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  1. Was about to hit buy then noticed the reducer is Unavailable @FLO any idea when it will be back in stock?
  2. Seriously temped by the WO now..... Not sure its a better scope, both that and the Altair I bet are pretty much the same but the William Optics will probably keep its price a bit better.
  3. mmmmmm suppose so.... thinking about the Altair one, good price, the focuser looks good and the optical report gives me confidence
  4. Suppose I should have added the Skywatcher ED80 to the list as well
  5. I have come into a little inheritance and would like to use around £400-£650 to buy a little Apo (or as near to Apo as I can get) imaging scope. My camera is the ZWO ASI1600Mono with filterwheel and an OAG so I would like to try and match it with the scope, so far im thinking of the following: Altair 72EDF which at £599 comes with an optical report and a few nice imaging extras like a CNC focuser. I already have an Alair 1.0x flattener that works with scope so i would be all set https://www.altairastro.com/Altair-72-EDF-Refractor-Deluxe-CNC.html This is an 80mm version but does not have the optical report etc, although the flattener would also work with it https://www.altairastro.com/Starwave-80ED-R-V2-FPL53-Refractor-Telescope.html William Optics 61mm APO - never hear bad things about WO, expect I need to buy the flattener https://www.firstlightoptics.com/william-optics/william-optics-zenithstar-61-apo.html And the wildcard..... Thew new WO Red Cat https://www.firstlightoptics.com/william-optics/william-optics-redcat-51-apo-f49.html Although I just got an electric focuser for Christmas and this comes with a helical one so maybe not.... What do you folks think would be best suited? I have an F4 200mm Newt as well so this is mainly for widefield like Rosette, M31, North American neb etc
  6. Know what you mean - its annoying and a bit of a design fail but they are a fraction of the cost of a fibre glass dome. There is also loads of ventilation so nothing ever gets damp
  7. I alo have a SkyShed - the zenith problem does not seem to cause me too many issues. It does leak at the pivot but I do the same as Casatro and use a bucket to collect, only needs emptying once or twice a season.
  8. blinky

    Atik horizon cmos camera

    Pretty sure it would be fine, I use the 31mm ones @F4 with no probems
  9. No problem, thanks for clearing this up for me
  10. This is from the sgp forum and it's by one of the revs and it seems to say the opposite of symmetal. This is why I'm confused With the native you can set gan and offset per event within SGP. With ascom you cannot. Essentially just more control over the gain and offset with the native. But if ascom is working just fine then no real reason to change either.
  11. Oh and sorry I must be going senile, forgot I had already posted that other thread!
  12. From what I read it was the other way round,that was why I asked,I'm sure I read that the offset cannot be set in the ascom driver and that was why there is a specific ZWO camera selection to allow this to be set per filter
  13. Hi Just wanted to confirm these settings set the ASI 1600 to Gain300 Offset50 - I mean do these settings and the camera selected set the camera to these settings? Just reading about which driver to select that allows SGPro to set the Gain/Offset that all....
  14. It is solving through pinpoint with no problem but I'm going to look at the eqmod setting as I think it might not be on dialog based
  15. After some more help with what looks like a great tool, sgpro. I’m currently running the trial and making sure everything works prior to getting the credit card out! My latest niggle is that i can get it to plate solve with pinpoint ok but then it does. It seem to try and centre on the target. I have it set in the control panel to try 5 times to centre the target but I can see that each of the 5 images is the same, ie the stars have not moved and although the plate solve is successfull the routine fails because the target is still a few hundred pixels away from centre. I have in the script box, it set to centre on target and it looks like it’s trying to what it should but just fails to slew, anybody any idea?

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