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  1. Hoping to be down that way next weekend, so I shall call into the campsite. BTW, I was at the cottage the past few days and managed to get a sky quality meter average reading of 21.83 on Thursday night. Pretty dark and it's only two fields away from Drumroamin campsite. Cheers, Martin
  2. That's helpful. I need to do the same with mine and I think I have a SW dovetail somewhere. My Megrez 72 is my grab and go scope and I now have it on a Giro mini with counterweight bar and weight, so your solution should make it balance perfectly.
  3. I'll be popping into the star party as I have a place nearby. I've been to the harbour inn in Garlieston, didn't think much of it. The Steam Packet Inn in the Isle of Whithorn is really nice, but a distance. Wigtown has a couple of pubs, one of which is in the CAMRA guidebook for 2012, but can't remember which one - lol. Hopefully catch up with you all, especially the CSOG'ers, a week on Friday. Cheers, Martin
  4. Thanks for that. Maybe this time I won't miss Sky at Night
  5. I saw a bright one about an hour and a half ago. I'd just popped outside, looked up to see a whitey, yellowish one streak across the sky - nice. Martin
  6. Yup, that's Neil English, of Astronomy now fame. He is a poster here. I have his Skywatcher 12" Flextube Dob. Collected from him in person. Nice guy to do business with. Cheers, Martin
  7. I'm sure it is mine and i've already informed the police. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for the heads up here and from a guy who saw my ad on uk astro buy sell. Cheers, Martin
  8. Unfortunately, it was stored in the box it came in and the serial number has gone with it. Thankfully, I didn't buy it new, but I am peeved as NickH looked through it at SGL6 and told me it was a good 'un (sub 0.8 Angstrom, he said). Grrr. I might get the serial number from the guy who sold it to me, but the chances of a PST turning up at a pawn shop are next to nothing, I'd guess, so if one does, it's defo mine.
  9. Dear fellow SGL'ers, I had my PST stolen from the boot of my car last night in Glasgow (along with other stuff, including brand new popcorn maker and Nerf gun). If you are offered one second hand in Glasgow or surrounding areas, please contact me (especially if they offer you free popcorn!). Thanks, Martin Mods, if this is the wrong place please fee free to move it
  10. Hi Craig, That is a little 'little dumbell'. Nice though and you can make out the structure of the 'loops'. See you on Friday at Kielder ! Cheers, Martin
  11. Hi Jeff, There's the central scotland observers group. Great bunch of guys and girls and they meet up fairly regularly in the winter. There's a place just outside of Livingston where they meet and is not that far from you. See the link here: Central Scotland Observers Group Forum - Index Cheers, Martin
  12. Nice, I'd read that they were getting close around now. Hoped someone would catch it. Cheers, Martin
  13. I agree that EP sets are wasteful. I had the original Revelation set with an F10 SCT (where they performed, fine due to the long focal length) but even then only used about half of the EP's. Spend your money on a couple of halfway decent EP's (SW Nirvanas or Baader Hyperions), and I'd suggest something in the 25 to 32mm range, along with something in the 9 to 13mm range. I'd then look out for some 2nd hand orthos (lots of good ones to choose from) to give you higher power on the planets. You can add a Revelation barlow to that list and you'd be sorted for a while, at least. Hope that helps, Martin
  14. Really worthwhile animation Kev. Cheers, Martin
  15. Very nice Kathleen. Must have a stab myself. Cheers, Martin
  16. Hi Adz, Very similar to my own collection (35mm and 22mm Pans, 11mm Nagler, 7mm BGO and a 2" Meade 5000 Telextender) for use in my 12" Dob. I know what you mean about eye placement and blackouts with the 35mm, consequently I use the 22mm more often. Cheers, Martin
  17. Hi Martin Been off the forum for a couple of weeks so only just saw this. I love this image, and made much more powerful by the inclusion of the star map illustration. Please don't 'hubble' it. Cheers, Martin
  18. Very interesting review, thank you for posting it. I see it didn't make much of a splash at the time, but maybe now that Lidl have these bino's back in for £49, maybe it will. Thanks again, I'm off to Lidl! Martin
  19. 72mm Megrez and a 300mm Flextube dob. The little 'un fits in a small peli case and goes through as hand luggage.
  20. Pete, That's so cool! Martin
  21. Loving the outer halo stuff! Martin
  22. Sorry, I'm with Earl on this one. Steve, get off t'internet and answer the phone.
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