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  1. Hi, Not sure if you're still following this topic anyone, but I'm struggling with my Mammut and PHD. I've got ASCOM, downloaded and installed the drivers. However, when I boot PHD and select a camera there's a problem. I go to 'ASCOM' camera, as Mammut doesn't appear on the PHD list, and it can't find a camera. When I look at my ASCOM profile page, the Mammut doesn't appear on the drop-down list of camera drivers, and yet my PC keeps telling me the installation of the driver is successful!!?? Any ideas? Cheers in advance, Stef
  2. Dear All, I have a CG5 AGT mount which no longer works (the RA drive stopped working on it about a year ago). I no longer have the hand controller either. However, I was wondering if it could be saved somehow - even if I only used it manually. Apart from the hand controller, it's all still intact. Can it be taken apart and rebuilt and I just buy an RA drive to put in (I don't mind if it's no longer goto)? I am a bit of a novice at DIY, so is this relatively easy? Cheers for any advice. Stef
  3. I used to own a Watec too. Fantastic little camera. However, they seem to be in short supply at the mo. Bern at Modern Astronomy told me they were waiting for the new version, but it is yet to materialise. However, in the meantime, I was also told of the Brightstar Mammut (which has cooling!) - might be worth a look too. Stef
  4. Dear All, I´m not sure if a review goes here or not as you can´t actually buy telescope equipment from these guys, you buy time. For those of you not in the know, iTelescope used to be called Global-Rent-a-Scope (GRAS for short). You purchase a monthly plan of points which then contribute towards telescope time. Their telescopes (and there are several to choose from) are situated in New Mexico, Nerpio (Spain:)) and new ones are coming in Australia. Times can be booked in advance or done ´live´. I am told that in the past, the systems were difficult to use and there was a steep learning curve.
  5. As the others have said already some really helpful tips and guides. Thanks Mel. Stef:D
  6. hiya, Just had a look on Amazon. I have an acer netbook (the cheapest one!!!). The DMK is at home, but I´m pretty sure it´s 6 pin firewire. Anyway, is this the sort of thingy you mean: High Grade - PCMCIA card with 1x 4pin and 2x 6pin: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics I´m looking at Amazon because their delivery to this part of Spain is usually pretty reliable. Cheers for all the help:). Stef
  7. Thanks, guys. I´ll look into it.
  8. Hi All, Any ideas for a converter? I´ve got a DMK31 with a firwire connection, but my netbook doesn´t have a firwire port. I´ve looked at Amazon, but reviews are mixed. Anyone got/used a converter or can advise? Cheers, Stef
  9. Oh no....:-( I'd better give them a call. Cheers, Stef
  10. Hi All, I know there are frequent questions re collimation on astro forums, I've answered a fair share. However, I've encountered something with my scope that I've not seen before and am a bit concerned... I noticed comet tails on stellar images, so thought it was time to sort the collimation out...out came the allen key. I defocused the imaged and noticed the black circle was towards the edge of the donut. No problem, I thought, just got through the usual routine I've done many times before....However, I then noticed that the donut itself was not circular but in fact kidney bean shaped (very
  11. Hi All, I´ve been looking into options for processing my photos. I´ve used GIMP (which is free!!!) but found that a lot of info is lost when my 16bit images are converted to 8bit. I´ve done the free trial of Astroart, but it doesn´t seem to work as well as GIMP and certainly doesn´t stack my images as well as DSS did (although, admittedly, it was quicker). What should I try next? The Adobe website (for PS) shows a bewildering amount of software and I don´t know which to trial. I´ve heard of Pixinsight, but it looks a bit steep (in terms of cost). Suggestions, pros and cons would be much appre
  12. A great stacking program that I use is Deep Sky Stacker (often referred to here as DSS). It´s a bit slow, but you can´t argue with the cost....free!!! Download off the internet.
  13. Hi All, I got another 10mins of OIII and SII respectively. I've also changed the colours to the Hubble palette. GIMP processing. I'm pleased with it, given the small number of subs and that it's the first time I've processed images. Anyway, here it is and cheers for looking! Stef M1 Hubble palette.tif
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