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  1. astro_al

    Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    Unfortunately not. It is still working great with the point and track option so is fine for what I use it the most for, lunar and planetary. However I was hoping to use it along with Sky Safari on a second device to nip around the sky to find double stars - which is completely impractical without it tracking properly after a GOTO. If you get anywhere please let me know.
  2. astro_al

    Current Equipment

    Those 1” scopes are super sneaky
  3. astro_al

    COMPLETED - SOLD _TeleVue 25mm Plossl.

    PM sent.
  4. Replied. Thank you. Sale pending.
  5. Replied. Sale pending.
  6. Not getting much use since I bough some 12.5mm orthos. Nice condition. £105 delivered to a UK address for the pair or £55 each delivered. Bank transfer preferred. I will hold out for a buyer who wants both unless I get enough interest to sell them individually. Thanks for looking. Al
  7. Following the purchase of an AZ GTi I have ended up with two grab and go mounts. Up for sale is a Berlebach Castor Mount on a TechnoSky extension. Tripod is the Skywatcher one from the GTi with the tops of the legs painted black. Complete with counterweight bar and a 2KG counterweight. Nice condition, just a few small marks on the dovetail clamp but nothing major. £165 including delivery to a UK address. Bank transfer preferred. Thanks for looking. Al
  8. Very nice! I always wanted one of these. Maybe a bit close to my TSA-120 though. Probably should hold out for the 210. Good luck with the sale. Al
  9. astro_al

    Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    Upgraded the firmware on a SynScan handset so I can use it with the AZ GTi. Works well with no sign of the tracking issue seen when using the app over WiFi. All very strange, but I am happy enough using it with the handset - easier to find the buttons. Will try the app again after the next update to see if it makes any difference.
  10. astro_al

    Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    Hi Stu, Yes, alignment completed and sidereal enabled. Goto accuracy is pretty good, just the tracking seems to stop unless I switch to the point and track option. Thanks for confirming that this isn’t typical behaviour. Al
  11. astro_al

    Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    Thanks for the link. I don’t think the issue I have is related to needing two devices though. Even without Sky Safari in the mix I still need to click the ‘Point and Track’ option in the SyncScan app after confirming a goto to get the mount to track for more than 20 seconds. I am curious if other users of this mount have to do this, and if not if I can change the behaviour. @Stu do you have to use the ‘point and track’ option?
  12. astro_al

    Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    I recently acquired a Skywatcher AZ GTi mount. I have found that the GoTo is accurate but after confirming that the object is centred the mount only tracks for 15-20 seconds before drifting. If I turn tracking off then the rate of drift is unchanged, turn it on again and I get another 15-20 seconds of tracking. However, if I click the ‘point and track’ option I get good tracking and no sign of drifting. Looking at the help the ‘point and track’ is for when no alignment has been completed and shouldn’t be required after a successful alignment to get good tracking. I am already using two devices to use Sky Safari and would like to avoid having to use both apps each time I slew to a new object, i.e. slew from Sky Safari then find and click the ‘point and track’ option in the SynScan app. Does anyone else with this mount also see this behaviour? I don’t think it is a mechanical issue because it does track well in the ‘point and track’ mode. I also noticed reference to ‘Simple Sun Tracking’ in the help but don’t have that as an option when using the mount so I don’t know if I am missing a configuration step or option. Any help gratefully received. Thanks Al

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