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  1. Nothing heard, and found an alternative, so withdrawing my interest. Thanks Al
  2. It does! I can now pursue my new-found interest in Delos eyepieces 😁
  3. 17.3mm found.
  4. If you have either one in very good condition that you no longer require then please let me know. Thanks for looking. Al
  5. I don't have a problem with the clamp on my Castor mount, but I have loosened it instead of one of the alt-az knobs a couple of times. Scared myself with my own stupidity 😳. I always make sure I have a bolt or something bigger in the dovetail above and below the clamp. Has been a good investment for me 😁
  6. No problem, I appreciate the response. Knowing that the accuracy can be good is the main thing, otherwise I may as well just stick to star hopping.
  7. Hi Stu, I did contact FLO to get a price for the Ayo ll with encoders, but they said they didn't stock it. I didn't take it any further as I am pretty sure it will be more than I am willing to spend on this project. Astrograph stock the Technosky stuff so I may drop Rupert an email and ask a few questions. Thanks for the info on the accuracy - good to know. Al
  8. Evening all, I currently enjoy using an alt-az mount along with the Sky Safari app and am considering linking the two. This means looking for an alt-az mount with support for encoders so I can use something like the Nexus II as an interface between the mount and my iPad. I have seen the Ayo II mount, which looks amazing, but by the time I have imported it and bought the Nexus it is going to cost a lot. I have also found the Tecnosky eLLe v2 which could be a more cost effective option. Does anyone have either of these mounts, and if so what is the pointing accuracy like? Are there any other options out there, excluding a GOTO GEM (or alt-az for that matter as I am sold on the push-to option)? The refractor I use is under 3kg full loaded. Thanks for reading. Al
  9. PM on it's way regarding the Delos. Payment sent. Thanks Doc.
  10. PM on its way regarding the Delos.
  11. Withdrawn. Mods please move to sold. Thank you.
  12. Posted. Received, thank you.
  13. PM on its way about the ES 16MM Al
  14. Purchased to allow a lightweight driven mount to be polar aligned. I have had to return the mount so I no longer have any use for the wedge. It was purchased a 'B Grade' as it had some marks from machining and a big blemish in the anodising. I have added to some of the marks so this is certainly not in mint cosmetic condition (reflected in the price) but works fine. 3/8" tripod connection. Grab a bargain at £44 including UK delivery. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking. Al