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  1. Ah Ok that's what it was, moved it to a temp folder and it works ok. Seems a bit of a clunky app though, although maybe just takes getting used to after Pixinsight
  2. I have downloaded the trial of StarTools but cant run the 64bit version as it says it cant find the resources file. I can run the 32bit version but this does not let me edit my ASI1600 images as they are too big....
  3. I have often thought that it should be possible to completely fix stars (and anything else in the frame) in software. CCD Inspector (and other apps) can work out the field curvature, so why after working it out can they not apply the opposite to correct the frame?
  4. I was not sure if it was IFN or light pollution! I have been trying to get rid of it, hence why I had originally clipped the blacks - how can I tell if it is IFN? and how do I process it if it is?
  5. Figured out how to change the orange to red!
  6. OK - How does the background look on this version?
  7. wish I could figure out how to get the Ha region to be red in the galaxy
  8. Maybe need to still do a little on the background as well. V3 coming later!
  9. Cant leave it alone! Did another colour balance and then SCNR Noise Reduction, I think the galaxies are a little more erm… 'normal'
  10. This is the first image taken from my new dark sky site at Tummel Valley caravan park in deepest Perthshire in Scotland. The site does have some lighting, some of it quite high intensity LED but none of it directly shines on my caravan though. This was 15XL and 10X R, G & B as well as 9 Ha (Which Im not sure was worth doing) all subs were 5 mins long. Taken with a ZWO ASI1600Mono and a WO ZS73 on an HEQ5 Pro. All processing done in Pixinsight, apart from a wee bit of desaturation of the big galaxy as it got oversaturated when adding the Ha, which I did in Photoshop! Comments & criticism greatly accepted ?
  11. Cool, that was more or less the answer I was looking for! Thanks for confirming
  12. I got a William Optics ZS73 a few months ago and now only getting round to use it due to the weather! Anyway, I noticed last night that I can see the lens cell supports as shadows round stars, is this normal or should I ask for a replacement?
  13. Lovely as usual! Can you post the Ha image? Just intrigued to see what you caught in Ha only.
  14. Amazing image, cant wait to see the colour as well
  15. I sometimes get stars like that when I have not switched on my cooling fan in the Newt - tube currents......
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