stu's Big Sale - updated

    Hi Stu, I would also be interested in the Zeiss prism diagonal if the other interested parties back out. Al