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  1. I had decided on this scope and dedicated flattener but this thread has put me off a bit. Was the problem ever resolved, and if so how? Gaz
  2. gary1968

    ZWO ASI294MC

    Decision made, I'm going for the Skywatcher 72ED and the ASI183MC Pro. I have seen some images taken with that camera and a similar 420mmfl scope on the ZWO Facebook page and it seems to be a nice combination. Still to decide on the mount but it'll be a eq5 or heq5, that little imaging package wont strain a eq5 so I wont rule that out. Thanks for the help and advice. Gaz
  3. gary1968

    ZWO ASI294MC

    As for what I will be using it for, widefield DSO stuff mainly, nebulae, some galaxies, star clusters etc.... I'd like to revisit most of the objects I've imaged before as its been a while. I will most likely be buying either a new eq5pro ar a 2nd hand heq5pro..... I know how good the heq5 is as I've had them in the past..... I haven't had much experience with the eq5, other than I had a cg5gt a while back and it was a nightmare to guide.... If I go for the eq5pro I hope its better than the cg5gt. Thanks, Gaz
  4. gary1968

    ZWO ASI294MC

    Now that is a nice wee scope, and a good price.... definately a contender.... Going by what you guys were talking about up there it should go nicely with the ASI183MC Pro..... Thanks, Gaz
  5. gary1968

    ZWO ASI294MC

    Thanks Louise, I nice short frac won't put too much strain on the mount either... Now if only I could pick up a nice wee zs66, lol..... Gaz
  6. gary1968

    ZWO ASI294MC

    Thanks for the informaion guys..... But you have sent me off on a tangent now, lol.... What if I were to change my choice of scope to a SW80ed? Would that then make the 183mc worth considering. (or any of the other 80ed's that are available) That combo would cost a bit less than the 130pds/294mc combo? Gaz
  7. gary1968

    ZWO ASI294MC

    I bought the 120mc S for planetary and guiding
  8. gary1968

    ZWO ASI294MC

    Thanks Adam, looks like I'll have to budget a bit more and go for the 294mc pro.....
  9. gary1968

    ZWO ASI294MC

    I could get a cooled 295, its just shy of a grand though........
  10. gary1968

    ZWO ASI294MC

    Howdy, Not been on here in a long time, no time for astronomy due to family etc, and a dwindling enthusiasm, anyway........ I am now looking to get back into imaging and will be purchasing kit for this over the coming few months. I intend to drive the system with the new ASIair. It will be guided by a small scope and a ZWO120mc S Imaging scope will more than likely be a SW130pds and I am torn between 2 cameras, the ZWO183mc or ZWO295mc. As I said I will be using the ASIair so it would have to be a ZWO camera, I have no interest in mono/rgb/narrow band imaging so it will have to be OSC camera. I like the look of the 295mc over the 183 as it has a larger chip and bigger pixels, whats you guys thoughts on this? I am also undecided on the normal or pro version of the camera.... The 183mc pro is a similar price to the 295mc, the pro being cooled, but the 295 has the better(?) chip. I look forward to yuor replys........ Gaz
  11. gary1968

    EQ3 Pro Synscan GOTO mount (Bedfordshire, UK)

    Ah OK mate, you are too far away from me to collect so I guest I'll have to pass on it. Thanks anyway. Gaz
  12. gary1968

    EQ3 Pro Synscan GOTO mount (Bedfordshire, UK)

    I'd av had that if you were closer......... sure you cant/wont post? gary
  13. gary1968


    Thanks for help folks, got a reply from flo.... Telling me the scope had been dispatched, it was delivered half an hour later so looks like I was being impatient... Gaz
  14. gary1968


    Howdy, long time since I was on here, been out of astronomy for a coule of years. I ordered a new scope and a focus mask from FLO on monday, both marked as in stock but I have had no correspondance from them since. I have emailed them today asking when I am likely to see the goods but no reply as yet. Does anyone know if they are closed this week, or am I just being impatient? TIA, Gaz
  15. gary1968

    Controlling scope through APT

    Still waiting for the sky to clear........ Sent from my Vodafone Smart 4 turbo using Tapatalk

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