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  1. I'm pretty much in the same boat, looking for my first scope. As i'm only looking at visual at the moment, i'm inclined to go with an 8" Dob. Look at the First Light Optics link at the top of the page. You'd get the scope and enough left over for a couple of extra eyepieces.
  2. Thanks guys! Have certainly given me something to mull over. Pretty much sure it will be just visual for a good while. At least until i learn where everything is in the sky. Think i've talked myself into a Dob!!! Now just need the cash! Cheers, Matt
  3. Thought i'd got it all sussed by getting my choice down to an 8" Dob.But then saw the discounted C6-S from FLO. Now i don't know which way to go. Anybody out there can help? I haven't got much of a back garden so would need portability(Harperigg nearest decent place i gather!) It will be my first scope but also want it to be fairly future proof. Not thinking about imaging, but then you know how these things have a habit of biting you pretty quickly, so would never rule it out. Any ideas?? Matt
  4. Hi [removed word], and welcome to the SGL. I'm very much a newbie too, and the advice on this forum is top drawer!! Matt
  5. Now that's done it.. I'd just got my list down to an 8" Skywatcher Dob, and then saw the C6-S on FLO website and thought ooohhh... Oh well back to drawing board. Will have to ring up FLO and let them guide me.. Enjoy your new scope Geoff Matt
  6. Cheers guys, Looks like something else for santa to bring!!! Matt
  7. Hi all, I'm doing loads of research before jumping in and making my first purchase. Thinking of getting an 8" Skywatcher Dob. I've been looking at loads of items on the forums about Telrad viewers. As a beginner is it worthwhile getting one of these? Do they replace a finderscope or are they to be used as well as? Getting a bit confused. Don't want to shell out any extra on something i won't use/don't know how to use. Cheers Matt
  8. Yeah, Think itmay be better to go for the 8" solid tube version. Over £100 cheaper and i can use the money for some good eye pieces. Any ideas on which eyepieces to get?? Matt
  9. Many thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. I'm now busy trawling through all the good advice on the future purchase of my first scope. Also busy reading through 'Turn left at Orion'. It'll be fantastic to be able to put it into practice sometime. Trying really hard to stop myself rushing out and buying a scope,before i know exactly whats right for me. Cheers, Matt
  10. Thanks to you all for the helpful comments. I will certainly get in touch with Paul to have a try before taking the plunge. I've been looking with interest at the new Skyliner flextube dobs. Maybe the smallest 8" one. They seem to be more portable and easier to manage, so would hopefully mean it gets used more. Does anybody have experience of these? One thing worried me, which is do you have to keep collimating the mirrors everytime you set it up? Matt
  11. Just visual use to start with. Have had a look at some of the goto scopes, but want to try and find my own way around the sky. I'm pretty lazy so if i had a goto scope i don't think i'd learn very much, i'd just let the scope do the work. Would at a push be able to spend £500, so am looking at the best i can get for that money.
  12. Hi I'm sure that this has been done to death but am in need of some advice. I'm looking to buy my first scope but the range available is so huge!! Want to get a good look at the planets initially but also want to see some stars further afield. Are there any scopes that do both well?? I don't want to spend a fortune initially but also don't want to have to keep upgrading. I thought of maybe a Dobsonian as they seem good value for money, but would this be too much for the planets? Anybody out there who can help?? Cheers, Matt
  13. Hi to everyone. Have just moved up to Livingston from Birmingham. amazed at what i can see with just my eyes. am reading though Turn left at Orion. Looking to get a scope soon but just so much choice. Reading a lot of your posts to get a shortlist. Big Dobsonion high up at the moment, but lots of others jockeying for position. Cheers
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