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  1. andrew s

    Possible mirror blanks

    If they are high quality optical flats then they might be worth a significant amount. Do you know what they were in and or the surface quality? If they are good you could sell them and get low expansion blanks or buy a mirror. Regards Andrew
  2. Harvard taking over from Flagstaff and one P Lowell. But, in this case we probably will never know for sure. Such a theory will help with speaking engagements on retirement though. Regards Andrew the cynic
  3. andrew s

    How has technology changed Astronomy for you

    In my youth I did the eye frozen to the eye piece thing. Spent hours star hopping to nowhere I intended. Nearly died of a heart attack when one of my cats leapt onto my back at 1 am. Got into spectroscopy, got automated, now it just works. I have never looked through my current scope . Each to his own Regards Andrew
  4. You can add weight to the front. Not pretty but I have used roofing lead. Regards Andrew
  5. andrew s

    Science in Astronomy Now

    As the OP I would like to welcome this post from Keith. I wish Astronomy Now well and I must say the answers in the latest edition were of a different league. I for my part accept Keith's apology. Regards Andrew
  6. andrew s

    Problem for Nasa

    Never mind now the problem has been posted here a member will soon post a solution. Regards Andrew
  7. andrew s

    16200 & RBI?

    RBI is more of a problem with deeper cooling. Anything lower than an absolute -30c could be an issue. Regards Andrew
  8. andrew s

    To Guide or Not to Guide

    Deleted due to misreading the post.
  9. Springer seem to price all there technical as opposed to popular science books at ridiculous prices. May be we could form a club to get a copy and pass it round. A book tontine! Regards Andrew
  10. andrew s

    Class D Amplifiers\Drivers.....

    I am not aware of any such use. I have two class D audio amps and they work just fine. Although one has a DC offset as part of the design! I am not sure they are ideal for the use you propose as they are not intended to have a DC output. It depends on exactly what you want to dive and the input it requires. Regards Andrew
  11. andrew s

    Bewitched Witch...

    Samantha would be proud of that with a twitch of her nose. Regards Andrew
  12. andrew s

    Is the market slow...? Or just Xmas?

    It is not about opinions it is about how much money someone will part with for an item. Obviously seller and customer must agree a price. If no one will pay the sellers price then it has no market value at that level. Yes it may have a personal value at that price to the seller but that is just that a personal subjective view not shared with the market. Regards Andrew
  13. andrew s

    Is the market slow...? Or just Xmas?

    It may have a minimum value to you but if you can't realise it what does that mean in the real world? Regards Andrew
  14. andrew s

    Quantum Physics

    Interestingly all interpretations of QM use the same mathematics to make predictions and so can't be separated by experiment. Interpretations are largely a matter of taste or philosophy. In addition electrons are never observed to be in two places at once. Regards Andrew
  15. andrew s

    Moving Mesu Mystery

    Maybe it was "much ado about nothing" though not for the OP. Regards Andrew

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