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  1. Just a thought, given the Borg scopes are modular I wonder if the 55mm refers to a specific configuration? Regards Andrew
  2. I think the most common use might be from The Sky X and MaxImDL if your mainly interested in amateur imaging. I am currently playing with astropy and anoconda/spider to do 3D plots of my Flare Star spectra. As this is new to me just find the data was a challenge! Now just have to reconstruct the wavelength scale and master plotting. Good luck with your work. Regards Andrew
  3. Try here https://fits.gsfc.nasa.gov/fits_dictionary.html . But there is no fixed use beyond the mandatory fields . Regards Andrew
  4. Good to get started. Hope the mount comes soon. Regards Andrew
  5. I prefer the original colour balance. Nice subject well framed. Regards Andrew
  6. The back focus is measured from the metal back of the scope to the chip not the front of the camera. What is defined as the metal back of the scope depends on the scope and or reducer. Regards Andrew
  7. I noticed you have a manual focuser. Is there any backlash? If so make sure any final adjustment is "in" i.e. lifting the image train against gravity. Also make sure it does not move once locked down or shift when locking it down. Regards Andrew
  8. Run it through CCDInspector. It has a free trial period and will give you some data to work with. Regards Andrew
  9. My thoughts exactly. It's the Philippe Patek of telescopes but I suspect without the large fan base given astronomy is a niche hobby. Regards Andrew
  10. Have you considered shifting the center of gravity with some lead or exercise weights? I did this to allow my 12" Newtonian to fit in my obs before upgrading. Regards Andrew
  11. While I do mine on scope I have a blank "shutter" in the filter wheel and I take them at night in a dark observatory with the roof shut. Regards Andrew
  12. I moved my kit to Pikel Skies in Castillejar Spain because of the weather in Cheshire. Regards Andrew
  13. Dim the panel with some sheets of white paper and use a longer exposure. Regards Andrew
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