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  1. Just to conclude this - it was away for around 2 weeks, RVO sent it back to WO - here is a quick snap from last night, loads of cloud about, but I think the stars are fixed now!
  2. Yeah I had one and ended up selling it on - could not get it to not bind when slewing. Only recently I read that they did not work with every mount! As has been mentioned, Aeroquest are no longer running nowadays
  3. blinky


    Yours is lovely Carole, think info get the chance I will grab some rgb for it. It's a nice target and well placed at the moment
  4. Cant really find much info or many images on this one - 46X5min subs ASI1600 Mono in Ha with my F4 newt (Now collimated, well nearly!)
  5. I think I have one, let me check......
  6. I think the mono version looks like a brain, especially with that extra filament that looks like a part of the brain stem... Very nice as always Ollie!
  7. Looks good, think you might not be on the latest version of SGP - the focus has improved in it
  8. although it does look look perfect the primary mirror far was not on and there were tube currents about
  9. Managed to borrow a good collimator and do a final tweak, think its nailed now
  10. I wont be able to get any O3 or SII as the WO ZS73 is on its way back to Taiwan as the screws are too tight in the cell. This is a combination of last year and this years data - come to think of it I have O3/Sii from last year..... Anyway, a little under 5hours in 5min subs with the ZS73 and ASI1600 mono with ZWO Ha filter. I always think the dark clouds look like animals - I can see an Ostrich/Peacock, a man on the back of a Camel and also some leaping Cats?
  11. Cheers! Took all night, what I eventually did was back off the 3 small screws on the secondary right into the body then brought the secondary mirror back so it was also flush against the body. This meant I had a ‘square’ flush mirror and found it was easier to start from here. I think the root of the problem, was that the secondary was too far down the tube and I needed a lot of tilt in it, bringing it back in, it only took a few minutes to fix as everything just seemed a lot rounder, due to not having massive tilt on the mirror.
  12. Right,cleaned primary and put it back in, 2hrs later how does this look? All 3 clips visible, shadow of secondary is round and the centre spot is centered
  13. A bit cheaper as well, shipping is half the price
  14. I was about to hit the buy button but then thought, is It just that I need to get the crosshairs of the Cheshire cantered on the primary mirror spot?
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