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Newbie in Scotland


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Hi to everyone.

Have just moved up to Livingston from Birmingham.

amazed at what i can see with just my eyes.

am reading though Turn left at Orion.

Looking to get a scope soon but just so much choice.

Reading a lot of your posts to get a shortlist.

Big Dobsonion high up at the moment, but lots of others jockeying for position.


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Many thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.

I'm now busy trawling through all the good advice on the future purchase of my first scope.

Also busy reading through 'Turn left at Orion'. It'll be fantastic to be able to put it into practice sometime.

Trying really hard to stop myself rushing out and buying a scope,before i know exactly whats right for me.



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I was in the same position as you mate.. I went for practicality rather than a huge dobsonian, I wanted the Skyliner 300p Flexi-tube but the thought of trailing round a 12" dob by my self didn't seem that fun, so i chose the Meade ETX125PE GOTO, which is a fantastic scope, amazing optics and is easy as hell to move about, It only has a 5" apature but performs better than some 8", The GOTO is great if you are not sure where some objects in the sky are, all u gotta do is press a button and your away!

The scope you use the most will be the best one for you.

Plus i didn't go for the dob aswell cuz i couldn't fit the thing in the car... They are alot bigger than they look in the mags lol.

Food for thourght mate, hope you do well in finding your first scope, this is def the right place for advice.


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