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  1. "Sandgroper, nickname for an inhabitant or native of Western Australia."
  2. M42 is my favourite! Maybe we should start a thread on what's your favourite Mike's sketch !!
  3. Agreed tripleped! Excellent report , keep up the enthu .
  4. No ... In fact I've never seen the cloud cover to be below 50% this year .
  5. And don't try to use the eyepiece glass as wine glass ... You will be fine .
  6. I beg to differ ..! People don't always include experience while calculating the limiting magnitude . From what I've heard and experienced , an experienced observer (like yourself and Mike) can go upto 1 magnitude deeper than a normal average vision observer . I'm mot at all surprised that you and Mike are able to pick up the 13.2 mag star ...
  7. Hi Louis , I too haven't seen a direct comparison but @Don Pensack has tried it and maybe he will chime in .
  8. Expected a good old deep sky report , but seems to be the wrong forum . PS : Great image, well done!
  9. If you don't wear glasses , the normal 6.7mm 82° ES eyepiece is in stock at Teleskop express (Germany) . https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5553_Explore-Scientific-82--Ar-Eyepiece---6-7-mm-Focal-Length---1-25----argon-purged.html
  10. From the reports elsewhere , the newer LER versions don't seem to be as good as the older ES 82° series . WARNING: Do you wear glasses ? The LER stands for Long Eye Relief , but only thing - it isn't . It has just 1 or 2mm more eye relief than the normal 82° version but it is still not suitable for glass wearers . You may have to look at the Morpheus series for comfortable eye relief without giving up much AFOV .
  11. Stu nailed it . The reason why folks say the OIII is not suited to smaller apertures is because , the larger exit pupil required for the OIII to strut it's stuff , will be pretty low magnifications . Hence the nebulae will be smaller . This , is obviously a personal preference . Some folks swear that OIII below 6mm exit pupil will be a black view , while others use it upto 2mm or even lower for planetary nebulae . UHC, being larger in bandwidth , can generally take lower exit pupils(higher magnifications) compared to OIII/H-Beta which are line filters . PS : UHC is a combination of OIII and H-Beta lines .
  12. @astroavani's Wonderful blue and red star pairing !
  13. How is your autumn season going @scarp15 ?
  14. For Procyon - I've read no one alive has observed the companion! I'm not surprised are you ? PS : Stu did you notice how active this forum is after relocation ..?
  15. Don , please do report us how your eyepieces work in your new fast 16" (Congrats!) .
  16. Ha , no apologies , as I'm no greater . You have to read my English to know the meaning of sloppy .
  17. Astimagtism and coma are aberrations , while pincushion and barrel are distortions .
  18. You've left nothing more to be said . My first double would be Rigel!
  19. Ahh thanks Stu , I wasn't aware of it ! And like you say , a tenth of a degree is more than enough accuracy .
  20. There are APM XWA for less than half the price of Ethos .
  21. May I suggest you to find the AFOV using the field stop and use custom of field of view ? FS of 3.7mm - 7.1mm FS of 4.7mm - 9mm Use Field stop/Focal length of the telescope × 57.3 for finding the AFOV . The caveat is you won't be able to add to decimal digits in SS ..
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