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  1. blinky

    M31 - ZWO ASI1600 LRGB

    Yeah I know I have a spacing problem, I bought some deer in rings but its a nightmare to sort due to only getting 1 clear night a month! So I add 0.5mm then wait a month, then add another 0.5mm ...... How do I know if I will be able to get it correct? It’s the Altair ed70 scope and matching 1.x flattener.
  2. blinky

    M31 - ZWO ASI1600 LRGB

    Think this version is a little less garish!
  3. I added more data so this now has 98X L - Mostly 60sec subs and 17 RGB again min
  4. blinky

    focal reducer spacing diagram

    Think I will try and tighten up the rotating ring a well, see if that makes a differnce
  5. blinky

    focal reducer spacing diagram

    So looks like I need a little more outward spacing?
  6. blinky

    focal reducer spacing diagram

    Great, thats what I was looking for!
  7. Folks, I have seen a diagram that shows if you are too close or too far in the focal reducer spacing - can somebody post it or a link to it please? For the life of me I cant find it!
  8. blinky

    QHY8L Problem

    Looks like a faulty power cable or the power DIN plug is a bit loose. I had similar issues with my QHY8
  9. They are dead easy to make but the bit I find tricky to impossible is making a DIY bracket! Wish I knew somebody who could make an adjustable one for me.
  10. blinky

    First LRGB from new ASI1600

    Unity gain and I think 2mins for L and 1 min for RGB - about 3hrs in total
  11. blinky

    First LRGB from new ASI1600

    Thanks guys - I clipped the black in M31 due to the background being horrible. Thought these CMOS cameras had lower noise?
  12. blinky

    First LRGB from new ASI1600

    Yeah think I defiantly have a spacing issue, waiting on some delrin spacers arriving from flo
  13. I thought I would try some LRGB imaging with my new ASI1600 mono - This is not as easy as I thought it would be! The red channel seems to just accumulachoose files... Click to choose files te noise & gradients and since its a mono image (before combining) its pretty difficult to work out what is noise and what is signal. To be honest M45 has a couple of hours of L and 6 minutes I think of each colour channel so I am perhaps expecting a bit much from this image! M31, I cant remember what I got! It also has some weird green thing going on around the stars when you zoom into 100%. I have been playing with these for so long, its time to post them and move on...... Defiantly not my best images but I'm done playing with them.
  14. blinky

    All UK Stations up and guiding?

    Raining up in Edinburgh
  15. Cant bring myself to pay the money for these commercial robo focusers - it costs about £6 to but a stepper, controller and Arduino and install the free Ascom compatible software. The only tricky thing is mounting it to the focuser as my DIY skills are non-existant!

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