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  1. Thanks Alan.
  2. I have access to 3 canon DSLR cameras, a 650d, 7d and 5d mk111, which would be best for astro imaging pixel wise ?
  3. Just a though, if you buy new would you still need to hypertune ?
  4. I did have a little dovetail clamp which weight could be added to, it is clamped to the objective end of the dovetail and slid back and forth to achieve balance, not to sure where I got it from though.
  5. I have a Rigel quick finder and i like it very much. One advantage is the viewing window is quite tall which means you can get a better head angle along the main scope plus a small footprint.
  6. Focus seems to be the problem, try a 25mm or nearest to it then have ago. Make sure your finder scope is in line with the main scope, best done during the day on a distant object. Good luck.
  7. Mmmmmmmmmm very interesting, beats lugging a car booster about.
  8. I did laugh at your extension 0030, my old 10" dob has a little trap door just above the primary, very handy for such jobs. Rocket blowers rule.
  9. Well unless someone out there knows different, it seems the Ioptron Minitower can not be operated by an Ipad. EEEEEEEK
  10. Thats made my day, love these How its made vids. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Well done Pete, I to have just restarted but in a much smaller way. CLEAR SKIES.
  12. These street lights are a flipping pain, our council decided to switch of at midnight, now after many complaints about security they switch of at 1am. I love showing kids the night sky but who is going to let there children stay up to 1am.
  13. Stunning, thanks for sharing.
  14. Welcome to SGL JEF.
  15. Help, I have an Ioptron minitower v2 and Skysafari 4 on my Ipad Air, how the heck can I make the Ipad work the minitower. I have benn doing some reserach and it seems I need an RS port which the minitower does not have. Really want to make this work as it seems such a useful system.