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  1. It is also available from Astrograph They have it listed as a 'dual thread' and I can confirm it works with my 3/8" mount.
  2. Thank you! Yes, it is a Berlebach Report 102. I purchased it direct from the Berlebach website, but have also purchased similar from Teleskop Express in the past. Both provided excellent customer service. For a while I thought I should have bought a more expensive Report version to give more height, but now I have the extension column I am happy with my purchase. The extension means that the scope can never hit the tripod, which I really like. One recommendation, if you buy the tray direct from Berlebach at the same time as the tripod then don't go for the option for them to fit the brackets. They fit them higher than I have shown in the picture meaning that the tripod head is lower than it needs to be when the tray is attached. I ended up re-positioning the brackets and filling the holes
  3. I will add my new(ish) arrival, although looking at Helen's collection it looks a bit lonely I sold all my astro gear about 6 years ago and I promised myself that if I got the opportunity to get back into the hobby that I would buy something in between the TSA-102 and the FS-60. I think the FC-76 will be a great match for my local seeing conditions and observing preferences, I just need these clouds to depart at some point soon so I can put it to work.
  4. Just to close out this topic, I found a UK supplier (Astrograph) of extension columns that use a 3/8" fitting - the Tecnosky Half Pier. Dimensions are H:180mm Dia:60mm. More expensive than a tin of beans and the extender bolts but it is a really well made, solid piece of kit
  5. PM sent
  6. Sums it up nicely!
  7. Thanks for posting the photos Stu. That looks just the job - and the carbon fibre wrapping is a nice touch!
  8. Thanks. Sounds like a good solution.
  9. These and a tin of beans might do it
  10. Evening all, I am looking to raise the height of my alt-az mount to accommodate a refractor. It uses a 3/8 tripod fitting. I can find exactly what I am looking for from a US vendor but nothing in the UK. Anyone know of something similar over here? I could buy an adjustable center column for my tripod but these are a bit skinny for my liking. Thanks Al
  11. Thanks Jules, but I think that could be too much power for my aperture. May be OK for lunar though. Al
  12. Thanks iPeace. I think I would probably favour the zoom over the Delite also. The convenience and the performance of the zoom was very good and the jump in AFOV moving to a DeLite is probably not worth it for me. I think it looks like the Nagler 3.5mm may be the best option. Al
  13. Looks from the Televue website that a 3mm and 4mm DeLite have just been released. I guess these are the replacement/upgrade to the Radians.