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  1. Well, 4 months on I picked up an adapter and mounted the double stack filter to my FC-100 and the view is significantly improved over the Lunt LS60 in single stack mode. More contrast and takes higher magnification much better. Also feels like the whole disk snaps into focus better. Conditions weren’t great but side by side the difference was very noticeable. I was using the same blocking filter as I only have the one and I have to use a GPC with the LS60 which puts its effective focal length pretty close to that of the FC-100. It seems clear that the front mounted etalon is bringing the
  2. It’s not the taxes. I accept that imported products incur VAT and import duty as well as an increased shipping cost. That’s the 30% Nigella referred to and that’s why the $90 adapter I ordered from Starlight Instruments costs £90. If the $1200 Lunt module was £1200 in the UK then that would be inline with my experiences, but it’s not - it’s £1600. An extra £400 above what it would cost me to buy direct from Lunt - which I cannot do. I am all for supporting the UK reseller model (not suggesting they get the £400 as I wouldn’t know) but the cost of this particular item is too high for
  3. Waited ages for one of these then used it all of twice. Very good condition. £80 delivered to a UK address. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking. Al
  4. In the newer Takahashi blue. Will also fit the FC-76DC. Good condition, £75 delivered to a UK address. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking. Al
  5. I was thinking that there may be state tax for US buyers so it may not be quite as ‘cheap’. However, even with that considered the gap feels too big. I think there was a sale a while ago when they were more like £1200. I think I will wait for that to come around again.
  6. I would really like to try the Lunt module but I have a hard time with the price compared to the dollar value. I am used to US products being the same cost in pounds over here as the US dollar price but the Lunt module is $1100 in the US and nearly £1600 here - that’s pretty much twice the cost. Edit. Maybe the US cost on the Lunt site doesn’t include taxes. See, I am already trying to justify the purchase
  7. Realised that my 2.6x GPC seems to work OK instead, at least for narrowband imaging.
  8. Bought these for my binoviewer but never got on with them. Both in excellent condition. £24 each delivered to a UK address. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking. Al
  9. If you have one going spare in A1 condition please let me know. I only really need the optical element and nosepiece if that helps. Thanks for looking. Al
  10. Sounds great. I also managed some viewing earlier today, made a nice change from the rain . I had some good views in Ha with my binoviewers and then dabbled with some imaging in white light and saw the sunspots exactly as you described.
  11. I also ended up with a used Lunt LS60 after returning my Quarks. It is a different experience i.e. full disk and better suited in my opinion for quick looks/setup. However it does not take magnification very well - could just be my sample though. Although the Quarks I had didn't deliver much on surface detail the higher-magnification views of spicules and proms through my 76mm and 100mm refractors were very good and I do miss that. If I had bought the Lunt new I think I would have been disappointed after owning the Quarks, but maybe that's not fair considering the greater aperture scopes that
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