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  1. Hi all, Just a quick update on my mount. The issue has now been resolved, the supplier ( I won't mention any names incase it's against forum rules ) agreed that there was an issue with the mount, and offered to replace it, with no hesitation. He arranged for a replacement to be delivered and the faulty one collected at the same time. I received excellent customer service and good communication, throughout the whole process. ps …. I have had an adapter for the reticle 3D printed, if anyone would like the STL file to have there own printed, l'd be happy to help out. I w
  2. Hi Richard, Thanks for the reply. No the play is definitely in the mount, I can rock the saddle slightly from side to side without the dovetail bar attached, the clutch knob also moves with the saddle. Hopefully, I've been able to include a short video showing the problem and even though it shows the counter weight etc, attached, the movement is still there without it attached also. Hi Louise, Thanks for your reply and the video. It seems as though I have the same issue exactly. I realise that videoing the problem with the mount sat on a stall, isn't ideal b
  3. Hi all, I've just bought myself a Star Adventurer and I noticed that there is a slight amount of play in RA when the clutch knob is tight, is this normal and can I stop worrying :0) Cheers Roy.
  4. You did better than me mate, this is the only image I came home with
  5. When mine turned up, she couldn't talk for days, it was great ;) I just wish it got the use it deserves
  6. Hi ya Tim, I had exactly the same problem with my old laptop one evening, it was clear so I went out all excited as you do, only to find that the laptop battery was dead, I tried for ages to coax it back to life but it wasn't having any of it, so I gave up and went in doors, 40 mins later I tried it just out of curiosity and would you believe it, it worked,Typical. Unfortunately this happened several times, so I think it's on it's way out. I've since sold my imaging set up so at least I won't have that problem again.
  7. Thanks mate, I'll have a think and then maybe put it in the for sale section.
  8. Hi all, A quick question, if this is against forum rules then please delete. I just wondered if you guys had any thoughts as to how much an Astronimic 6nm Ha filter (older type) is worth, I've just sold my imaging set up and this filter is all I have left , no point in hanging on to it. Cheers
  9. But has it got ipod connectivity
  10. Roy


    Hi all, Believe it or not, it's been over 12 months since I've been able to get out and try to image something,(anything) Conditions where not that great here, we had the usual orange glow hanging over us but it was nice to be out again. SH2-171 10 x 15 mins WO 66SD - Atik 314L Guiding WO Megrez 90 - QHY 5 - Guidemaster
  11. Roy


    I feel your pain m8, I went out last night, first night out since last september and my laptop wouldn't fire up, would you believe it
  12. Hi all, As you already know, Conditions at Kelling this year weren't great, but when has that ever stopped us having fun. Myself and my mate Jess managed to view loads through his dob despite the windy conditions, thanks to his home made setting circles and a wixey, which made finding things a doddle. All ready looking forward to September. ps ....... Keith, the skies are usually much darker than they were this weekend, so you have even more to look forward to.
  13. Hi ya cashman, You could contact the peterborough astro society, they have observing sessions at sacrewell farm, once a month I think. pas-stargazer.co.uk
  14. That'll be me just being a bit dim then Mick , cheers mate.
  15. Why can't I access the buy and sell section any more, I know I've not been about much but there's no need to lock me out Having paid a bit more attention, I've noticed that there is the usual for sale section but also a buy & sell section, am I missing something or or am I just being a bit dim
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