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  1. Heading back tomorrow. He is a snap shot of Vega (0.01 s) taken from the Pixel Skies site. I will do a review of my experience here when I get back but it has been very positive. Regards Andrew
  2. Maybe one way to look at this is via extreme. If the focal ratio is effectively 0 then all light goes to one pixel. Max SNR min resolution. Extremely large focal ratio minimum SNR max resolution. Same diameter scope. Regards Andrew
  3. The only additional point I can make is the some use peak to peak values and others an average e.g. rms. Averages ,look better that p to p for the sa e optic. Regards Andrew
  4. All kit assembled and seems to be working. Polar alignment done and now doing a large Tpoint model. Then I need check the spectrograph alignment and should be ready of a real data run tomorrow if it is clear again. Rain forecast here while I am travelling back . Regards Andrew
  5. Each obs roof opens independently but in one piece per obs. The scope is set so the roof cannot hit the scope or mount in any position. It is a spectrograph see my thread "Simple transmission spectrograph " Just got the mount slewing Regards Andrew
  6. General view of observatories and the moon in a sky that has been clear all night. Regards Andrew
  7. Arrived but not got set up yet. The sky here is amazing. The threads of the Milky way are clear from horizon to horizon. The stars are as I remember them a a child under rural unlit skies . Nirvana for astronomers. More to follow with pictures tomorrow. Regards Andrew
  8. Yes spectrophotometry is exactly what I what to do! Not sure I can crack it but I will do the sums and experiment. The only other option I can think of is to use a photometric slit and rotate the instrument to suit! Something new to build... ...no stop it use what you have got. Regards Andrew
  9. Yesterday I set off for the south of France with broken cloud and some sunshine. As I approached the centre of France the storm clouds gathered and as I reached the A75 "sunshine route" it was doing an impression of the M62 on a wet bank holiday weekend but with less traffic. Had I made a big mistake? Today again started cloudy with some spits and spots of rain. However, as the A9 became the AP-7 at the Spanish boarder the clouds broke first into cotton balls, then buds and finally evaporated into a powder blue sky that has remained so all day. Relief. I have done the trip through France a dozen times but Spain was new and for the most part the traffic was light so I could enjoy the view . Quite stunning at times but green enough to show it must rain sometimes. Tomorrow I get to meet Colin and see the facilities. I am as excited as a 67 yr old cynic can be but with a touch of "I hope nothing important got damaged on the trip and did I forget anything". Hope to have more interesting content tomorrow. Regards Andrew
  10. For what it's worth I was going to experiment with various "flat" options once my new set up is up and running. I will report back in due course if I get anything worth sharing. Regards Andrew
  11. You can make a PRNU (pixel response non uniformity) "flat" as described by C Buil which can then be use. Don't have the reference to hand as access difficult on the road. When looking at IRAF examples they tended to apply different types of flat for different reasons. Low frequency for vignetting, higher for dust doughnuts, PRNU etc. Not saying you should do the especially for Star Analyser for the reasons Robin gave. Regards Andrew
  12. "I hope you got some nice CV measurements under your belt Jeremy" said he through gritted teeth. Regards Andrew
  13. Set off at 04:30 UCT and arrived at the Logis on the south of Chartres at 16:00 UCT. Traveling on Sunday was a good choice with even the M25 approximating a motorway rather than a car park. The only excitement was when a wild boar ran across the motorway near Evreux. It showed considerable skill in avoiding the light traffic but well beyond the skill of a domestic pig. The Cheshire permacloud extends all the way to Chartres but I hope to get out from under it as I head for the south of France tomorrow. Just had two beers with steak and chips at the local buffalo grill followed by a coffee with a petite au praline which was a close approximation to a Malteser. Now for some well deserved sleep. Regards Andrew
  14. Not much room to spare. All packed and ready for the off tomorrow morning. Regards Andrew
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