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  1. Hale Bop has been the best so far for naked eye viewing in my opinion
  2. Have the 25x100 bins very heavy but use tripod, just so easy to set up anywhere anytime and great viewing, never go on holiday without them, enjoy them.... regards Ron.s.g
  3. Blimey roll on christmas, Happy birthday too. regards ron.s.g
  4. Does anyone know if there are restrictions on how high security lights in back gardens can be as my neighbour has his on the guttering level of his roof on his house which is aimed across 4 gardens which is very annoying. regards ron.s.g ps signed petition as well
  5. Im off to cyprus in may and will be taking my helios 25x100 as hand luggage and tripod in suitcase, dont think i will have any trouble as long as they fit in my rucksack with my netbook and chargers just wrap them in a towel. Regards ron.s.g
  6. Have a large pair of Helios bins and they are excellent, should last you a few years until you decide you want a bigger pair hope they keep you viewing the sky at night. regards ron.s.g
  7. Hi moonraker and welcome. regards ron.s.g
  8. Hi and welcome, i enjoy using my bins as well but get a decent tripod, with big binoculars you will need it. regards ron.s.g
  9. Hi and welcome,good luck with the linux. regards ron.s.g
  10. Hi and welcome, im sure that whichever society you join they will give good advice as well as this forum, regards ron.s.g
  11. ron.s.g


    Hi Tuxzek and welcome, as long as you use it its good, expect the wallet to get thinner as time goes on. regards ron.s.g
  12. Hi pete and welcome, looks like you have good scope lets hope the weather improves for us all. regards ron.s.g
  13. Hi peter and welcome, enjoy the forum. regards ron.s.g
  14. Hi tweeb and welcome, any ideas what you want next as i imagine you have a lot of advice to get through, enjoy the forum and hobby just watch the wallet. regards ron.s.g
  15. Hi Michele and Tomas and welcome, how are the skies in hastings at night as i bet its pretty bad in the town, but move out to the outskirts it must be pretty good, hope you both enjoy the forum with lots to read and look at, some good advice can be had as well. regards ron.s.g
  16. ron.s.g

    New Guy

    Hi cnoland and welcome, use what you have for now as i bet it wont be long before you want to upgrade anyway, it will give you time to see if you are really hooked before you spend too much money, then the skies the limit, but research before you buy and ask questions, lots of very good advice on this forum from some very good astronomers. regards ron.s.g
  17. Hi and welcome, lots of good advice on the forum, so look around and enjoy the night skies. regards ron.s.g
  18. ron.s.g

    New old man

    Welcome Blind pew and the skies the limit, a cheap pair of binoculars will see you to a good start. regards ron.s.g
  19. Glad to see your finding targets, i love popping out with my bins to spend an hour or two just browsing the skies to see what catches my eyes, jupiter is also a good view around midnight, keep enjoying. regards ron.s.g
  20. Hi Adamski, the only time i have seen the milky way clearly was last time i was in cyprus at a placce called colossi and the view was breath taking, it showed what i have been missing for all these years, can't wait to leave here and live in cyprus but another few years to go yet, unless i win the lottery tonight £137 million might just help. regards Ron.s.g
  21. Hi all, would be better turning lights off at night and saving money than worrying about changing times. regards Ron.s.g
  22. Hi all, like most a look through binoculars and always liked sifi as a child, now have a bit more time and patients to follow this amazing hobby. regards Ron.s.g
  23. Hi Geno, i will be in cyprus in october for just over a week, i like to take my bins with me to spend some time at ladies mile at night having a look around as its the darkest place i know in limassol, hope the skies clear soon and you get some good viewing. regards ron.s.g
  24. if only we could have the same here in kent..ahhhh ron.s.g
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