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  1. I really didn’t think the 12” would be that much of a monster. Is f5.3 the usual f ratio for a 12”? I guess those weights of the Stella Lyras now make sense!
  2. I was the same, £296 I think which has proved to be good value, I’ve only added the lacerta dual focus to mine. With their new pricing though, I’d have almost certainly bought the new Stella Lyra 8” if I was buying now. Looks a fantastic bit of kit with all the right upgrades. I almost wish my SW dob kind of fell to pieces so I could buy one.
  3. Is that definitely the sun and not a cometary tail? Try turning comets off.
  4. Great image. I was using an 80mm achro tonight and could really make out a dark barge above the NEB when observing, thanks for confirming.
  5. I love the locking mechanism on the Tak prism, it’s so simple and brilliant but it doesn’t secure Delite eyepieces due to the exaggerated under cuts. No more thumb screws though and light as a feather too.
  6. I’ve just upgraded a diagonal from a mirror to the Tak prism in my f10 refractor. Controls light scatter that little bit better, very happy with it.
  7. Thank you for recommending this, I’ve been using it tonight in some pretty ordinary seeing but I’ve been able to observe the GRS, Io’s shadow, multiple bands and a NEB barge in my little 80mm Starbase. Works beautifully on the moon too, chuffed to bits. It’s an excellent EP, think I’ve landed a bargain!
  8. Not the best seeing, both 8” dob and 80mm frac set up. The dob suffering from bad tube currents too, even the moon is boiling. Some nice views in the 80mm frac, at one point a staggered stair of GRS, shadow of Io and NEB barge.
  9. A small refractor on an alt-az mount would probably do the trick. No collimation worries, no electronics - point, focus and observe.
  10. Managed to get one of these, loving the retro glass right now.
  11. That’s the beauty of a small portable scope though.
  12. Bingo! There have been nights where I have seen stunning planetary images with both 3” & 8” scopes and others when boiling, wobbly views surrounded by secondary colouration made observing the planets a waste of time.
  13. Was it something he ate?
  14. Can I just say that owning the Starbase has REALLY made me want a Tak.
  15. Although saying that, I have found it is possible to identify Ganymede from its disc size compared to the other 3 satellites. Can’t tell the others apart though, probably why it is so easy to determine which one is Ganymede.
  16. The SkySafari app is a brilliant tool for information like this.
  17. Great report. I count everything where it changes colour as a band, I guess really it’s a mixture of zones, regions and bands. Managed 8 last night!
  18. Impressive shot from a phone vid! Must’ve looked incredible at the EP.
  19. I purchased my 200p from FLO and could use it straight out the box. For collimation I only use the £5 collimation cap that they also sell. I find it a doddle to collimate.
  20. Clear skies if people are staying up for the shadow transit.
  21. Similarly to ingress, Ganymede’s image on the disc has become really diffuse and quite hard to see. Jupiter getting closer to a neighbour’s rooftop and chimney though. Hoping it clings on for egress where it might appear like a white dot on the darkening limb.
  22. Sounds like a superb scope Stu! I’m doing all my observing with my 80mm, I have a bad case of small aperture fever.
  23. Must say, Jupiter is looking resplendent at times. I can see up to 8 bands on occasion, 80x definitely the sweet spot, CA pretty negligible too.
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