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  1. Sorry to hear you are laid up in hospital kirkster501 hope you are out of there soon. it may glorious sunshine in Ireland but apart from 3 days it has been almost permanent cloud cover here.
  2. Ha Ha, not laughing at you kirkster, it is the fact that I have bought a solar scope and not seen the sun for ages.
  3. I was fortunate enough to have been taught soldering at a very early age so may I pass on some tips that may help you. First off, both surfaces to be soldered must be clean and free of grease, if you are not using flux cored solder you will have to apply flux to both surfaces, the next step is to TIN each part " apply a thin film of solder ". It is important to let the solder FLOW an not blob, finally place the two together and heat, you may need to feed the joint with solder to fill the joint. DONE. I hope this helps and above all practice.
  4. I was thinking this morning how fortunate we are to have overseas members who can remind us with there observations and images how the sky really looks these days. We in the Southeast UK have been driven to discussing the colour of our focusing knobs an whether they are plastic or metal or flipping through our old images. What I am trying to say is THIS WEATHER IS PANTS.
  5. One thing I find will help is a really steady mount. Nothing worse than a wobbly mount.
  6. Had an opportunity to view our Sun today. First up the good, white light with the 100mm APM binoculars, at last some action as in a couple of Sun spots, second the bad, got the Coranado SM60 out, diddly squat grrrrrrrr. Yes there is a big red ball in the sky but no proms or sign of the sun spots. So disappointed with this scope, it is a shame there is no one in the UK to sort it out.
  7. Hi Starflyer, was this taken at the Salisbury starparty ?
  8. I can not believe this weather, I went and changed to mostly Solar last year and the equipment is just sitting there gathering dust, grrrrrrrr
  9. My choice would be "Skywatcher Heritage-130p Flextube"
  10. Thanks Peter, What do you mean by long focus eyepieces ?
  11. Has any one tried binoviewers in an Solar Max 60, are there any focusing issues ?
  12. Sad to see them go. I have bought quite a few bits and bobs from them over the years with no problems at all.
  13. Looking forward to seeing this inner tube fix, I suffer from wicked NR
  14. My first SCT was a little ETX90 at the time was very impressed with it, our first gimps of Saturn was seen using this scope and we were like kids jumping up and down saying how tiny but perfect the image was. Sold this to buy a big refractor. Years later I bought a Celestron C8, loved it focusing was a breeze. So both scopes have given me great trouble free service. If you asked me which brand I would pick for future SCT purchases it would be Celestron.
  15. In the past when I had an observatory and the full kit, connection, tracking and many other electronic gremlins plagued me. I did manage a couple of times to have a perfect imaging session but then ill health forced me to pack it all in BUT recently the observing bug took hold and decided to go as low tech as possible, my big bins are easy just plonk them on a mount and go. The SM60 was also simple on a manual ALT, Az mount however I wanted to image the Sun and back to setting the new go/to mount good enough for good tracking, the mount is WI FI operated and the camera has a usb cable to a la
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