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  1. I am trying not to pump myself up, hoping to at least have clear night for the total lunar eclipse...
  2. Taking my Tak to Greece and hope for some good seeing and dust settling...this hobby really trains one's patience.
  3. BGazing

    Jupiter: Right here, right now !

    I have a very limited window these days before Jove is behind the three, but tonight was the night! GRS transiting and some very good seeing amid city pavement and roofs emitting their stuff. We have full summer mode here switched on. What I saw tonight was oval following GRS in SEB and a smaller oval hanging vertically above below the NEB. Also aquarel-like details all over. Northern portion is not that great for me the whole season, southern sometimes breaks out in further belts, as opposed to one grey mass. EZ zone is clearly of different colour. The 'boring side' has festoons and barges and the whole other set of things these days... Wish I got out C8 tonight, but the balcony is too small... Yesterday Borg 71 was sufficient to pick up Europa shadow transit. Tak was necessary to see disk transit clearly....seeing was iffy.
  4. Try saliva for resolving organics, or acetone. Be careful with acetone and plastics. Always finish with isopropyl and distilled water... What you show is nothing to worry about...and i baby the heck out of my optics.
  5. BGazing

    Tak FC-100 - what will I gain?

    I had the unique opportunity to view on the same night, with the same eyepieces (but different diagonals, mind you) through my FC 100 and Equinox 120. Both were good but at 4.7mm ES Saturn in Tak was less bright (laws of physics, simply) but Tak was better corrected in red, the color balance appeared slightly off the mark in Equinox. Could be its APM prism diagonal....who knows. While Equinox was brighter, I did not feel that the image at 150x in Tak was inferior in any way. OPs dilemma is interesting. Downsizing and upgrading in quality to Tak does not make sense if portability is not sought. Aperture will come in handy from the backyard. Unless there are pressing concerns I would not change 120mm SW ED for 100mm Tak. But I would for Tak equivalent aperture in a heartbeat, wallet permitting.
  6. BGazing

    The struggle with M 101

    It took me a 21.7 SQM sky, SCT 8 and decent transparency to finally observe it properly at 57x, at zenith. It is indeed a very difficult object.
  7. True that. I had the 2in clicklock part of the Baader dielectric diagonal come loose in the dark, those tiny screws were not gripping as they should anymore. I never leave without the appropriate allen key anymore. FT is great. When pondering options, I could not justify cost, but now it looks like 6 or half a dozen dilemma...with a small trade-off in functionality vs aesthetics. But I do not need FT, I need more nights of good seeing and Jupiter just a couple of degrees higher (I know I cannot get the second wish fulfilled at present).
  8. I also thought it looks weak...but I was not aware that it actually is, i.e. that it comes loose. As I put the scope in the bag, it basically rests on that bottom little metal plate. I thought it was odd but thought that Takahashi knows better than I do. Yup, thought so, too...the only clear minus I can think of is aesthetic...and perhaps not even that.
  9. Has anyone had any chance to test their FC100 DC/F in decent seeing on Mars? How well are they corrected in red?
  10. BGazing

    Io occulting its own shadow

    @niallk you guys are having it even lower than we do...no wonder it's dancing around. whatta lotta gun you have there. too bad it exacerbates the effects of iffy seeing...
  11. BGazing

    Dew Heaters

  12. BGazing

    Dew Heaters

    Objective or corrector plate looking at the zenith cools quicker than when pointed down when the dew shield protects it. That is when the dew heaters help. If your telescope is at ambient temperature, you are good. But the trick is it usually is not and cools quicker...
  13. their seeing predictions are essentially useless at the moment...not a single night they guessed it right lately. predict mediocre, it's excellent, predict fantastic and it turns out poor...
  14. BGazing

    Dew Heaters

    That is because inside the air is warmer, more saturated with vapour and dewing point is higher. Kinda like the fridge example. The moral is to cap the telescope outside, put it in a bag, bring the bag inside and the temerature will slowly equalize without having the scope dew all over. Your balcony has to be colder than ambient in order for dew to form because, to simplify, dew point is (almost) always lower than ambient. Shielded balcony cannot radiate away enough heat to dew over. Cars in the street do all the time...as you can see in the morning.

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