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  1. Wow them images are fantastic!. Hey Carl yeah long time no see! I still have the same setup and can still get pin sharp images from 3-5min subs, but i want to start taking longer exposures to get the finer deltails without any streaking. I am using my 250px 10" skywatcher as the imaging scope and a 70mm skywatcher for the guide scope, i treated myself to a synguider and had a proper go last night... I was absolutley blown away with the ease and accuracy of the system, i was taking 5min subs and they where perfect every time! This is also on an EQ5 pro, so i am propper chuffed and cant wait to start attacking the galaxies in virgo!
  2. Yeah i will post them in a bit. The guidescope was a spare skywatcher 70mm refractor that Charles had, its 700mm long, F9. The optics are spot on and so good that i could image with it too! super chuffed. Subs coming soon
  3. Well the gods where on my side tonight and the skies cleared up nicely for me! I finally figured out why i could hardly see any stars on the little LCD screen, the noise setting was set WAY too high! I locked onto the stars in M42 and started guiding. I first took a 3min sub and perfect, then i took a 5 min sub and was absolutely pin sharp! I am chuffed to bits with the synguider and the guidescope that i got from MC2. Cant wait to point it at some nice galaxies and do some longer exposures.
  4. I treated myself to a skywatcher synguider (at last!) and attempted to convert my spare finderscope into a finder-guider.... well this of course went wrong and ruined the finder and the 2" ataptor lol.... hey ho, never mind. I gave Charles at MC2 a ring and he gave me a great deal on a 70mm skywatcher F9 ota to be used as a guide scope and a set of rings to mount it to my 250px, soo if the clouds would kindly clear tonight i will give it a test run
  5. Thanks for the help people the ED80 looks pretty good and definitely worth a look at!
  6. Hey guys and gals. I am goin to attempt an astrophotography rig and am after a cheap'ish scope. The scope that has caught my eye is the WO Megrez 72, but i have also seen the Vixen A80MF Refractor, the vixen looks great and the price is fantastic! So i guess my question is.. Which would be better out of the two? (For DSO's) thanks all and clear skies! Dave
  7. Tonight i actually made the effort to go outside, (wanted to get some more data on M81-82) spent the time polar aligning and levelling the scope. I went in to eat my dinner and let the scope cool down. When i got back outside the damn clouds had come in! I have got to move to better climates lol.
  8. I know how you feel mate, sometimes i am tired and warm watching the tv, look outside and see the beautiful night sky. I think to myself, ooo i could get the scope out and have a look, then i think about the hassle of gettin the scope out and i find myself sitting back down.. I feel guilty as hell.
  9. Hi. I was wandering if any1 knows about auto-guiders? and if so, could you point me in the direction of a decent (cheap) one! Finally getting deeply into astronomy again as my brother has finally moved out and i have a whole room for my astro kit so the chore of gettin my scope out of the loft is a thing of the past! Thanks and its good to be back! Dave.
  10. Amazing detail mate! thanks for sharing
  11. Awsome pics mate... i love the third one, almost 3d. Fantastic mate and thanks for sharing
  12. That will be great to watch.. i missed the last one but this one i am at SSP so all of our eyes are pointed at the sky anyway.. fingers crossed for good weather!
  13. I'm gonna get some night vision goggles for the SSP and was wandering what i should get.. I am looking at the Yukon NVMT4 what do you guys think? Dave.
  14. Megrez 72, i saw one at the last SSP and was an awesome scope!! small light and incredible to look through. maybe worth a look?
  15. Milliways

    Hello All

    Hello mate and a big welcome to SGL, This is a great place, full of friendly people and lots of help and ideas Any questions dont hesitate to ask as we were all new at some point Scopes n Skies arnt really that good as i think everyone has had a bad experiance (i have) and make sure you chase for the missing items!! the best place online i have found is FLO (link at the top of SGL) there prices are fantastic and service second to none.. give em a try in the future! Great choice on the Skywatcher Explorer 130P its a great beginner scope as its not too big and is easy to work with. i have a Skywatcher and i cant fault it. Skywatchers are a very good choice and wont break the bank! Dave.
  16. blumming hell mate!! what an awesome image!!
  17. The top one looks like a pretty marble, Great detail and looks just like it does through my 10" on a super clear night! well done. Dave.
  18. blumming hell mate that is a fantastic picture! well done!! Dave.
  19. Great pic mate! lovely detail. Dave.
  20. Great pic mate, wonderful color and detail. Thanks for sharing, Dave.
  21. Will be there buddy! even if the weather is bad for a drink and maybe some chips hoping for clear skies so i can get more data from the M51, and maybe grab some others hehe. See you there guys!! Dave.
  22. Hi just letting everyone know that myself and mark (gliderpilot) will not be making this meeting as the weather is looking pretty rubbish tonight. We will have to organise another one when the weather is looking it little more favourable. Cheers guys. Dave.
  23. good god! that is a really good image mate, the detail is superb and is pin-sharp.. well done!
  24. Hehe i want one!! But i could always make one ... Tent + scissors = Astro tent (ish)
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