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  1. its solid red, although not very bright
  2. I can select the camera in PHD but it wont connect - I think the issue is that windows device manager shows it as an unknown device.
  3. shows as unknown deice in device manager
  4. Nope that did not work - PHD just says no camera. Never had this many problems installing a USB device! I did try the QHY5 driver just in case but that did not work either
  5. Hi Dave-T has very kindly lent me a Starshoot autoguider whilst my Lodestar is being repaired, however I cannot get the driver to install on either Windows 7 or Windows 10! Did as they say, installed the driver first then plugged it in but Windows just keeps saying unknown device.
  6. Excellent.,for some stupid reason (probably the panic of it all) I thought it was made by qhy! Of course it starlight express, feel stupid now but will get in touch and hopefully get it fixed ASAP. Dave is going to give me a loan of a guide cam in the meantime as well, at least it's early in the season, only just getting dark enough in Scotland
  7. That would be great! Will drop you a PM....
  8. Discovered my Lodestar has blown a diode - THink thats all as it does still connect to the laptop and take images but they are just noise. Anyway, I opened it up and can see a surface mount diode D4 is blown. Just wondered if anybody has had stuff repaired by QHY and how did it go? Gutted though as at the very least it will take weeks to send back for repair and in the mean time I wont be able to image - Anybody have a spare they can lend? Craig
  9. blinky

    July Lunar Eclipse

    No chance of seeing it up in Edinburgh then?
  10. blinky

    Qhy8l last night

    I have loose contacts on mine but the cable clamp works a treat. Also if it is a dodgy cable. It will usually disconnect from Windows and you will hear the bing bong as it does so. I still suspect its actually OK and is a driver issue. I have a laptop that I can't get mine to work on but my other 2 are fine
  11. blinky

    new to imaging few pictures

    Good spot!
  12. blinky

    Qhy8l last night

    Where are you based? I have a QHY8 and have had it for years so know of its foibles! It does look like its faulty but I would be happy to take a look and see how I get on with it before you send it all the way it China. Have you spoken to the person you bought it from? Ask them if they know what gain/offset they used and what app etc. I’m in Edinburgh BTW, if you are anywhere near....
  13. blinky

    new to imaging few pictures

    Good start! Some lovely images there. Advice, not sure, they are pretty dam good, focus is bang on and so is guiding. Maybe you could have a look at talking and subtracting flat frames for a few of the images as that would get rid of some of the uneven illumination but really, they are very nice images and you should be proud of them.
  14. blinky

    Celestron C6-N ota

    How much for the scope and the mount?
  15. blinky

    Adaptors for QHY8

    You wont need an extension - I use my QHY8 with an SCT, I use a SCT to 2" Adapter

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