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  1. 15 minutes .

    Put my head out of the back door and noticed clear skies, AT LAST. My son assisted in the set up of the heavy duty Manfrotto tripod and my 100mm APMs, popped the 18mm eyepieces in and headed straight to Andromeda then the double cluster thinking this could be a good session, looked to the West and noticed the sky covered in thick cloud GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR so packed it all away again. 15 minutes.
  2. RDF placement.

    Tonight was the first time the mirror was put to use and guess what ?????? a huge bank of cloud covered the sky GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Not to sure if it works yet although the position is perfect.
  3. RDF placement.

    Being very frustrated at not finding objects in the sky with my 100mm 90deg binoculars and not sure about using a green laser finder, NE Essex is the M25 of the airways day and night plus the frequent visit by the Police Chopper, so I was very pleased to see a simple fix by Geoff of a 45deg piece of wood with an acrylic mirror attached to the RDF with magnets. So I made one of these detachable mirror RDF's and mounted it to the handle of the binoculars where the mounting holes are, BIG problem !!! to view the 45deg mirror I had to stretch my head half way up the bins to see, very awkward. After some pondering on how to overcome this problem a simple solution came to mind. A square piece of hard wood was planed to size and the RDF was screwed to one end, then it was a simple case of moving the assembly to a suitable position, MUCH MUCH better just lift my head and look over the eyepieces. Job done.
  4. 90deg red dot finder

    Thank you Geoff for this simple fix, here is my version how ever I had great difficulty in using the RDF due to the fixed position on the binoculars, however I fixed this issue with another simple solution which will be shown in the DIY section.
  5. Hi Graham, you could try the Clacton & District Astronomical Association. but
  6. Filters for LED lighting pollution

    The only way I can eliminate any of the massive light pollution in my back yard is to wait till 10.30pm for the leisure centre flood lights to turn of then 1am for the street lights.
  7. Windows 10

    Hello Michael, packed it all in a couple of years ago, sold campervan and observatory BUT could not resist the pull of the stars so bought a pair of 100mm binoculars. I am with you on the if it aint broke dont fix it, just wondered what the forum thought.
  8. Windows 10

    Not to sure if this topic has been discussed before but what are your views on windows 10 ?. I did try it when it was offered free but hated the thing so took it of my laptop back to win7. My tech guy keeps saying I should use it WHY ?
  9. Best sky app

    + for Sky Safari
  10. I aquired a pair of 7mm Altair Lightwave Premium Long Eye Relief Eyepiece 68° FOV this morning for my APM ed 100mm binoclars. 1st impression they are huge, twice the length of the supplied 18mm but not to heavy though, the binoculars still seem to be reasonably balanced. After waiting an hour for the clouds to disappear and the sports ground floodlights to switch of I started to observe. The view through the 7mm was quite dark plus the stars were wizzing past the FOV. The other thing I noticed was the slightest touch sent the outfit shaking, fortunately due to the heavy tripod the view dampened down quickly. The great thing about giant binoculars is that you can use one side with 18mm as a finder scope and the other for the 7mm. What are my initial thoughts, well to be fair I was just checking these out on any stars that i could find so will have to spend a couple of hours finding suitable targets to test these eyepieces out.
  11. 90deg red dot finder

    That is a great solution Geoff. Where did you get the 40mm acrylic mirror from ?
  12. Where have all the Essex boys gone ?

    Any further east and I will be in Belgium, shame really in my younger days I would drive anywhere at anytime, not now though way to many nutters on the road.
  13. I have these 100mm binoculars with 90deg eyepieces and found looking through the built in sight near impossible. I do not really want to use a large right angle finder as these could upset the balance of the mount plus there is nowhere to mount one, so has anyone any ideas on a red dot finder with a 90deg view ?
  14. Where have all the Essex boys gone ?

    Still about, got rid of the obsy and all my astro gear a couple of years back BUT could not give up astronomy so just bought some BIG bins. Any one around the Clacton area want to meet up so I can try these big boys out.
  15. Binocular eyepiece choice.

    It seems the Televue 9mm Delite is top of the list, I was looking at the Explore Scientific 8.8. What do you folks with big bins think before I take out a second mortgage ?