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  1. By chance had the day off today. Some nice views between patches of cloud.
  2. Yes it's quite possible the sound was unrelated and its apparent closeness was because it was so bright. That would also explain redfox1971 seeing it too.
  3. It definitely wasn't a firework as it was a bright point light travelling in a straight line, with a downward trajectory, for a reasonable distance before popping. It also did not explode like a firework but more like something breaking apart.
  4. I just stepped out of my front door at 18:00 and saw a very bright object travelling very rapidly roughly east to west. It then exploded (more like a pop) , I heard a small detonation a fraction of a second after seeing the 'pop' so it wasn't far away. I'm in the north west of Coventry, did anyone else see anything?
  5. Got my copy from FLO yesterday, looking forward to reading it.
  6. Managed to dodge the clouds briefly and pleased with the new bins. Collimation seems to be ok, saw Jupiter with three of it's moons also the Orion Nebula. Found I can hold them fairly steady but would like to get a monopod, although I'll need to find a tall one as I'm 6'3". I think these are going to be great for casual viewing and to take away on holidays etc.
  7. My pair of Revelation 15 x 70 arrived today, along with horizon to horizon cloud
  8. Hi jnb, there is a plate welded to the top of the pier the same diameter as the pier top that the pier top bolts to.
  9. Yes the main advantage of a pier is stability and of course you don't have to polar align every time you set up.
  10. It's been a long time since I posted pics of the pier and I've just realised I never posted pictures of the finished obsy. So here's the monstrosity as swmbo calls it (the flowers are her 'suggestion')
  11. This is one of my cases, I covered the foam with fabric to stop it breaking up.
  12. I was looking at getting a pair of the Celestrons, glad I saw this post, think I'll go for the Revelations instead!
  13. I think getting some better quality eps would be the right way to go. The Baader Hyperions are so much better than the standard supplied eps.
  14. I wonder what they thought the mount was supposed to do???
  15. Well looked outside last night and thought what a lovely sky it was, no work in the morning and no need to get up early. So for the first time in well over a year (maybe two) I actually managed to get the scope out! Lovely 45 minutes observing Jupiter and about 10 minutes on Orion Nebula before the clouds started rolling in. Made me remember why I started this hobby :-)
  16. Just heard the sad news. Can't believe that Sir Patrick has gone, I wish I could have thanked him for introducing me to the wonders of the night sky.
  17. I doubt many would be happy if every science program were produced in the same style, whether that's Sir Patricks or Prof. Cox or anywhere inbetween. Personally I'm glad the BBC spends so much on what a lot of less enlightened people would consider a waste of time and money. Let's be honest the BBC employs Prof. Cox not the other way round and wouldn't be splashing the cash on a product they weren't completely happy with.
  18. Don't know what the quality of these is like but at half price they may be worth a look. Vivitar Classic 8x50 Full Sized Binoculars | Ebuyer.com If anyone has these perhaps they could post if they're any good or not? Just had a scout around on google and the reviews for these don't look good, sounds like the optics and build quality are poor so probably best to avoid, sorry
  19. I was watching those as well, wondered what they were :). Could just make out the GRS.
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