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  1. Holidays in Italy, mostly cities, but a short country stopover in Piedmont and I got to use it, some great views. Back home it's raining non stop, just in time for the new Moon
  2. S8 hendheld, just as it first appeared. I was too impatient to mount that cheapo clamp
  3. FLO is better than its continental competitors, of that I am now absolutely sure.
  4. Well I can help by telling you that, when it comes to astro views, my wife was so far impressed by three things only - Moon, Saturn and proms in Quark. So chances are yours will like an occasional peek, too. Truth be told my wife never ever asks how much my toys cost...and I never ask how much her purses and shoes cost. Mutually assured financial destruction of sorts.
  5. Two of the obligatory shots with a handheld phone. As always, they do not do justice.
  6. I pulled a trigger on a Quark after reading a ton of positive and negative reviews. I already own two telescopes and could not sneak another past my family members unnoticed, and the idea of travelling light with essentially two scopes was appealing. A pleasant surprise was that I did not have to buy a UV/IR cut filter, Neodymium took care of that. Quark proved quite addictive, even though the Sun is fairly quiet now. I had several days with fair mornings and used them to the max (seeing in the city is pants in the afternoon), clocked easily 10+ hours over the course of four days already. The first light coincided with testing of AzGTI. On UNI 18 it carries Tak 100 DF without problems, though fine focusing induces vibrations which die relatively quickly. Tracking is essential with Quark in Tak because the magnifications are large and FOV small. Eyepieces used 40mm Celestron plossl, 32mm Baader plossl and 25mm Vixen NPL. Neodymium as ERF filter. Did not take long to warm up, but I was probably somewhat overwhelmed by the novelty of both Quark and AZGti. Used Berlebach tripod for better stability. Quark brings focal ratios to f/24 for Borg and f/31 for Tak, and when viewing I thought that keeping it to 1mm exit pupil was the best for viewing, so NPL in Borg and Baader in Tak. That might change if i stop down Borg to up the f/level as I plan to. I have tried 40mm Plossl but I gain nothing, although it brings Tak magnification down to 77x. Perhaps a NPL 40 would be more comfortable, I doubt it. I will try stepping down Borg to 62 to see whether a longer focal ratio may improve contrast, but honestly I have not played with the Quark/Borg combo that much yet. I was fiddling with the tuning, a lot. Not sure whether it is also f/dependent so one has to have two settings for two scopes. Daystar says that tuning is to offset focuser slop, but I am not entirely convinced. Tak and FTF focusers are not that shabby. Initial impressions were that the zero point is not bad, but-3 probably better. After four days of use I changed my mind and now -4 or perhaps -5 feel better in Tak, have not used Borg after the initial testing. Perhaps someone has some clever pointers how to estimate the best setting because between changing seeing and thermals it is fairly hard to be sure what is 'right'. I do not have camera so cannot resort to that (and heavy camera may indeed induce a slop not present when doing visual). During one session I have not unscrewed the 2inch barrel so the 1.25 nose was not flush in my BBHS 1.25 clamp. That small tilt induced picture error and since then the 2 inch nose is removed. I can see some contrast non-uniformity, but so far nothing dramatic. I have mostly viewed in Tak and the close-ups of the proms (no other activity) are amazing. Eruptive prominences, QRFs, you name it, even those ring-like. Spiculae...and all of it changing relatively quickly. Eruptive prominence basically disappeared while my wife and I were viewing it. Wife was actually so impressed that she came to the idea to bring the scope to some charity event and raise money for the charity cause by offering view at the prominences. It was a complete hit, people were amazed (literally no one has ever peeked through a scope before, let alone H-alpha) and we raised a tidy sum. Other bits...solar observing hood (R-Sky, I think they are still on sale) proved to be invaluable and Baader plossl side-eyeguard is perfect for solar. I also like NPL quite a bit, nifty and light. All in all this has proved to be a very very interesting inquisition. I am travelling light this summer (Borg only) and am hoping that Quark will diversify my viewing time and make me (at least a bit) more sociable in the evenings. Bring on some active regions!
  7. @FLO is there any guide to alignment etc with Syn Scan Pro app?
  8. Thank you. I updated firmware before I turned the mount on. As for the manuals, there is no manual describing app functions and alignment methods. It appears that there is no quick solar alignment, but at the same time I have no idea what point and track is and how it works. Celestron has solar system alignment and it works beautifully, no need to point north, just level.
  9. I have just received this mount, nice and compact and whatnot, but using it with SynScan app got me baffled. What do I have to do to use 1-object alignment and avoid level-north? When I click on 'Begin Alignment' the mount behaves as if I have hit 'goto' button and attempts to slew to the presumed position of the alignment object. Wierd... I cannot find online instructions anywhere...the included manual is a joke.
  10. I've observed the spot in my Borg ever since it came out from the very limb. I happened to check out the sun disk website on my way from work and there it was. Weather obliged for a couple of days, so I clocked altogether 1 hr on that spot and what I found interesting was a trail of feculae following it, a pretty impressive and wide trail it is. Worth observing.
  11. Given that your scope is 1200mm, I would not bother with 17 or 14 and would go around 5 or 6mm for planets and the Moon. You do not have a tracking system so wide field is useful. T6 then, unless you can spring for an Ethos.
  12. I was watching this yesterday slightly ahead of the time you have imaged it, I guess you did it some time around midnight. ? Had some pretty good seeing despite the clouds, a lot of detail.
  13. I am aware the zoom is not particularly suitable, was asking about Baader 32mm plossl, it is a bit different from the other plossls, it seems.
  14. Has anyone tried Baader Plossl 32mm with Quark?
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