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  1. Are there any images with this scope yet? Thinking of getting one and using my old 1000d as an imaging setup when I’m t my static caravan
  2. blinky

    Qhy8l help.

    I have the same problem with my QHY8 - I bought a goo quality USB cable, then as has been mentioned, cable tied it to the camera so that the socket does not move even if the scope is slewed.
  3. If the aero EP is still available, I will take it.
  4. blinky

    What spring?

    Maybe that’s it, just need a bit of practice!
  5. blinky

    What spring?

    Not being very mechanically minded I’m after some assistance from those that are.... I swapped out the cross head screws in my Skywatcher 300mm dob with little thumbscrews. I was out last night and had a heck of a time getting it to collimate and I’m thinking if I addd some springs to the screws it would provide a bit of force to make collimating the secondary a bit easier (so makrpe it th3 dame as the primary mirror, with a stew next to each adjuster). I’m just unsure what I need, anybody got a link to something suitable on fleabay?
  6. Completed - please remove to sold section
  7. Would be the worlds biggest padded envelope if it did!
  8. I'm selling my Skywatcher 300p Flextube with full goto and dual encoders (once aligned you can use it in push to mode, then no need to realign to use gotjo again). Comes complete with an Astrozap light shroud and Telrad. I have also added a couple of dew controllers to the base of the unit and have bonded a couple of resistors to the secondary to prevent dew. The power socket has been replaced with a speakon plug/socket which clicks/locks into place - nothing worse than the power socket coming loose just after you align! The scope also comes with a base that has large lockable casters to allow for easy transportation and setup. I have a strip of glow wire round the base and a switch to save you banging into it when out observing and the scope comes with a rechargeable battery pack. Can deliver in the Edinburgh and surrounding area or further afield if you want to pay for my diesel - Price is £900
  9. blinky


    This is around 5 hrs in 10 min subs on M51, I cropped it so get a bit closer in on M51 itself. Getting the background correct was the tricky bit as I wanted to keep the outer dust from the collision, did a wee bit of sharpening on the galaxy core as well. Imaged with QHY8 and Altair 8" F4 Newt
  10. I have extracted and sharpened, deconvolved an M51 image Im working on but for the life of me I cant see the LRGB combination tool in Pixinsight! When I open Chanel Combination it only shows RGB, what am I missing?
  11. It was 3 min subs X 9 if I remember - the camera is a QHY8 OSC so no ISO etc
  12. But how did you calculate this?
  13. I found this page - https://spacedoutclassroom.com/2016/01/04/the-distance-modulus-method/ Which works out the distance to Fomalhaut by getting the antilog (this is all new to me BTW) of the distance modulus (I think) which is 1.72 for this star. However the galaxy Im interested in has a distance modulus of 45.41, getting the antilog of this gives me this - 2.5703957828e+45 parsec which seems wrong. The previous page said there is 3.26 Lightyears per parsec, so multiplying the previous figure by that gives me 8.37+45 Lightyears, I assume I have done something wrong?

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