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  1. I do have a dodgy back, and it tames my aperture aspirations, as you can see from my signature.
  2. An often cited rule is that double the light gathering equals 'wow', less than that is visible, but not 'wow'. As all rules of thumb, this one is just another generalization. I upgraded from 5 inches to 8, and it was wow. Next wow stop is 12. To get a similar effect you need to get to 10, next wow stop is 14.
  3. Copernicus at 761x

    761...wow...what kind of seeing did you have there?
  4. Moon is always a bit higher for us, but waxing spring moon is a particular delight, high up above...and seeing is cooperating. I am not sure how much luck you will have with Jupiter and Saturn this year from your location, they are very low. Seeing has to be steady even here to have any luck. Jupiter skims just short of 30 degrees, Saturn lower. At least ADC is not that bad in a 4 inch scope...
  5. Just want to add that this scope made me rediscover the Moon. 212x all the time, seeing permitting, contrast and details are fabulous. Amazing tones and sharpness, pure joy.
  6. Tak FC100DL F9

    Impresive humidity...
  7. Tak FC100DL F9

    Tonight's Mare Serenitatis was flabbergasting. Straight to the rubbish bin, you Japanese weirdo.
  8. Tak FC100DL F9

    Yeah, I was wondering about 'spongy' MEF focuser I've read about here. I have two FTFs (C8, Borg) and MEF appears to be just as precise. You KNOW when it is in focus. Ditto clamshell...very utilitarian, very handy. A bit difficult to source dovetails. Extenders...now, that is a different story, but I guess I could have saved some headache by going directly to 2 inch BBHS instead of T2.
  9. Tak FC100DL F9

    Tak clamp rocks, it is great for balancing. That said, DF is so back heavy, even with T2 diagonal I have to get the clamp back a lot.
  10. Another planetary morning

    Do report on how you like it...
  11. 125 is much bigger and heavier than a 4 inch frac of comparable focal length, it will be around (or more than) 9 kgs with diagonal, finder, dovetail and ep. AZ 4 cannot handle it...I suppose you included it in the discussion just for the sake of comparing quality?
  12. NGC 4565 - Needle Galaxy

    Nice! Is there a 21.5 SQM site in the LP hell that is Benelux? Congratulations... I watched it three nights ago for the first time under a very dark sky, 21.7 in C8. It was amazing, stretched in the eyepiece almost till the end (or so I imagined).
  13. Very likely...zoom and barlow. I have Baader combination, they are not on par with Tak quality but I wanted to use them just to see how varying exit pupil works in the scope. Will do that in the time to come. 3.3. might be too much other than for double stars, but do try. I feel 212x is maximum for me on planets...floaters would intrude. Side by side, 4 inch Tak and 8 inch SCT under dark sky...what a portable combination. We swapped between the two until 5 am...sadly, my friends' 12 inch dob has not arrived yet.
  14. Pulled an all-nighter under 21.71 SQM-L skies...belive it or not. Clear skies on a moonless night...shocker. FC 100 was spectacular. Not on galaxies, that was for C8, but later on planets in mediocre seeing it provided a better and (of course) prettier picture than C8 and Equinox 120 (although Tak had BBHS and C8 and Equinox had dielectric and prism respectively, which might have contributed to more scatter and color). But Tak always always gave impeccable contrast, and a view in Pan 24 of the Veil with Astronomik OIII was simply breathtaking...viewing it later in C8 was merely complimentary and not necessarily the 'main dish'. Did 160x on Jupiter with ease, and 212x on Saturn and Mars, Saturn was just a bit dimmer than in bigger apertures but the image was still nice. 160x might be its sweet spot, though. Great scope. Ayo II and Berlebach UNI 18 are a fantastic match for its weight and length.
  15. That was the first thing to check...nope.