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  1. Thanks David. I suspected that was the design, nice to see it works. I'll be building my micro obs this year and still pondering a few different roof designs. Gary
  2. Hi David, sorry to resurect an old post.... The problem getting the split roof to seal, how did you get round that? I am planning a small obs build just now and still to finalise my roof design, yours looks great. Cheers, Gary
  3. Hi Adam, thanks for the info. I since found out it's a qhy163c. I'll check out the atik Horizon now. Gary
  4. Howdy, Its been a while since I lasted posted in here, just getting back into imaging. I am still using a 1000d and think the its time I up'd my game and got a dedicated astro camera. I have been looking around all the various online shops and have a few cameras on my short list, most I can find reviews online for but I cant find any reviews, bad or good, for the Explore Scientific 16MP Deep Sky Astro camera. Anyone on here using one, or know of someone using one? Is it a good camera? Is it ascom compatible and can be controlled via any of the usual complete imaging sequence programs
  5. Howdy, Still on my mission buying my kit for my return to imaging. I want to use one of the new 'all in one' mount/camera control gadgets like the Stellarmate or ASIAir. I have done quite a bit of research on the ASIAir, which presently has limitations that are putting me off, mostly its inability to connect to a HEQ5 via eqmod to Skysafari, only through Synscan. This means I'd have to 3 star align the mount through the hand set before I could sync through plate solving to ASIAir. (maybe my understanding of this limitaion is flawed) Anyway, I have now found out about Stel
  6. Thanks, that might settle an argument I'm having with a work mate who is a Sony aficionado, lol
  7. They make their own sensors?
  8. Quick question.... Who manufactures the sensors used in canon cameras, esp 1000d?
  9. I had decided on this scope and dedicated flattener but this thread has put me off a bit. Was the problem ever resolved, and if so how? Gaz
  10. Decision made, I'm going for the Skywatcher 72ED and the ASI183MC Pro. I have seen some images taken with that camera and a similar 420mmfl scope on the ZWO Facebook page and it seems to be a nice combination. Still to decide on the mount but it'll be a eq5 or heq5, that little imaging package wont strain a eq5 so I wont rule that out. Thanks for the help and advice. Gaz
  11. As for what I will be using it for, widefield DSO stuff mainly, nebulae, some galaxies, star clusters etc.... I'd like to revisit most of the objects I've imaged before as its been a while. I will most likely be buying either a new eq5pro ar a 2nd hand heq5pro..... I know how good the heq5 is as I've had them in the past..... I haven't had much experience with the eq5, other than I had a cg5gt a while back and it was a nightmare to guide.... If I go for the eq5pro I hope its better than the cg5gt. Thanks, Gaz
  12. Now that is a nice wee scope, and a good price.... definately a contender.... Going by what you guys were talking about up there it should go nicely with the ASI183MC Pro..... Thanks, Gaz
  13. Thanks Louise, I nice short frac won't put too much strain on the mount either... Now if only I could pick up a nice wee zs66, lol..... Gaz
  14. Thanks for the informaion guys..... But you have sent me off on a tangent now, lol.... What if I were to change my choice of scope to a SW80ed? Would that then make the 183mc worth considering. (or any of the other 80ed's that are available) That combo would cost a bit less than the 130pds/294mc combo? Gaz
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