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  1. Hi @MBJ - it looks like I have a buyer for both items so this will likely be marked as sold within the next day. If not I will let you know. Thanks for your message. Al
  2. It is. I am a bit paranoid since the binoviewer separated from its bayonet fitting and hit the floor. Luckily the scope was already on the floor waiting to go on the mount so it didn’t fall far. I reattached the bayonet with epoxy resin but you never know, so I added a state-of-the-art piece of string just in case
  3. After swapping the 10mm spacer for a 5mm one the GPC still appears to clear the ND3.0 filter. This, along with reverting to the original visual back, gives me 15mm more back focus to play with and is just enough (2-3mm spare) for me to use the 1.7x GPC which gives a more practical magnification range. Happy camper.
  4. Hi WanderingEye. Not at this stage, however if someone shows an interest in just the finder then I might. I wouldn't want to split until then. Thanks Al
  5. It's a Zeiss microscope head converted by Denis Levatić. I have been using it for the last few years and it has been great. Only negative is the internal reflections when viewing the moon due to its brightness - I think this is a recent problem since I re-attached the bayonet fitting after it sheared off. I will be looking to get the Maxbright II when it comes out. Al
  6. Unfortunately not. The DCU wasn't around when I bought the DC and I wasn't dependent on binoviewers back then either. Based on using the FOA-60Q today I estimate that the wedge, binoviewer and 2.6x GPC require 134mm of back focus. I could get that down to 129mm by using a 5mm extension instead of a 10mm one. The extension is needed to stop the GPC from hitting the ND3.0 filter. This leaves me 5mm away from reaching focus with the FC-76, at least on paper and assuming my maths is correct. Probably 10-15mm to be safe. The Feathertouch replacement focuser should get me there, but it is an expensive upgrade. Al
  7. I also saw the patterns of granulation here and there. Thought my eyes were playing tricks at first. Interesting stuff. I would love to be able to my FC-76 - I bet your FC-100 works well. Al
  8. I tried to source a new green bracket to match an older Tak but couldn't so bought this blue one and a new finder scope from FLO last October. I mounted it on the scope and then a day later a second hand one with a green bracket came up for sale so I got that one and the blue bracket and new finder scope went in my accessories box and has been there since. Essentially unused so in great condition. £130 delivered to a UK address. Thanks for looking. Al
  9. First light today for my new Baader Herschel wedge. Grabbed an hour before the sun disappeared behind my neighbour's trees. Really enjoyed being out in the day. The seeing seemed pretty poor but I saw a bright area near the southern limb in moments of steadier air which was interesting. Faculae? Not 100% sure of the terminology yet. Mainly used a pair of 20mm TV plossls with the FOA-60Q and a 2.6x GPC which gives about 115x. Can't wait for my first sun spot As expected the FC-76DC doesn't have enough back focus for the wedge and binoviewer, but the FS-152 should. Nice to be able to look online at a current image of the sun to check what I am seeing.
  10. The FOA-60Q reaches focus with 24mm to spare. That was with the M56 Baader clicklock and the 10mm spacer for the 2.6x GPC.
  11. To answer my own questions in case it helps someone else: FLO confirmed that the FOA-60Q should be fine with the Herschel wedge as the CQ optics are located well away from the focal plane. I ordered the P version as I think the 3 extra filters are worth the additional £40. There isn't enough clearance for a GPC when inserted directly into the #27 adapter, so the Baader diagram (below) appears to be misleading. I had a 10mm T2 extension tube so I added that to stop the GPC from hitting the ND3.0 filter. I should be able to swap the 10mm extension for a 5mm one if back focus turns out to be tight - no doubt it will be. First impressions are that the Herschel wedge is a solid piece of kit. Removing the clicklock adapter was easy. Separating the ND3.0 filter from the 2" threaded ring was not. Once separated the filter's retaining ring needed tightening to stop the filter rattling. A bonus is that I can use the removed 2" threaded ring to connect the wedge directly to the FS-152 without the need for a visual back (thanks to some other Baader adapters already used to couple the scope to a Baader prism diagonal). This should save precious back focus. I now just need a clear day to see if the FOA-60Q and FS-152 will reach focus with the 2.6x GPC in place. I will probably try the FC-76 just in case but there is little to no hope it will reach focus unless my maths is bad. Al
  12. I have been thinking about a white light solar setup for a while. I observe using a binoviewer 100% of the time. Two out of my three scopes will work natively with my binoviewer and one requires at least a 1.7x glass path corrector. I use a Baader prism diagonal to preserve back focus and my binoviewer attaches via a Baader T2 quick changer bayonet. My plan is to purchase the Baader Herschel wedge along with the #27 adapter so I can screw the bayonet into the top of the wedge instead of the 2" click lock. Unfortunately the scope I would like to use the most is the one that already requires a glass path corrector (FC-76DC) and moving up from 1.7x to 2.6x is not going to offset the longer light path of the wedge. Maybe I can do something like @Stu did: If not then I will be using the FOA-60 with or without the extender as both configurations should have enough back focus when used with the 2.6X glass path corrector. I like the idea of using the FOA in its Q configuration but am not 100% sure if the extender is OK to use for solar. I have seen one reference on Cloudy Nights to someone else doing this and a few more for the FS-60Q including @Rainmaker. I can always contact the manufacturer but first-hand experience is always good to have if anyone on SGL uses this setup. Also, if anyone uses the Herschel wedge with the #27 adapter and a glass path corrector with the configuration where the GPC drops into the adapter (rather than screws into the binoviewer i.e. the Mark V) then I would be interested to hear that this works OK. From the Baader diagram it doesn't look like there would be enough clearance before the ND3.0 filter but it could be just me. Finally, for those of you with the Baader Herschel wedge do you think getting the P version makes the most sense even though I will be using it for visual most of the time? The price of the P version with the extra filters isn't much higher than the V. Thanks for reading. Al
  13. That does look like a great scope. As a binoviewer user I appreciate the removable section to increase the available back focus. Nice feature.
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