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  1. Really misty out there but I adjusted it a little and it seems better, think it still needs a tiny tweak but its certainly in the right direction!
  2. I do - I have the ZWO 7 position filter wheel with LRGB/Ha/O3/S2 filters, so looks like Im correct to expand it a little then
  3. Cheers Steve, it makes it a bit easier to adjust then, otherwise its disassembly, insert Delrin spacer, then reassemble, test and repeat!
  4. Also.... Just to confirm Im not being silly... The WO FLat 73a flattener I have is adjustable, I had it set around the 11.4mm but have just increased it slightly, this is the correct thing to do yeah? I mean I should not need to leave it at 11.4 and then put in spacers between the camera and the flattener? Sorry for the silly question!
  5. No, that's just the top left, the centre of the frame is ok - went outside to adjust it and its all misty! Will take a peek in an hour or so and see if its cleared
  6. That's the one - so this is too close then....
  7. Hi, I can never find the diagram I want 0 the one that shows if you are too close or far from the correct reducer spacing - maybe one of the mods could pin it once its found? Anyway, is this image from the top right corner too close or far?
  8. I think CMOS is the way forward - I had a QHY8 and sold it to move to an ASI 1600mono - Have not regretted it one bit
  9. Sounds just what I’m looking for, how do I download/install? Do I need to compile myself?
  10. OK, will have a look over there - for now though, how do I set it up to use the local ANSVR plate solver? When I look in the settings in SGPro it uses the localhost address but NINA seems to want a directory and do I need to install another version of PlateSolve 2?
  11. Right, found the Sky Atlas - you need to download it from the main download page on the NINA site, scroll to the bottom and there is a link to a 1Gb file
  12. Hi Folks, I just downloaded NINA and have to say it looks pretty darn good! I'm an SGPro user so not totally convinced I will move over as I just paid for SGPro a few months ago but no harm in looking at it..... Right then, my questions: In Sky Atlas it does not display images, how do I get it to show images? I've picked Andromeda, clicked search can then see all the targets (really like this feature!) but each target just says 'no image available' I have the SGPro plate solving software, PlateSolve 2 - but its specific to SGPro, will this work with NINA? Blind Solve, I have the local ANSVR thingy installed, how do I use this with NINA? It looks a cracking app, but from what I have seen, needs somebody to create a little setup guide to get these sort of things configured
  13. Also think my step size is around the same as yours, sure it will all be fine, just make sure everything is tightened and also, you will feel backlash in the fine focus knob, that normal.
  14. I have one, I think that's about the same backlash as I have in mine - also I never read the instructions but have used all the grub screws as you have, cant see why they suggest not to use 2 each side as its designed for that. Its a great device, follow the SGP guide on how to set the step size, I also upped it to 9 steps from 7 as well.
  15. Think I finally got it all sorted...… Nice round stars at 5min exposures, same setup, imaging at 0.98arcsec/pixel. I rebalanced, re-polar aligned and redid the guiding assistant
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