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  1. My choice would be "Skywatcher Heritage-130p Flextube"
  2. Binoviewer

    Thanks Peter, What do you mean by long focus eyepieces ?
  3. Binoviewer

    Has any one tried binoviewers in an Solar Max 60, are there any focusing issues ?
  4. Farewell to Green Witch

    Sad to see them go. I have bought quite a few bits and bobs from them over the years with no problems at all.
  5. Sol in Ha - 2017-10-30

    Looking forward to seeing this inner tube fix, I suffer from wicked NR
  6. How good are Meade SCTs?

    My first SCT was a little ETX90 at the time was very impressed with it, our first gimps of Saturn was seen using this scope and we were like kids jumping up and down saying how tiny but perfect the image was. Sold this to buy a big refractor. Years later I bought a Celestron C8, loved it focusing was a breeze. So both scopes have given me great trouble free service. If you asked me which brand I would pick for future SCT purchases it would be Celestron.
  7. In the past when I had an observatory and the full kit, connection, tracking and many other electronic gremlins plagued me. I did manage a couple of times to have a perfect imaging session but then ill health forced me to pack it all in BUT recently the observing bug took hold and decided to go as low tech as possible, my big bins are easy just plonk them on a mount and go. The SM60 was also simple on a manual ALT, Az mount however I wanted to image the Sun and back to setting the new go/to mount good enough for good tracking, the mount is WI FI operated and the camera has a usb cable to a laptop. No major issues with the electronics but need to do better at setting the mount up for good tracking.
  8. Sol in Ha - 2017-10-27

    This could be the answer to the huge Newton Rings in my images. the only problem I can see is focus.
  9. Skywatcher GTi mount

    Have just ordered one, unfortunately the tripod and extension have to be sold with the head. looking forward to its arrival .
  10. Skywatcher extras?

    A Telrad or Rigel RDF + a couple of decent eyepieces.
  11. I am baffled, took some solar frames awhile ago with a GP-CAM mono and after stacking managed to false colour the image in PS levels RGB. Now with new data PS levels only provides GREY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP
  12. SGL2017 Picture thread

    Thanks for sharing your pics and the brilliant video Gav, brings back fond memories of our trip Luksal a few years back. Miss you guys and gals.
  13. how far

    Not how many miles but how many photons, we astronomers are light gatherers.
  14. Fed up

    Fed up, well I got fed up withe the light pollution in my backyard plus my knees started to give up the ghost SO sold my observatory and all my astro gear. 3 years later still busting to observe i have gone SOLAR, white light and Ha, now they tell me the Sun is in a quiet spell grrrrrrrrrrrr