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  1. Geo Tagged Photos

    From the EXIF data. I don't really want to turn it off on the device because it is useful information for my photo albums elsewhere. It is just not something I have seen on SGL before. I have recent photos using the same device that I uploaded to SGL and the Geo tag data wasn't used. I guess I am not clear if this is a new feature to SGL albums or a change to my device that I was unaware of - I am assuming the the former so was hoping I could turn it off for my SGL account. I will just need to remember to edit each photo after upload or use my old Canon DSLR. Thanks for all the replies.
  2. Geo Tagged Photos

    Is this a new feature for members albums? I just added three photos and noticed that there was a Google map showing my location. I turned it off for each image but was wondering if it can be turned off for the album? None of my other recent photos using the same camera phone showed the location? Any ideas? Thanks
  3. ADM Vixen-Style Saddle and Dovetail

    Will accept £69 delivered to a UK address for both.
  4. Happy to split if that helps. £32 for the eyepiece £54 for the Tak bracket £46 for the finder and diagonal Includes postage to a U.K. address
  5. I think this may help me out with a future binoviewer setup, so I am going to hang on to it.
  6. I bought this from another SGL member along with a Powermate. The plan was to use it to place the Powermate before the diagonal, but in practice this requires more outward focuser travel than I am prepared to accept. I am therefore using the Powermate in the usual way. Another member will hopefully make better use of this adapter, possibly using it to connect a Powermate to a camera. In good condition. £34 delivered to a U.K. address. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking. Al
  7. Sale pending to Starpaw
  8. University Optics 32mm Konig. 1.25” barrel and I believe a 50 degrees AFOV. I have had this for years and used it primarily as a finder eyepiece. There is some very light crazing when you catch it in the right light, something between the optical elements - maybe something to do with the age of the EP. I never notice it affect the view though. It is quite a flat field of view but does suffer from blackouts if eye placement is off. I used it as an alternative to a finder in one of my smaller scopes and I think it does a good job at this task. I don’t think I would want to use it for more general use though, but maybe an eyecup would help with eye placement. No end caps, but will include a bolt case. Not sure what it is worth. I think it cost me £30, so £16 delivered to a UK address seems fair. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking. Al
  9. Baader 1.25” Moon & Skyglow Filter. Nice condition, only been used a handful of times. £36 delivered to a UK address. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking. Al
  10. Both have some signs of use, but nothing major. The dovetail is the 7” one, the saddle was labelled as the TAK6 when I bought it but is actually the TAK8. Holes are therefore 8mm not 6mm diameter, but the hardware included is 6mm with the appropriate washers. It worked fine on my alt-az mounts with 6mm holes 35mm apart so I never returned it. Outer holes are 75mm center to center, inner ones 35mm. Dovetail is £34 delivered to a UK address. Saddle is £46 delivered to a UK address. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking. Al
  11. 50mm f4 Stellarvue finder with Tak bracket and 24mm illuminated EP. I bought the finder on UKABS, cleaned the optics and sprayed the tube satin black to cover some chips and because I didn’t like the original gloss black finish. Some of the chips are still visible under the new paint, but overall it looks good. EP has a crosshair that can be illuminated. Level of illumination can be adjusted and also set to flash on and off at different durations. Diagonal is a RACI with a helical focuser, Tak bracket is basically brand new. I bought this for my TSA-120 as an upgrade to my 25mm f7 finder, but in the end I prefer the one I already have. The Stellarvue goes deeper and the illuminated crosshair is nice, but I ended up missing the flatter field of the f7 finder and I didn’t get on with the RACI - I prefer the view in the finder to match what I see in my scope. I appreciate that at f4 there is going to be some coma at the edge of the field, but I spend a lot of time star hopping and I guess it bothers some people more than others. I believe the EP is 24mm with an AFOV of 50 degrees, which gives approximately 8x and a TFOV of 6 degrees. It is a very nice looking finder, as you can see from the pictures, it’s just not for me. Selling at a loss at £125 delivered to a UK address. Bank transfer preferred. Will split if necessary: £32 for the eyepiece £54 for the Tak bracket £46 for the finder and diagonal Thanks for looking. Al
  12. Televue PowerMate x2.5

    PM on its way.
  13. Pocket Borg

    It's used as a finder. Works well.