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  1. Well that was in the brand new pcb I bought after blowing 2 up!
  2. That was the problem I had, the metal surrounding the screw was not and but sitting at 12v
  3. I blew 2 motherboards, and could not figure out what was happening - basically if anything metal touched the mount, like the outer/ground on my dew band, it blew the board. After the 2nd one I was determined to find out why... Im not sure if it was my fault, missing something off when upgrading from non-goto to goto but the screw, in your 2nd lot of photos, the middle photo, that screw, touches the metal of the board when its properly tightened, usually this would be the ground plane of the PCB but for some reason, its sitting at +12v. This meant when everything was connected up, the main chassis of the mount was sitting at +12v as the screw would conduct from the PCB onto the case of the mount. When anything connected to GND touched the mount, or really the leg of the mount since the mount is painted black, it would short the 12v to ground, blowing the fuse and the PCB! My solution was to insulate that screw from the PCB with a plastic washer. I could not see anything blown on the PCB either but without the circuit diagram its pretty hard to figure out the circuit, plus it could be an internal track that blows Does the above make sense? Kind of hard to describe!
  4. I have them, the first series produced bad halo's but I got mine replaced with the new ones (which will be the ones FLO is selling) and they are fine. Im sure there are better quality ones out there but I think these work fine. Ive used them at F4 and they still work fine which I believe can be a challenge for some brands.
  5. Offset is not important - as long as you have enough offset to not get 0 signal pixels you are fine. This is why its never been exposed in Ascom! The Ascom driver has presets for highest dynamic range, lowest read noise and unity gain - you can also set gain manually to whatever you want.
  6. I bought this as I was planning on dual mounting my frac and newt on my EQ6, this worked fine in theory but in practice when swapping camera's it was just as much hassle as before as I forgot I would have to rebalance the mount! So Im selling this as hardly used, only a few months old... It's heavy so £75 including delivery of £70 pickup from Edinburgh https://www.365astronomy.com/365astronomy-dual-mounting-dovetail-bar-side-by-side-saddle-vixen-compatible-275mm-long.html
  7. I used this filter for a few years till we moved out of town and I now have some nice dark skies so no need for it anymore - Its way better than things like the Skywatcher LPR filter, the review below said it was better than the Lumicon deep sky filter, regardless, I found it great where I used to live as we had the newer high pressure sodium lamps. £40 including delivery https://www.cloudynights.com/articles/cat/cn-reports/accessories-reports/orion-skyglow-broad-band-light-pollution-filter-r2316
  8. The EQ6 I have is very old and I don’t think well looked after, that’s my reasoning for a full strip, degrease,replacement of bearings and belt mod. At least then I know I won’t get anymore out of it. Tbh though I get around 1.3 arc secs guiding as it is so maybe won’t see a massive improvement. My dec axis is bad though, has more backlash than I would like
  9. Found an SKF one on eBay, it’s actually a Nissan spare, I think it’s the wheel bearing but it’s brand new and the correct part number and has skf stamped on it
  10. Realised that one of the 2 is an SKF one, so I only need to buy the RA axis bearing
  11. Fair point! Think i will go and buy proper SKF ones then
  12. I’m replacing all the bearings in my EQ6 and bought generic taper bearings for a few pounds each, just now thinking, should I have paid extra for SKF ones or as these dont do much work will generic ones be fine? I’m going to get SKF ones for all other bearings BTW, was just these seemed a good price and i jumped at them!
  13. I just wondered if there was better quality ones available, that’s all really
  14. I think EP grease would be closest to the original. It’s meant for extreme pressure, or when things like the meshed gears are left stationary for long periods of time, so it does not spread out.
  15. or this.... https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/geoptik-equatorial-mount-grease-kit.html not used it myself but intending to purchase for my strip and regrease
  16. I doing a full strip and regrease and bearing replacement in my aging EQ6 Pro mount - Im not paying £70 a pop for new motors as they seem to be standard NEMA17 ones which can be sourced on ebay for very little money - just wondered if this is correct and has anybody replaced the EQ6 Pro motors with NEMA 17's?
  17. that's exactly what I want, shame they are out of stock
  18. Not really an option, dont know anybody with a 3D printer unfortunately
  19. The EQ6 I have is an old one, thats been stripped and rebuilt a number of times by previous owners, as a result its missing a few bits like the work end float covers - I’m wondering if anybody has an old broken EQ6 lying about that I could purchase these parts from? Ive contacted OVL but they say its a 4month wait for the parts and they have no come back with a price yet! I’m also going to do a respray of it as its quite chipped and going to change it to white as well, also thinking of a few high gloss red highlights to make it go with my ZWO kit!
  20. Less is more.... I thought you had to pack the grease in
  21. Just to conclude this - it was away for around 2 weeks, RVO sent it back to WO - here is a quick snap from last night, loads of cloud about, but I think the stars are fixed now!
  22. Yeah I had one and ended up selling it on - could not get it to not bind when slewing. Only recently I read that they did not work with every mount! As has been mentioned, Aeroquest are no longer running nowadays
  23. blinky


    Yours is lovely Carole, think info get the chance I will grab some rgb for it. It's a nice target and well placed at the moment
  24. Cant really find much info or many images on this one - 46X5min subs ASI1600 Mono in Ha with my F4 newt (Now collimated, well nearly!)
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